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March 2020

Dear Friends,

We have been in the States since September and have been so encouraged by all the people we've seen and all the churches who have given us time to speak at their worship services, children's programs and small groups! 
We have several more churches, friends and family to see before we head back to Niger in June and looking forward to each one!
If you won't be seeing us this year, you might go to this website (Calvary Baptist Church) to listen to the message Jonathan has been sharing about our work this year!  I (Bonnie) think it's pretty powerful with a nice testimony of  our last term there!

Quick trip to West Africa

 One of Jonathan's responsibilities is Security Officer for SIM Niger which means he helps our missionaries and workers to be more aware of different security issues that we could encounter.

Jonathan went back to Burkina and Niger for a couple weeks last month to lead some trainings both in French and English  They went well and were much appreciated by the participants.

Several local pastors asked about offering this training to leaders in their churches, so Jonathan will be looking at that when we return this summer.

 Jonathan and his health
In November, we were able to celebrate Jonathan's 60th birthday, with all our boys, their wives and our two grand kids. So thankful for the time to we had to be all together for a whole weekend!
As far as Jonathan's health, at his last checkup, we found out that he has had some instances of atrial fibrillation, so the cardiologist has suggested an implant, called the Watchman. This will reduce the risk of blood clots forming with out the long-term risks of blood thinners. In May, he will receive this device and be followed up for about a month, before being cleared to return to Niger. Otherwise he's doing very well.

Support news:
Generally when we come back to the states we have a little support to raise.  One church had to back out as well as a couple individuals. So, currently we are needing an extra $350 / month. 

If you would like to help with this, check out this link or write us using our email address below!  Thanks!

(note: the two grandkids belong to Russell and Melissa,
but to our joy they each picked an uncle to "stand" with)

Family news:
Russell and Melissa are expecting their 3rd child in March, a little girl!  Russell continues in the chimney cleaning business and Melissa is beginning to home school their children like her mother did!  : ) 
Anthony is working on a degree in IT online with Liberty University; and hopes to finish his degree this coming December.  Kristina, his wife, is a trainer for new employees at a local Chick-Fil-A.
Tim's wife, Gabby, is getting ready to graduate this summer with a Cross Cultural Adult Education degree and Timothy works for the same chimney company as Russell. They are looking at going to Bosnia in August for about a year, to work in a ministry center there.

When Gabby finishes her studies all our boys will have married Toccoa Falls College grads!  Not wanting to brag or anything, but we think the school produces some pretty top notch ladies!  

Prayer Requests Praises
1. Time and wisdom in preparing for each of our presentations! 1. All our supporters and the encouragement they are to us!
2. The security situation in West Africa. 2. Those covering for us on the field!
3. Tim and Gabby, for their support and all the necessary logistics for their trip. 3. Great visits and travel so far!
4. The safe arrival of Russell and Melissa's daughter! 4. Extra time in His Word, as well as being able to listen to messages on-line.
5. Our additional support needs! (see link below) 5. Jonathan's good health that hopefully is going to allow us to continue on the field for another 10 years!  
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