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GroundWorks Festival is just 2 weeks away! 


                                                   with guest speaker Ray Simpson,                                                                                    Founding Guardian of the communities of Aidan and Hilda.                                                                           Ray is from Holy Island, Lindisfarne, UK. 

Book for the whole festival or half days/evenings
(just click on the booking link at the bottom of the GroundWorks webpage).

                                                  Working on Thursday and Friday?                                                       You can still enjoy GroundWorks on Saturday.
               Wondering what the Ten Waymarks sessions on Saturday are about?               Ray Simpson, our guest speaker, will talk about points/waymarks for our spiritual journey   including a rhythm of prayer, work, and re-creation; life long learning e.g. using lectio   divina; retreats/pilgrimages; a simple life style; healing fragmented people and more. 

                       Professional Development on Thursday morning with                         Ray for all spiritual directors, and those interested in spiritual direction. 

                                                Friday is workshop day.                                                                            Along with Ray's sessions there will be several workshops drawing                           on the richness of Celtic spiritually in everyday Australia. 
       Art will be an important part of GroundWorks
           with a beautiful exhibition by Fiona Pfennigwerth. 

                                  Each day will be surrounded by prayer with morning,                                 middle and evening liturgies based on Ray's books. 
                                         Check out  the bookstall with Ray's books
                                    plus many others. 10% discount for WellSpring members. 

                              And don't forget the WellSpring AGM during the festival                                                                           (Thursday 19 February at 7pm). 
                                There is no cost for the AGM if you are just coming to the meeting.

                                  Food will be wonderful!                                                              Thursday evening at a local cafe.                                                                                       Friday evening a lovely garden buffet accompanied by
                                                      Cath Connelly's beautiful harp music.


                 Come and join us at GroundWorks!
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See WellSpring's 2015 program for all the
other events happening this year.

NB Let's Talk on 26th February has been postponed.





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