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2 July 2013
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Farewell Ross Langmead

Ross Langmead

Dear WellSpring friends,

It is with great sadness that I am letting you know of the death of Dr Ross Langmead last Saturday after he suffered a massive heart attack the previous week.

His funeral will be at 11am this Friday 5 July at Collins Street Baptist Church, 174 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Some of you will know Ross, or of him, and others maybe not - but his life has touched countless numbers of people here in Australia and across the world. Some of the things Ross is remembered for are his role as Professor of Missiology at Whitley College, a social justice activist, a gifted scholar, author, friend and a wonderful songwriter and musician well known and loved far beyond the Baptist church.  He was a good man who enfleshed the love of God in so many ways. I have come across a paper he wrote titled 'Spirituality for the Long Haul' which I thought you might like to read – click here to download the paper.

Here are some of the words that Ross as the activist writes: 

'The more you roll up your sleeves, the more you realise you need to locate the spring of living water. The more overwhelming the poverty and disadvantage we find ourselves in the middle of, the more we need the regular sustenance. The outward journey and the downward journey stimulate the inward journey.' ... and later in the article in relation to community and spirituality... 'And you know the most important thing my community does for me? It gives me hope and helps me understand the paradox of losing my life in order to gain it and to gain it abundantly. I'm not just giving and giving, I am giving and receiving.' 

Farewell Ross, thank you for the gifts you have given us, our lives are changed because of you.


Ann Lock, WellSpring Director
on behalf of the WellSpring Community


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