We made it home!!
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January 2021
Dear Friends,

We made it back to Niger on December 5th, on time (more or less), AND with all our bags!  IN FACT, one of the baggage handlers whom we've known for many years recognized our names and had the bags off the belt and on two carts before we cleared immigration!

So, this is what our time back has been like:

First week:  
  • in our house quarantined for 7 days (government rule)
  • getting re-acclimated to the time change (EST+6)
  • started putting items away that weren’t ours, 
  • and getting things out that are ours: putting them back into their original places.  

Second week:  
  • Jonathan came down with a sinus cold that lasted more than 2 weeks, 
  • We got our negative test results for COVID – freeing us to go places
  • So, Jonathan went to the office one day,
  • He visited the two flooded campuses to assess the damage and restoration process the next day,
  • And we fit in one grocery shopping trip (good thing – see Week 3)

Third week:
  • Bonnie came down with Jonathan’s sinus cold (not as bad as his, but lingered for another week+),
  • We both visited a colleague in the clinic who was having some health issues (not COVID), brought them some food, visited with them, and prayed together,
  • Then found out the next day, the wife tested positive for COVID (even though she didn’t have any symptoms)
  • So on Christmas Day we were confined to the house again for another week! 
Fourth week:
  • out of quarantine for the second time
  • we made it to our local church and had a wonderful reunion with everyone there!

As we begin this New Year AND new term we pray for wisdom in knowing how to do our ministries, in light of the present situation we all are finding ourselves in!  Should we do everything in person?  Can we do some things virtually?

We want to say how much we enjoyed our visits with many of you during our Home Assignment, both on the phone and in person (before things shut down). One of the things we learned is that some of you pray for us every day and others on certain days of the week!  That blew us away! 

We are praying for YOU too, that this NEW YEAR God will lead you and guide you, and help you make wise decisions.  And that this year will be a fruitful and enjoyable one for you all!

Happy New Year, everyone!

 Jonathan and Bonnie Moore

P.S.  Below you will find our new contact information.  PLEASE take a peek at it and use it to contact us via email, Facebook,  ZOOM, or WhatsApp!  

We thought it was neat of the Lord to provide a White Christmas for each of our three boys this year, in 3 different places on 2 different continents  : )

  Serving in Niger with SIM USA  

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