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19 November 2015

Farewell to a Faithful WellSpring Friend

We are saddened to hear that Margaret Duncan passed away on Tuesday evening, 17 November 2015.

The people of WellSpring loved Margaret. She was a woman of grace and beauty who shared her gentle presence with everyone she encountered. She was part of WellSpring from its very early days working as one of the first volunteers in the Reception Office, until retiring from that role in 2013.

We gratefully remember Margaret's care for people, her love of the quiet spaces of WellSpring, and the gift of her welcoming smile. WellSpring has been enriched by her life.

Here is an extract from a message sent by Margaret's daughter, Kathryn:

'My beloved mother Margaret died peacefully on Tuesday evening.Her cancer had been progressing in the last three weeks but she was still able to be comfortable when sitting. On Monday morning she had what doctors think was a pulmonary embolism so was suddenly unable to breath. An ambulance came very quickly and she was treated and taken to Box Hill Hospital. We were advised then that she would be given end of life care. She was made very comfortable and was drowsy but responsive on Monday. We transferred her to Epworth Eastern and were able to be present with her. She was mostly asleep on Tuesday as Howard, Louise, Rachael and I shared her room, told stories, listen to and sung hymns and spoke to her. Her breathing was laboured but the medication ensured she was in no pain. This has been a great blessing right through her cancer as she has never been in pain. She died at 6.25 pm.
She remained peaceful and full of God's grace to the end.
We will be having a service of thanksgiving for her life, probably on Friday 27th November at 2 pm at St John’s Anglican Church in Blackburn. I will confirm these details soon and notices will be in the newspapers.'

Kathryn also mentioned that earlier this year a beautiful quilt was made for Margaret by the Prayers and Squares group of Ashburton Baptist and Margaret was covered by this quilt when she died. 

Margaret loved the quotation from Julian of Norwich, 'all shall be well’; in company with Kathryn and other members of the family, we remember these words most particularly now. 

Thanksgiving Day

Sunday 29 November, 2 to 4pm

Come along on Sunday 29 November to share in stories of thanksgiving as we hear more about the life of WellSpring.

Earlier this year a number of people met with the Board to talk about their area of interest, e.g. Retreats, Spiritual Direction, University courses, Building Bridges, Healing Steps, Ashburton Baptist Church, etc. It was a great day and we all thought ‘let's do this again with as many people as possible!’

As there are no spiritual directors graduating this year (no intake in 2013), we have the opportunity to do this at the Thanksgiving Service.

So... we’ve changed the date to allow some more time, booked the whole church and WellSpring facility and invited people to share what they are doing at WellSpring. 

A very significant part of the afternoon will be the acknowledgement of the move of WellSpring’s academic partnership from Sentir Graduate College of Spiritual Formation to Whitley College, beginning in 2016. Peter Sherlock, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity, Michael Smith and Peter Johnstone from Sentir, and Frank Rees (and possibly others) from Whitley College will all be present as we symbolically hand on the care of students from Sentir to Whitley.

Devonshire Tea will be served.

Advent Journey

Tuesdays, 1, 8 and 15 December, 7.30 to 9.30pm
(Facilitator: Merrill Kitchen)

Luke’s Gospel invites us into a journey of remembrance, reconciliation and renewed relationships. Jesus challenges his disciples to embrace the received traditions of Israel that proclaimed a welcome to neighbours, strangers and refugees. There is a particular focus on Luke’s challenging parables. They will be reflected upon in the light of contemporary issues faced by today’s disciples of Jesus.

Cost: $40 (members: $36) per session
Click here to book and pay online

Visit www.wellspringcentre.org.au
or ring (03) 9885 0277 for more information

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