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October 2020
 Dear friends and family,
Look at all we’ve been able to do on this Home Assignment:
Sept 2019 – attend a nephew’s wedding!
Oct 2019 – start speaking in churches!
November 2019 – celebrate Jonathan’s 60th birthday!
December 2019 -  sing in a Christmas Cantata!
January 2020 –  spend the holidays with family!
February 2020 –  attend the memorial service of a dear Congo colleague!
March 2020 –  be present the day of our 3rd grandbaby’s arrival!
April 2020 –  learn how to do ZOOM calls with family, friends AND the doctor!
May 2020 –  extra time in God’s Word!
June 2020 -  time to do some home improvements! 
July 2020 –  time to organize years of photos! 
August 2020 – celebrate our 37 years of marriage by visiting a nearby water fall!  
September 2020 – help our son, Tim, and Gabby pack up and  leave for Bosnia for 7 months!
October 2020 – time to enjoy some cooler weather before heading back to the desert again! 
So, what’s next?  Well, we’re hoping to be heading back to Niger next month, November!
What needs to be done before we can leave?  Well, we need:
  1. Jonathan’s year of meds ordered and in our hands.  (we’ve been on this for over a month now, so PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!)
  2. To pack up all our belongings and move it into storage!  (thanks to a church for providing a place for us)
  3. Sell off what we’re not storing (ie. furniture, and car).
  4. Finish up our last few home improvement projects.
  5. Turn the house over to a rental company!
  6. Say our goodbyes to friends and family!
Last newsletter we sent out a Power Point of our work in Niger.  If you missed that, we’re including the link again. Powerpoint The password is Niamey1994.  Trust it will help you in understanding more about what we do.
To help you remember to pray for us, we have a new prayer card (courtesy of a friend)!  If you haven’t gotten one yet, and would like one, just send us a street address and we’ll get one in the mail to you! You can also download a digital version Prayer Card.
Let’s keep communicating.  One thing we learned during this pandemic, is that visiting virtually IS possible.  So, keep the emails coming, but let’s also talk about doing some ZOOM or WhatsApp visits now and again! 
Thanks for your prayers!  They mean more than we can say! 

Jonathan and Bonnie Moore

  Serving in Niger with SIM USA  

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In the US:
  • Jonathan 706-491-2005
  • Bonnie 706-491-2205
In Niger:
  • Jonathan: +227 91 12 46 53
  • Bonnie: +227 91 07 58 03
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