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2 June 2015

We give thanks for the blessing of Winter
by Michael Leunig


We give thanks for the blessing of Winter.
Season to cherish the heart
To make warmth and quiet for the heart
To make soups and broths for the heart

To cook for the heart and read for the heart
To curl up softly and nestle with the heart
To sleep deeply and gently at one with the heart
To dream with the heart

To spend time with the heart
A long, long time of peace with the heart
We give thanks for the blessing of winter
Season to cherish the heart

Some ways to cherish your heart at
WellSpring this winter. 

Quiet Days 
How about coming to WellSpring for a personal Quiet Day? The winter garden is beautiful and we have a display of beautiful artwork in the hallway to reflect on. You have use of the chapel and garden throughout the day.  
NB The Quiet Day planned for tomorrow, 
Wednesday 3 June, wont be facilitated
but you are welcome to come for a personal Quiet Day. 
To book a prayer room for your personal use click here
or ring 9885 0277.
Costs are $15 for a full day (9.30am - 4pm),
                                   or $10 for half a day.  
We'll have the heater on and the kettle ready to boil ready for your arrival! We can also provide some written guidance for your day if that would be helpful. 

Prayer at Noon each weekday in the Chapel. NB We will share communion during Prayer at Noon on 10th June instead of tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd June. 

A Contemplative Circle: Reflecting on Our Inner Life meets monthly at WellSpring, next due Wednesday 17th June, 10am - 12.30pm. This is a place to explore one's inner life with others through meditation, readings, poems, symbols, story and conversation. A gentle and beautiful morning to cherish your soul.  Chris Page and Marg Loftus facilitate this group and offer a warm welcome to any who come along.  See below for information about the Retreat 13 -14th June

Soul Parenting, Friday 19th June, 9.30am - 12 noon. 
Come along for some facilitated conversation with other parents around attentive parenting, spirituality and the inner work that comes with being a parent. 

Click here to book for Contemplative Circle and Soul Parenting. 

The Contemplative Circle Retreat, Attention of the Heart, is coming up soon, June 13 to 14. Contact Chris Page cage@netspace.net.au or Marg Loftus, margloftuslc@gmail.com for more details.

Silent Retreats 
Private Retreat by the Sea with Geraldine Bachowski, Tuesday 18th to Tuesday 25th August. Click here for more information or to book online. There are just a few places still available for this retreat. 

.... looking forward to some warmer days:
Weekend Silent Retreat with Jenny Georgiadis, Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October. Click here for more information or to book online.

And a 'not so cherishing' event - last Sunday Ashburton Baptist and WellSpring was broken into incurring  significant damage to locked doors and cash stolen.  As a deterrent to any future break ins we are going 'cash free' with no money kept on the premises. To help with this ne policy, please pay online as much as possible. Other options are credit card or our new eft pos facility.  As we wont be keeping money for change on site, please bring the correct amount if you are purchasing gift items or books.  Payments taken will be banked that day. 


Visit www.wellspringcentre.org.au
or ring (03) 9885 0277 for more information

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