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July 2018

Dear Friends,

Trip to the US
On May 5th we left Niger for Jonathan to have his annual check-up and to attend our youngest son's wedding!  As far as the check-up, the doctor says Jonathan's good to go for another year!  The doc also said, if he continues to do well, he might reduce him to one pill a day next year!  

We met Gabby, Tim's fiancée the night we got in and fell in love with her!  She's not the timid girl we thought she was, but we are thankful she is not!  She compliments our Timothy (not Timmy any more) beautifully and we are looking forward to watching them grow together in love for each other and for the Lord.

We not only witnessed a beautiful wedding and got a clean bill of health for Jonathan, but we were able to :
    (1) spend time with our beautiful grandsons:
  • witness them being dedicated to the Lord and their church, 
  • watch Samuel play his last 2 t-ball games,
  • ​​go with them to Library Time
  • attend Joshua's 2nd birthday ​party
    (2) spend time with the rest of our family:
  • celebrate B's mom's birthday and Mother's Day 
  • celebrate B's older sister's 60th birthday
  • celebrate J's mom and dad's 63rd anniversary 
  • visit with Anthony and Kristina in their new house 
  • live and spend time with Russell and Melissa in their new house doing lots of activities​ (including eating well) 
  • help set up house with Tim and Gabby (living in our house)
  •  spend some quality time with all 3 of our boys' in-laws.            
    (3) spend time with a group of ladies I have come to love 
  • attend their Bible study one week     
  • share with them about our work here in Niger another week
  • join 2 of them another day to visit one of the ladies who isn't able to get out much anymore – what a joy!
Personal Note
Please remember our friends, Randy and Wanda Potratz. They just finished French language study in preparation for coming to work with us in Niger. They are still looking for the last bit of financial support before they will be allowed to come. Bonnie is anxiously waiting for Wanda to come work in the literacy program with her!

Again, as always thank you all who read our letters, hold us before the Father in prayer and/or support us financially!  You are a blessing to us!

Jonathan and Bonnie Moore
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