Nov 2012 First Transfer of Merit Edition
Field Of  Merit Newsletter
Dear Friends,
Adrienne has come up with this wonderful offering, and we thought it deserved a newsletter edition all of its own.  This initiative is launched here along with the Transfer of Merit 'board' on Field of Merit website.
Mugo and Alicia

Adrienne, happy gran.

An Invitation to Walk, Meditate and Offer Merit
From Adrienne Hodges
Where? The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which starts in St Dogmael's and ends at Amroth, east of Tenby, a mere 186 miles.
Wildflowers on the Pembrokeshire coastal path.
·         In September this year I was in St David's, Pembrokeshire, and I walked several sections of the coastal path and was, quite simply, inspired. The Tourist Information blurb will tell you that it has spectacular scenery, fabulous wild life and beautiful and varied flowers and I can confirm that this is correct.
·         For various reasons (I will expand on this as the project progresses) I have long wanted to walk a long distance path.
·         To raise awareness of Field of Merit and to bring the sangha together in ways that seem congruent with the intentions behind it.
When? - in early May, when the flowers are at their best and this gives me chance to get fit and make all of the necessary plans and arrangements.
How can you get involved?
·         By joining me on the walk – for as long as you like, half a day, all day, a few days or do the whole thing with me, the amount of miles do not matter because even those not able to take physical part will have ways in which they can 'walk alongside' those that can.
·         By offering ideas about where to stay, or a bed for the night, a tent pitched, meeting us walkers at the end of each stage with a hot chocolate and a smile.
·         By helping with the 'blog', spreading awareness by using your own networks and contacts, just offering support and encouragement.
·         At specific times on each day I, and those able to be with me, will be sitting in formal meditation, having looked at the Transfer of Merit board on the Field of Merit website first. People following via social media and the web can sit 'with us' wherever they might be at that time.
·         By taking a look at the website/facebook page regularly as I will be writing something at the end of each day and sending photos so that people can be as involved as possible.
·         By requesting that merit be offered for people and situations by those of us that are meditating together each day.
This is not a 'sponsored walk' as I am not proposing to ask people to give me money for each mile walked. It is more by way of awareness raising of the Field of Merit Project and what it stands for. If more people sign up to the newsletter and donate money because of it then I am happy about that!
I intend to invite as much publicity as seems appropriate so envisage (gulp!) getting in touch with local and national media to invite their interest.
If any of this sparks your interest and wish to become involved in any way then please contact me.
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Thank you for reading thus far, please return for more. Your interest in what we propose is a support in itself and we are grateful for the expressions of support we have been receiving. Gradually the word is being spread; the field of merit is expanding.
Alicia and Mugo, 

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