This newsletter contains some important information about our friend, Robin Pryor.
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8 July 2013
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Thanksgiving Service for Robin Pryor

Dear friends and members of WellSpring,

On Saturday morning in ‘WellSpring Special News’, I let you know about the passing of Rev. Dr Robin Pryor, the much loved pastor and retreat leader who contributed in a special way to WellSpring as our interim Director in 2012.

We have now received information from Bronwyn, Robin’s wife, about the service to give thanks for Robin’s life. Here are the details we promised to forward to you.

A Celebration of the Life of Robin J. Pryor
(In Robin’s words: ‘Not a funeral service!’)
All very welcome to join us
Wednesday, 10 July 2013, 1 pm
Rosebud Uniting Church
6 Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud, Victoria
Refreshments afterwards
* * * * * * * *
The public celebration follows a Family Committal Service (the burial of Robin’s body) which will be held on Tuesday 9 July.

So it is clear that we are all very welcome to attend the public celebration on Wednesday.  I hope I will see some of the WellSpring community at Rosebud, if you are able to join us.
- Neil Wright
PS: A note of apology from me: in the Special News sent out on Saturday morning, I referred at one point to Robin’s wife as ‘Robyn’. It was an unfortunate slip: it is of course ‘Bronwyn’. I’m sorry for the mistake.


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