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24 April 2013
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Special newsletter

Welcome to this special WellSpring newsletter, reminding you of a workshop to be held next week. Please feel free to forward details of this workshop to others who may be interested, also.

Eco-Theology (Facilitator: Paul Chalson)
Tuesday 30 April, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO Lunch)

Richard Foster wrote in Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home: ‘In the creation and the incarnation, the great God of the universe intertwined the spiritual and the material, wedded the sacred and the secular, sanctified the common and the ordinary – How astonishing! How wonderful!’ From this starting point we will explore how Eco-Theology holds together insights from Scripture, tradition and contemporary reflection on God’s Earth as our hearth and home. 

Book online here (cost: $55 for non-members; $49.50 for members)

NB: Please ensure you book by this Friday 26 April, or you may miss out.

Also coming up:

Eco-Spirituality (Facilitator: Paul Chalson)
Thursday 25 July 2013, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO Lunch)

How are we called to 'practice the Presence of God' in the earthly landscapes of our daily lives? 'The world is charged with the grandeur of God' (G.M. Hopkins) - but how are we to respond with our living? The recovery of a practical respect for and gentle dwelling on this planet is vital to healing our disconnection with Earth, with each other, and with God. We will explore the idea that nature is not only 'the theatre of God's glory' (Calvin), but essentially the place for our prayer, reflection and work on behalf of generations yet to come.

Book online here (cost: $55 for non-members; $49.50 for members)


About Paul Chalson

Paul Chalson is an Uniting Church minister with a deep passion for the relation between Christian faith and the natural environment. He has particularly been involved for many years in exploring this connection as expressions of Christian spirituality and mission. Paul was for a number of years involved with conservation activity in Tasmania, has led numerous education seminars on Eco-theology, developed worship resources for World Environment Day and has developed an led programs based on the encounter with God within the natural environment ranging from multi-day retreats within the Tasmanian wilderness to a half day nature based prayer walk called Earth Pilgrimage. Paul’s doctorate addresses the idea of worship as an appropriate and important response to ecological crisis and climate change.

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