Good news and bad news
Moore News
July 2020

Dear Friends,

For our update this time, we have bad news and good news.

Bad news Good news
Jonathan did not get approval from the insurance company for the Watchman implant We may have found out a way to get his blood thinner in sufficient quantities to Niger.
We should have been leaving for Niger by now! Now we can participate in a church's VBS program!
We should have been traveling, visiting churches for the last 2 1/2 months We had time to put together a powerpoint (see below) to show our work in Niger
We are $250/month short in our support. Since Niger's borders are still closed, we have more time to raise support.

We have converted our slide show to include narration. You can watch it here. The password is Niamey1994. It is only 12 minutes long, so we're hoping you can watch this with your mission's committee, Sunday School class, small group, or just your own personal enjoyment.  Praying this will help you understand better what we do and how you can pray for us.

As we said above, we are still short about $250/month. If you are led to financially support our ministry, you can give through this link. Or you can contact Cathy Pack ( at SIMUSA and she can help you.

Note: the money that you give here goes toward our living expenses, our travel, our medical, our ability to help the people in Niger through SIM and it is tax deductible! We so appreciate your sacrifice and generosity! 

Blessings, (Irkoy m'in beerandi / Que Dieu vous benisse),

Jonathan and Bonnie Moore
  Serving in Niger with SIM USA  

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In the US:
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In Niger:
  • Jonathan: +227 91 12 46 53
  • Bonnie: +227 91 07 58 03
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