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May 2021
Dear Friends,

We are sorry if you haven't heard from us for a while, but it's been a tough 5 months!

Tough Situations Positive Outcomes
Learning that Koumbo, our house worker of 20+ years, had advanced stage breast cancer. This week, Koumbo lost her battle with cancer, but we're thankful for the many hours of quality time Bonnie had with her.
Learning that good friends of ours were having trouble in their marriage. Bonnie and Jonathan have been able to meet separately with this couple and recently they seem to be doing better.
Finding out that Wanda, Bonnie’s partner in literacy, had to return to the US due to health issues! Wanda has provided Bonnie with a ton of new literacy material giving her lots of good stuff to work with!

Also, one of Bonnie's students is doing her Bible reading homework with her 7 year old son who is loving it! And like that, God’s message is being passed on to the next generation! : )

Learning that Jonathan had to take on the role of Office Manager at the SIM Office for a year while the present OM takes a leave of absence. The Office Manager job that is keeping Jonathan hopping right now, WAS his first job at the office a few years’ back, so at least he is already familiar with it.
Having the SIM Office’s IT worker announce he’s leaving permanently adding another job to Jonathan’s plate. There’s already talk of an IT guy who might work real well at the SIM office!
Going through some tense days as the presidential election was held here in Niger in February. The new president was inaugurated on April 2, marking the very first peaceful transfer of power in Niger's 60 year history!
Koumbo Abdou - 1974-2021
Praise that Jonathan’s health has been good allowing him to keep up with all these added responsibilities! Not to say he isn’t tired, but the Lord is giving him the strength he needs each day! But, pray for him now as our hot season is ramping up in full force!

Also, pray for Koumbo's family in this time of grieving. Especially pray for her 7 year old daughter and the decisions surrounding her future.

Thank you for your partnership that makes our ministry possible.

Jonathan and Bonnie Moore
  Serving in Niger with SIM USA  

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