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Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats To Hold Senate
According to the New York Times, this is OUR Election To Throw Away!

An article published in the New York Times this week makes it perfectly clear: The African-American voter turn out numbers will determine whether or not Democrats will retain the Senate, and be present to continue to push a Progressive, fair agenda for all Americans, or lose the Senate and suffer through two years of more partisan gridlock and Obama-bashing!

Also - according to the article:
  • Over half of blacks are not sure when the next election is
  • To keep Republicans from taking control of the Senate, as many are predicting, Democrats need black voters to turnout in at least four key states  (Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Georgia)
  • The Black vote will also be important in Kentucky for Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is fighting to unseat Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senator who declared early in President Obama's first term that he and his Republican colleagues would block anything the President tried to do
  • In Georgia – 1.1 Million voters went to the polls in 2012, but only 741,000 turned out in 2010
  • In 2012, African-American voters showed up to vote at rates higher than whites – we need to do it again!

They're playing every dirty trick in the book to steal your right to vote!

What Can I Do?

  • Join us this Thursday October 23rd, 2014 at 8:00pm EST for our GOTV Strategy Session
  • Go to for more information
Conference Line: 712.775.7031
Meeting ID: 237-867-608

But What Can I Do Right NOW?
  • Go to and download the #NoVoteNoVoice campaign package
  • Go to for state-specific information on voter ID, important dates, and your voting status – encourage everyone else to as well!
  • Social Media is our most powerful tool at this late date to drive awareness – post every day until November 4th, using the hashtag #NoVoteNoVoice
  • Challenge your Facebook friends to ‘Take the Pledge’!
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