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April 2013
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Interim newsletter

Welcome to this interim WellSpring newsletter, letting you know of some changes to our programs and reminding you of some new offerings...

Current WellSpring program for 2013

If you would like to download the full WellSpring program, outlining all changes and additions to our workshops and retreats for 2013 (7 pages), please click here.

Forthcoming WellSpring programs

Have you booked in for the following programs yet? Have a look at some programs coming up soon and book in today using our secure online booking form.
  • Quiet Day - Walking Meditation
    (Facilitator: Anna Mansbridge)

    Quiet Days provide space for reflection and attentiveness to God's Spirit in company with others. They are spent mostly in silence. The program may include scripture, meditation, communion, silent prayer together and alone. This special Quiet Day will take place around a walking meditation.

    Book online here.

    Tuesday 23 April, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $35

  • Eco-Theology (Facilitator: Paul Chalson)
    - note change of date and facilitator

    Richard Foster wrote in Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home: ‘In the creation and the incarnation, the great God of the universe intertwined the spiritual and the material, wedded the sacred and the secular, sanctified the common and the ordinary – How astonishing! How wonderful!’ From this starting point we will explore how Eco-Theology holds together insights from Scripture, tradition and contemporary reflection on God’s Earth as our hearth and home. 

    Book online here.

    Tuesday 30 April, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $55
  • Eco-Spirituality (Facilitator: Paul Chalson)
    - note change of facilitator (date TBC)

    How are we called to ‘practice the Presence of God’ in the earthy landscapes of our daily lives? ‘The world is charged with the grandeur of God’ (G.M. Hopkins) — but how are we to respond with our living? The recovery of a practical respect for and gentle dwelling on this planet is vital to healing our disconnection with Earth, with each other, and with God. We will explore the idea that nature is not only ‘the theatre of God’s glory’ (Calvin), but essentially the place for our prayer, reflection and work on behalf of generations yet to come.

    Book online here.

    Date TBC, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $55


  • A Day of Introduction to Reflective Art
    (Facilitators: Margaret Donald and Judy Scott)

    In this experiential workshop there will be opportunity to discover and express your creative self as a way of reflective prayer. Those new to creative expression, as well as those more experienced, are welcome. In a safe, accepting environment simple ways of getting started will be offered, interwoven with times of silence. Art materials provided. Wear casual, comfortable clothes.

    Book online here.

    Saturday 11 May, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $55
  • Quiet Day at Queenscliff (Facilitator: Ann Lock)

    Please note the change of date of the Queenscliff Quiet Day, which will be held from 10 am to 3 pm on Thursday 6 June (not Wed 5 June as previously advertised in the WellSpring program).

    Attendance at this Quiet Day is available at a discounted rate of just $10, with an optional additional donation to WellSpring on the day.

    Limited accommodation may be available if you wish to spend some time around the Quiet Day in Queenscliff or surrounds. Contact Ann Lock for more details.

    Book online here.

    Thursday 6 June, 10 am to 3 pm
    Cost: $10 (+ optional donation to WellSpring)

Forthcoming WellSpring retreat

Places are still available for the following WellSpring Creative Retreat:
  • Creative Retreat
    (Facilitators: Margaret Donald & Judy Scott)

    ‘The Arts are the Language of the Soul’

    This retreat will give opportunity to reflect on our inner journey and express that in various forms. In art-making as prayer we are invited into playfulness as we connect with the mystery of Creative Spirit within us. Both those new to reflective art and those more experienced are welcome. There will be opportunity for spiritual direction each day.

    Friday June 28 to Sunday June 30
    Venue: St Paul’s Missionary College, Wantirna
    Cost: $285

    Indications of interest and deposits can be made through our online booking form. Please note that payment by instalments may be negotiated - contact Monique for more details.

    Please also refer to Ann Lock's March newsletter for information about how you might like to consider helping others to attend this or other retreats, who may not be able to attend otherwise.

  • 'Reconciliation: Be the Change You Want to See' course

    This course explores the art of engaging the world with a contemplative spirituality. It will examine the foundations and characteristics of a sustainable contemplative practice that can facilitate greater resourcefulness, compassion, insight and effectiveness in one's personal life, relationships, ministry and involvement in society.

    Following Gandhi who said, 'Be the change you want to see in the world', and other wisdom figures, this course recognises that the most fruitful change occurs through individuals who do good inner work; those growing in a compassionate reconciling outlook within themselves and others.

    Applications close on Friday 17 May 2013 with a non-refundable deposit of $50.

    Course cost: $850 (auditing cost; i.e. for non-MCD-UD students)

    Did you know that you can enrol for this course for academic credit through the MCD University of Divinity?

    Different costs apply depending on the basis of your enrolment, and are payable directly to the MCD University of Divinity. FEE-Help may be available for those enrolling through the MCD University of Divinity.

    For more information and a downloadable application form, please click here. Enquiries can also be directed to Tim McCowan by email.

Other forthcoming WellSpring events
  • Celtic Style Worship Service

    Join us for a Celtic style service will be held in the WellSpring chapel, which incorporates some music, prayers and quiet reflection.

    Thursday 18 April, 8 pm
    Donation to WellSpring: $5

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