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We are SO excited to bring this event to you!! If you've had Fetty's Street Food truck offerings then you know. . . they are outstanding! For this event Damian (Fetty's) is teaming up with his father-in-law, Danny, from none other than Buckeye Lake's beloved Bangkok City. Together they have created a divine five course dinner that will make you drool!

*~*~* Only 50 seats are available for this very special evening!*~*~*

$60 p/p, tax, beverages and gratuity additional. Seating times are 6:30p and 6:45p.

P U R C H A S E  T I C K E T S  H E R E


A Taste of Home - Traditional Thai Spring Roll
Mung bean noodles | seasoned hand cut vegetables | crispy shell | red dipping sauce

Warm Up on a Cold Night - Tom Yum Goong & Gai
Famous Thai style hot and sour soup with shrimp & chicken | lemongrass | kaffir lime leaf | Thai mild chili sauce | cilantro

Let's Go to Africa - Beef Bredie
16-hour cooled beef cheek | organic tomato | piri piri chili | fried shallots

Surf & Turf - Crying Tiger
Marinated flank steak and jumbo shrimp sautéed in garlic and spices | fresh lemon juice | lettuce | onion | tomato

Sweet Ending - Malva Pudding
South African farmers apricot cake | honeycomb | rooibos tea custard | double vanilla ice cream

P U R C H A S E  T I C K E T S  H E R E
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