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Project Rejuvenation Network

We are all teachers, We are all students


The Project Rejuvenation Network is a community of sustainably minded individuals who share an interest in co-creating intentional communities, eco-villages and other social innovations designed to build a healthier and happier tomorrow.
We maintain an open and inclusive attitude to everyone interesting in participation in our various local and global projects and networking initiatives.
Please note that this is our first official newsletter and we wholeheartedly encourage your feedback so we may improve upon our ability to serve in the future!

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  1.  2012 In Review   -   By Brandon Strickland
  2.  Revolutionary Gardens   -   By Nivaldo do Alamo
  3.  Development At Tim's Land   -   By Timaeus Martinus
  4.  "Rainbow Bridge" Holistic Living & Education   -   By Alisa Alonso
  5.  EDEN in SEASON   -   By Ivan Chan
  6.  Expressive Creations In California   -   By Alex Perlman
  7.  Organic Bulk & Wholesale Orders
  8.  Upcoming Events
  9.  Participation

  2012 In Review
  |  Brandon Strickland  |

Hey Everyone!  Welcome, and thank you.

Many individuals have heard about Project Rejuvenation, and wondered what it is.   The truth, Project Rejuvenation is a social innovation that has been growing and taking form over this past year since its inception - beginning with a gathering of like-minds at a cottage near Uxbridge.  The topic was Eco-Villages, and many of these original attendees later became members of the Core team helping to shape and define the network that began growing very rapidly afterwards.
Since then, many of the active individuals have worked together and gotten to know one another by taking hold of life choices on a different scale than most of us had experienced before.  This was done through community minded relationships and trusting hearts. 
A year later, here we are.   And to reflect on all of the manifestations that took form over this past year, and appreciate all of the learning experiences we shared, this first newsletter will outline just what has happened.
First off, many relationships with other like minded individuals became.  This included being introduced to a lovely family hoping to build an Anastasia style eco-village in Mt. Forest, which many individuals within Project Rejuvenation spent time learning, contributing and enjoying time together.  By the end of the year, literally tons of organic and bio-diverse produce was harvested by the family on their beautifully designed vegetable gardens in the emerging community, as well as several small structures had been built. 
Like an apple falling from a tree, and it's seed taking root, another small offshoot of our community also came together to act upon creating an intentional eco-community all of their own.  It's been amazing for all of us to experience the initiative.  Here within the city limits, plans have also been drawn up to create Canada's first Urban Eco-Village, lead by one of Project Rejvuenation's Core members.
SolutionsPedia, a virtual database showcasing sustainable solutions, free and open to the world-wide public, is in mid swing of being developed, and the TRIBE organizational tool is another virtual resource that has been very useful in coordinating actionable plans on what were once only ideas.  A revolutionary greenhouse design, promising bountiful organic produce during any season, is also being constructed as we speak by another of Project Rejuvenation's Founding Core members, and entitled Revolutionary Gardens.
In the spring, members of Project Rejuvenation endeavoured to purchase a pristine acreage near Collingwood to act as a living example of sustainability and living quarters to some of the coordinators of PRN.  This endeavour did not come to fruition as hoped, but the efforts lent to much learning, and everyone had a chance to practice doing something that was previously never seen as possible had we been acting in independence.
Individuals within PRN have also taken active initiative at living in community, by humbly sharing their homes and living spaces with other individuals in need of shelter.  The learning experiences have been both challenging and very rewarding as we have had an opportunity to practice living the community life that many of us seek, and develop effective tools for harmonious living relationships.
At the year's end, many of the original Core members are now re-antiquating themselves with the existing world situation by creating and improving their own businesses and passive income models, and understanding that this independence is necessary in order to be truly sustainable and truly in a position to contribute to others.
Over all, and most importantly, the heart felt connections that have been formed by everyone sharing, playing, exploring and working together has left a permanent impact on each of our being(s) that can never be forgotten.  And now, we, as a group, are beginning our next phase of evolution.  The Project Rejuvenation Network is being overhauled to serve the wider community base by generating teams committed to coordinating 'like' projects within the local community, actively outreaching to learn how we can further help, and finally to coordinate events and gatherings that serve the social entrepreneur and those of a heart centered being wishing to contribute to humanity and our planet Earth.
Additionally, an action oriented Social Enterprise is now being developed in order to serve our collective visions of a healthier tomorrow even more-so than before.   These shifts will offer many opportunities for individuals to connect with one another, form into action groups and participate on many levels of self actualization. 
We, as Project Rejuvenation, humbly thank and appreciate each one of you for playing a roll in our life experience thus far, and acting as a mirror for us to better see even ourselves.  We hope to return this favour by continuing to play our part in contributing to a healthier tomorrow for everyone.
May the coming year of 2013, and the approaching harmonic shift, bring courage, love and renewal to everyone.
Much Love & Gratitude,
Brandon Strickland
ProjectRejuvenation Co-Founder


  Revolutionary Gardens
|  Nivaldo do Alamo  |

Welcome to the sustainable organic world of Revolutionary Gardens. We are presently focused on our new OASIS aquaponic growing facility that is currently under construction. The OASIS project (Organic Aquaponic Sustainable Integrated System) is our solution to the irony in commercial greenhouse growing operations that produce high levels of greenhouse gases.
Our state-of-the-art passively heated Solaroof design consists of a 28’ x 56’ high tunnel structure nestled neatly inside another 32’ x 60’ high tunnel to create a roughly 2’ thick void filled with biodegradable, non-toxic soap bubble foam. This gives our greenhouse a very high heat transfer coefficient of .033 or a thermal insulating value of R30. This temperature coefficient allows the OASIS to retain thermal energy captured from the sun during the day, and help maintain the system’s dynamic equilibrium throughout the night.  
We have recently completed the first phase of structure assembly and are ready to begin installation of climate control systems such as bubble generators, bubble solution collection gutters, double wall tank and heat exchanger. We expect to be ready to test these systems by early to mid-February. In keeping with this ambitious construction schedule, we hope to near completion of our massive 1000 gallon, 150 fish, grow bed/floating raft style aquaponic growing system by early March. If everything stays on track, we will be ready to start sprouting sometime next month.
By this point, Revolutionary Gardens will likely be in a position to accept investor support for funding the more expensive PV/Thermal Solar systems for fully off-grid sustainability. Crowd funding is also a possible avenue for funding these.
Any interested parties for the purpose of volunteering, internship or investment should contact the OASIS Project Manager and R.G. founder:
  Nivaldo do Alamo
  (647) 206 - 5448


  Development At Tim's Land
  |  Timaeus Martinus  |

Lots of progress was made in the last year on learning and applying techniques for fermentation and food storage and natural processing, including herbed kombucha and beer making. A number of volunteers were hosted for weekly intervals in the Spring,

Bio-char experimentation conducted with PRN resulted in the conclusion that bio-char furnaces should be made in a machine shop professionally and not made from recycled materials, as this is a danger to environment, and any building it is placed within for heating purposes. The Recycled drum method inefficiently wastes energy and pollutes in its application. The carbon storage benefits for creating bio-char with this technique are offset by the amount of carbon given off in the process. Superior heating systems like rocket mass heaters, or even more conventional outdoor wood furnaces can be built to include bio-char production for the heart of a permanent eco-home.

I am in contact with a local friend and retired farmer and beekeeper, who is enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable. His family has been beekeeping for over three generations, and he would like to host for us a thorough workshop on running an apiary. This would take place some time in March.

My own greenhouse is going to start up in the next couple months and volunteering is picking up - I have 3 spots to fill. To yield maximum value, people may stay on the property for a week at a time and continue to return for future contributions and exchanges. Planting and transplanting are jobs that I can undertake on a scale which could benefit PRN, TPPGTA, Occupy gardens, and even go into farmer's market commercial endeavors. The more help I get, the more can be produced. I'll also be investing in mushroom spawn plugs from Mycosource. I have quite a few maples to bring down that will make great mushroom logs. Those can be sold in a year, or kept and eaten!

A few final notes... for anyone who really wants to get down to business, I work in a shop where we can produce timber frames for lavish, beautiful or humble houses. If you want to get involved with a company for building straw bale timber frame houses, we need volunteers and a little cash flow! Lastly, some talks have ensued with an organizer of a women's shelter downtown, to bring single-parent families out to learn and work on projects on the land.

To inquire on these and any other related developments please contact me personally. Look me up and friend me on Facebook: Timæus Martinus
I'm looking forward to the fruits of our labours this year!


"Rainbow Bridge" Holistic Living & Education
 |  Alisa Alonso  |

Come March, two families of the PRN umbrella are moving onto a location coined under the title, "Rainbow Bridge". It is a living space for 2 + families, a transition zone, an "unschooling" model, and a demonstration of holistic living through models of sustainability. The exact location is to be determined but two potential locations are in the GTA and the other in Guelph.
Rainbow Bridge is a space for children and adults alike designed to encourage via demonstration, on how children can be educated outside existing conventional systems. The focus on holistic and sustainable living, permaculture education and spiritual life, form the cornerstone of the new "curriculum" – it is inspired by the principles of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars.
This site will demonstrate how we can live cleanly in the city and show how a community of this nature functions and flows. The upstairs will be a private living space and the main level will be large enough to host community gatherings and workshops (in the daytime, geared towards children). 
As the season goes on, children will learn life cycles of plants, seeding, sprouting, transplanting, compost, growth, and harvest (all hands-on, through backyard gardening). They will help to prepare seedlings that they can take home to their own garden, as well as transport some of what is produced to future eco-village and land projects connected with Project Rejuvenation.
In the evenings (less regularly), workshops will be held for adults who are part of our network. These may include bio arts (permaculture), living foods and nutrition, self-care and DIY, healing and shamanic arts, meditation, expressive arts, etc... all the things we have and love to share!
Rainbow Bridge is also a portal for people to learn more about Project Rejuvenation as we move forward with our intentions. We are making bridges for people who seek community and ultimately transition to living on the land, enjoying a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle intertwined with nature.

 Plans & Development For Mount Forest

Planting season will soon arrive and we are beginning to make plans for the Spring that will see us through right up until Fall.

Last year our family learned a lot from the experience of planting, connecting with nature, having events and gatherings and exploring the process of community building. The main vision for Mount Forest Kedry Kins domain is for families to cultivate their own domain on the "village" property. This vision will be developing for many years, as we are in need of aid with innovative/alternative building methods or zoning solutions.

However, my family is still developing the main domain, and friends and helpers who share in the vision are welcome and invited to join us in the coming season for more gatherings for planting, permaculture and building. This summer, one of our main building projects will be a cob sauna! Our aim is to use 100% natural and sustainable materials. We look forward to connecting with people bringing experience and expertise for organized hands on workshops!

To find out more or collaborate on any of our projects, please look up and friend me on Facebook: Alisa Alonso


  |  Ivan Chan  |

I consider myself a permaculturist in the broadest sense of the term, with one foot in edible landscape design, and another foot in seeding our grassroots intentional community.

In terms of ecological design, my business EDEN in SEASON works with landowners to recreate Mother Nature's eco-paradise. I am currently volunteering my services to establish an edible forest garden at my local school (Blue Mountains) and in the Spring, I will be doing mushroom inoculations with PRN-aligned people.

I also give my heart to various grassroots community projects, which encompass many aspects of intentional community building. One such organization is the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, a large land trust that preserves natural landscapes, ecological health, and eco-village communities in perpetuity. As a volunteer-run organization, we are slowly building up our activity for this year and would love to have people enjoy and learn about our nature preserves.

Looking forward to building our PRN groundwork for further collaborative efforts. You can connect with me at:


  Expressive Creations In California
  |  Alex Perlman  |

I am in the process of creating conscious, intimate, sustainable, creative, expressive, dance, music, artisan, fitness, experiential learning, personal development, organic permaculture, green business, spa, and other health and well-being arts community on 1000's of gorgeous acres in California wine country, a couple hours drive northeast from San Francisco. This location is the first in our plan to create a network of such communities around the world.

As of the timing of this newsletter, we are still in the process of getting the purchase deal signed. We received the purchase agreement document recently and my conversation with the owner earlier this month leads me to believe we will get the paperwork done very soon. That will be a huge step forward! We are also negotiating on a secondary, 40-acre property nearby that we’re looking to have as a planning base and mini-version of the larger development, one that will be quicker to get up and running.

In the local Toronto area, I regularly host contact improv-dance and communication workshops. Our current schedule is for Sunday afternoons January 27, March 10, and March 31. These are great events for creating the quality of experience in connection, awareness, transparency, and playfulness that is characteristic of the Brilliant Contact Community™. We have been having so much fun! More details are available at:

Looking forward to seeing you all!


With health and nutrition being the crucial components of well being that they are, several individuals in our networks have come together to organize bulk orders for base food ingredients and specialty items. Healthy organic foods can thus be purchased at reduced costs, creating savings for purchasers and building relationships with merchants and providers. Some bulk order examples may include seeds, nuts, dried foods, nutritional supplements and various organic or wild superfoods.

Once infrastructure for the Collective Community Food Co-Op is up and running, the same access may be applied to acquiring custom foods and wellness items produced by individuals within the network. These avenues will be available within the Greater Toronto Area. At this time, we are operating an online group that you can join to collaborate with other individuals on ordering bulk.

Find us on Facebook: Organic bulk and wholesale orders
E-Mail us requests: Community Bulk Food Orders


As the year begins, a lot is in process to transcend the planning phase into actualization. Events will encompass a wide range of themes tailored to the diverse skills, abilities and interests of the PRN community. Here is a limited list of some upcoming events!

  • Communicadance Workshop
    This event features a special invitation to Project Rejuvenation and all who are passionate about creating conscious community.
    • Develop your contact improv dance skills and help others too.
    • Enjoy wonderful contact improv dancing.
    • Engage in clear and open communication.
    • Exchange nurturing bodywork if you like that option.

    This event is for you:
    • Whatever your skill level in contact improv or bodywork, including beginners.
    • If you're interested in athletic, kinesthetic, and sometimes intimate dance form.
    • If you're interested in open transparent communication and conscious relating.

    This is a Pay What You Want event.
    Warm up: 2:45pm — Facilitated event: 3:15 to 5:30 — Open to stay to 6:00pm.
    Wear clothes suitable for yoga or dancercise. Knee pads are a useful option.
    Remember your water bottle!
        Sunday, January 27, 2013   |   2:45pm until 6:00pm
        Dovercourt Penthouse
      (top floor)
        805 Dovercourt, Toronto, Ontario  (North of Bloor)
        Event Page

  • Creating Permaculture - Winter
    Free lecture series on the revolution of Permaculture. We must learn to live sustainably and cooperatively, which is what permaculture is all about. This is the first of four events and each will be themed according to the four seasons. Bring note taking material and an open mind. This is also intended as an opportunity to gather students and volunteers and connect them with Teachers and Projects in development all over Southern Ontario. From 3-5pm there will be a lecture, then an hour break (there are vegan superfoods available onsite by Fractal Foods and CacaoMonkey, or there are shops very nearby), followed by another lecture and workshop from 6-9pm. We will finish up with some free flow to connect with one another and share experiences and ideas!
      Sunday, February 3, 2013   |   3:00pm until 9:00pm
      Alternative Thinking
      758 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario

      Facebook Event Page

  • Movie Nights At Kensington Market
    Once weekly, PRN will be hosting a film / documentary night at Kensington Market in Toronto. Feature films will be inspirational, educational, uplifting, expand your awareness, and reflect subjects overlooked by the mainstream. These may include (though not limited to) spiritual growth, permaculture, cob construction, etc. We may even enjoy notable films like The Matrix, or some gripping anime creations, just to name a few. Most importantly, we wish to be of service and have these gatherings offer a great social outlet for people of like mind within our immediate communities. The cost is a reasonable $5 that goes toward paying for the venue and covering some logistical expenses. Organic superfood snacks will also be sold at the theatre, handcrafted by PRN food connoisseurs and enthusiasts!  BONUS: Free superfood chocolate awarded to attendees who reserve their spot in advance!
      Dates to be announced in the near future!
      Electric Theatre

      299 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
    Guest List Registration
      Huge Picture Productions

  • Intentional Community Gathering
      Sunday, April 14, 2013   |   2:00pm
      Epicentre (Brandon's Cottage)

      148 Acton Rd. RR1, Sunderland  (North of Uxbridge off Lakeridge Rd.)

  • TBD Collaborative Events
    -  TAPPING MAPLES FOR SAP   (mid-February to mid-March)

    Be sure to e-mail us your interest in any of these subjects so we may initiate our resources to meet the demands of those wishing to learn and grow!


Using today's technology for communicating and coordinating is what Project Rejuvenation is all about! To participate in the internal facets of our network, apply within :)
A solution for an ever-evolving human culture is the forming of ECO-VILLAGES!

Acting LOCALLY, when growing food and producing other social necessities, creates a sustainable tribal culture that may very well be one of the most important cultural solutions to the problems presently facing our society.

Several groups are in the mix, and many individuals want to participate. If this is in alignment with you send us an e-mail to get involved!

Our mailing address is:

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