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The Director's Corner

This month marks the 27th anniversary of the observation of May as National Foster Care Month. The 2015 National Foster Care Month theme is "Get to Know the Many Faces of Foster Care" and highlights the diversity of children, youth, families, and professionals involved in child welfare
This year's theme draws attention to the fact that permanency is just as diverse as the people involved. Permanency can mean kinship care, guardianship, or lifelong permanent connections.

As a current foster parent,  that has helped raise over 18 youth in care, I know the challenges of co-parenting children that  have experience trauma and disruption and helping them transition into adulthood

I would like to personally thank and acknowledge foster families for their commitment to providing the love and support needed in helping children, youth and their family rise above the issues and circumstances and get on the path to a positive and successful life.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wendi Turner, Executive Director

Office: 614-222-2712

OFCA's 2015 Annual Family Resource Conference
June 19 & 20, 2015


Embassy Suites Hotel, Dublin OH


Changes ahead...

Attend OFCA"s Annual Family Conference and stay on top of changes that impact your family.  

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OFCA's new VP of Programming, Jim Miller

OFCA is proud to welcome Jim Miller as VP of Programming.  Jim comes to OFCA with a Master's in Social Work from the Ohio State University and extensive credentials in nonprofit and child welfare. Miller is current co-owner of Design with Vision, a strategic planning firm and former President/CEO of the Village Network (TVN) with over 27 years of service at TVN in roles that include Associate and Clinical Director with direct oversight responsibilities of all programming and staff.
           Jim Miller
Jim and his wife Anita are adoptive parents and fostered over 25 children and youth. Jim's favorite activities are fishing, golf and watching his grandchildren. Jim and his wife also enjoy studying their genealogy.  Jim brings to OFCA an understanding and commitment to working with families and youth involved in child welfare, the juvenile justice system and mental health.  Please help OFCA welcome Jim Miller.
The Parent Partner Program
                                             -- Nationwide Children's Hospital 

Parent Partners (also called Parent Advocates, Family Peer Advocates, or Family Advocates nationwide) are parents or caregivers of children with mental health needs.  

The Parent Program service delivery model is a collaborative effort among Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbia University, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Ohio, and NAMI Franklin County.  The initiative supports parents whose children or teens that experience behavioral health problems by matching them with other parents who can share coping strategies they have developed while living through similar concerns with their own children. 

Join presenter, Temple Taylor Ellis at OFCA's Annual Family Conference June 19-20, 2015 to learn more...

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Summit Report

Bridging the Gaps Between Criminal Justice and Mental Illness 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio, with the support of funding from the Ohio Office of Attorney General, Mike DeWine, contracted with Policy Research Associates (PRA) to provide a strategic planning workshop to inform the work of Attorney General’s Task Force on Criminal Justice and Mental Illness. 

This report is a culmination of the Summit.  Click here to download the report.

The Bridging the Gaps between Criminal Justice and Mental Health Summit, which was held February 5th, 2015, was convened to address the overrepresentation of individuals with mental illness in the criminal justice system and to introduce the Sequential Intercept Model as a planning tool to strategically inform legislation, policy, planning, and funding.

The Summit served to identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration among state and local stakeholders, inform state and local stakeholders about best practices in the behavioral health and correctional fields, and to consider the impact of health care reform, Ohio SB 43, “Outpatient Treatment Law” and state behavioral health and criminal justice initiatives on justice-involved populations. 

 By Dot Erickson-Anderson

Having been schooled as an educator and having spent many years of my life “in the business” of training resource families, I value the opportunity to grow that is received when folks sit in the same space and learn about and from each other.
I also value the changes I’ve made while I digested the content of a book, read an article online, watched a provocative movie, was quiet while staring at the ceiling at 3:00 am or was driving from one home to another thinking through an issue confronting me at either end.
The changes we make come in many ways and are inspired by many resources. The current changes in our roles as Resource Families and in Ohio’s child welfare system to enable better services to families are equally as provocative.  I hope that you will join us in exploring these changes at our upcoming annual conference.  I often contemplate this quote from Viktor Frankl…   

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

New and Upcoming Changes to Ohio Foster Care Licensing!
"Foster Care and Adoption Alignment Rules"


For these and others changes please contact the licensing specialist at your agency.

  1. 5101:2-5-20 & 5101:2-48-12 * At home study, all adult children of all applicants must be contacted for a reference.  Home study must document result
  2. 5101:2-5-20 & 5101:2-48-12 * Well water test required prior to approval (Foster homes only)
  3. 5101:2-5-24 & 5101-2-48-12.1 * Criminal background checks will be done at the next scheduled re-cert for residents of the home (including placements) who turn 18.  
  4. 5101:2-5-24 & 5101-2-48-12.1 * No more lapses for foster care.  If all items of recert not completed on time, foster care license will lapse.  Foster family must take into account the time it takes licensing agency to complete follow up work.  If foster family turns documents in less than 30 days from deadline and foster agency is not able to complete follow up the foster family license will expire.
  5. 5101:2-5-31 5101:2-48-19 * Exception to one transfer per certification rule – Foster caregiver can transfer if agency ceases to recommend the type of foster home the foster caregiver is certified in

If you have questions on whether you are affected by these changes, please contact the licensing specialist at your agency

Be an effective Advocate Make a Difference

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sent for 
Clearance Description
  05/11/2015 05/25/2015 7750 Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rule 5101:2-42-68   "Necessity for Continued Substitute Care Placement: Court Reviews and Hearing Requirements"   
  FCASMTL - Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rule 5101:2-42-68 
  05/11/2015 05/25/2015 7756 Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rules - Case Plan and Reviews --- The rule outlines the PCPA SAR requirements separate and apart from the PCSA requirements and PCPA requirements in relation to completing the case review. Identification of the parties to the case plan is now reflected in the rule. *  
  FCASMTL - Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rules - Case Plan and Reviews  
  05/11/2015 05/25/2015 7757 Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rules(OAC) rules 5101:2-38-09 and 5101:2-38-10 ---- Identifies the requirements that apply to the PCSA for completing the case review and identifies requirements that apply to the PCSA for completing the SAR.  Identification of the parties to the SAR is now reflected in the rule. Revisions address only PCSAs references to PCPAs were removed. *  
  FCASMTL - Amendment to Ohio Administrative Code Rules(OAC) rules 5101:2-38-09 and 5101:2-38-10   
* A substantive change reflects that youth ages 14 and older are to be invited to participate in the development, implementation and review of the case plan. Additionally, the youth may elect to include two individuals who are a support to the youth, but are not the foster parent or caseworker to be invited to participate in the development, implementation and review of the case plan. This Federal requirement is now reflected in the rule. 

Be informed. Be involved

Resources, Training & Articles


OH: Editorial: What are our kids' lives worth?
Cincinnati Enquirer - May 03, 2015

As a community also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of kids at risk of abuse or neglect from their parents, and we aren't doing enough.

Ohio's contribution to children's services spending is 50th out of 50 states, as noted in reporter Dan Horn's story last weekend, and the Hamilton County levy hasn't increased in at least 24 years.

OH: Are "Multi-System" Youth Falling into the Wrong Hands? (Includes audio)
Public News Service - May 04, 2015

Child welfare, developmental disabilities, mental health, and juvenile court systems work to help at-risk kids in Ohio, but experts say that in a "multi-system" situation, some of these children are winding up in the wrong hands.

OH: New State Law on birth records is welcome start (Opinion)
Morrow County Sentinel - May 13, 2015

The new law is an important start. It needs to go a little further. Adoptees need access to the full, unabridged records surrounding our birth and adoption for many reasons.

The State previously denied this, perhaps naïvely to protect us and to keep anonymous our biological mothers. But, since the release of the birth records, hasn't that ship sailed? What stops the State from now releasing the corresponding court and adoption agency records? What harm can come from knowing the whole truth? Why are those records still sealed? Information

Gateway Resources: Access to Adoption Records:

OH: Aging out of foster care meant trying to keep myself afloat while starting college – but Ohio has a chance to change this system:  (Opinion) – April 26, 2015

Turning 18 is a monumental time in a child's life, a time associated with freedom. But for kids in foster care, turning 18 means freedom in a whole different way. As a foster youth, becoming a legal adult meant I finally had choices over my life, and children's services could no longer tell me what to do. But foster youths aging out of the system are often in such a hurry to spring away from problems, they forget that responsibilities become theirs alone to bear.
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