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15 February 2016

Blessing Day and Annual General Meeting
Sunday 21 February, 2 to 4pm

A reminder to join WellSpring’s blessing of plans for 2016 at the Annual General Meeting this Sunday afternoon. Devonshire tea will be served during the afternoon.

At this meeting we will be voting on the nomination for a full-term appointment to the Board, Ben Norman.

Ben writes:

My name is Ben Norman, and together with my beautiful wife Davina, I have two adventurous little kids, named Jonah and Ava. 

I grew up in the southwest of Victoria and moved to Melbourne in my early 20s, partly due to being involved in the Christian music industry. This included touring around Australia and overseas with a band I formed with my brother-in-law. Our band was also fortunate enough to support some wonderful Christian artists around Australia and overseas.

Because of this, I was able to experience the wonderful patchwork of being invited into hundreds of different churches and schools, from varying backgrounds. As we are all different individually, it was a privilege to see the many unique personalities that make up the human race in different places of worship.

Professionally, my current position is the Senior Advisor, Business Strategy for Monash University. This involves future planning in scoping, business and strategic planning for future positions for the University as a whole. I’ve also undertaken some previous exciting roles, in the fields of banking, accounting and human resources. I’m a qualified public accountant, along with a Bachelor in Management (majored in marketing) and a Masters in Planning.

Personally, I see great joy in people working together for the greater good. It may be the small things in life, to the life changing events we may experience. I value the importance of respect, regardless of anyone’s background and who they are.

Embracing differences is vital; it creates diversity and reflects the Spirit of God as individuals. 

The Agenda for the AGM can be viewed here.

The Annual Report will be available to download from the WellSpring website this weekend, before the AGM – we will let you know when it is available. If you would like us to send you a printed copy (from 22 February onwards), please call us on (03) 9885 0277.

WellSpring is grateful to Fiona Pfennigwerth for granting us permission to use her beautiful illustrations of Australian nature in our advertising. Fiona's books, The Scrolls Illuminated and The Gospel according to John Illuminated are available through WellSpring.

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