Update on our last newsletter and a prayer request.
Moore News
Sept 2021
Dear Friends,
We have had this letter started for quite awhile, but then that thing called L-I-F-E happened! Today we found some time and “voila”, here’s the latest!   : )
Before Now
Some of you will remember that our house worker passed away in April. After that, her 7 year old daughter came to live with us for 7 weeks till school was out. She has been with an older step sister for the summer, but we haven’t heard where she will live once school starts.

Pray with us that where ever she goes we will still get to see her and continue pouring into her heart and mind about Jesus as she really loved all she was learning!
For the last few years I’ve trained a few people to help me with my literacy classes, but none of them have kept on long term. In a country where the literacy rate is verrry low, especially for women, we would really like to keep this ministry going! Just before we left, two young girls started teaching my ladies’ class! The other day I heard they are still going strong.

Pray that they might stay on and that I can find others to train as well. Can't have too many!

We are in the US since early August so Jonathan could have his regular check-up! The first check up went great! Then a few weeks ago, he ended up in the ER with an episode of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The doctors are addressing the AFib and are optimistic about finding the right meds to keep him from doing that again!

Pray for continued wisdom for the medical team!

For a long time, Jonathan was having to wear a lot of hats in our head office. One of them was IT. A week before we left, a new IT person, Y,  was found.


Also, Jonathan was able to hand over some of his other office responsibilities to A who has worked there for the last 5 years.
The office is very happy with Y’s initiative and work! Unfortunately, he was in a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. He is still keen to keep working virtually.

We thank God for Y and for protecting his life. Now praying his body will heal quickly and properly!

We are happy to report that A is doing an excellent job! He is definitely showing strong leadership skills.

Because of Jonathan’s latest heart issue we will be returning to the field a few weeks later than we had originally planned. But, all his doctors agree that in a few weeks he should be fine to go!  We are praising God we were here at this point when this all happened.  Now, he should be in a good place to continue the work the Lord has given him to do.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! We couldn’t do this without you!!! You are loved and appreciated!


Jonathan and Bonnie Moore
  Serving in Niger with SIM USA  

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