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5 June 2013
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News from our Director, Ann Lock

To download the latest newsletter from our Director, Ann Lock, please click here.

WellSpring community news
  • Ann Lock on Leave in July

    WellSpring Director Ann Lock will be on leave from 8 July to 2 August inclusive.

    In her absence, any urgent enquiries can be directed to WellSpring Administrator, Monique Lisbon

    Any non-urgent enquiries can still be sent by email to Ann, who will respond after she has returned from leave.
  • New Photo Exhibition in WellSpring

    WellSpring has a new exhibition of wonderful photos by Pheroza Engelman on the theme of Windows and Reflections.

    Come and have a look around, enjoy the beauty of the photos and see where the windows and reflections might lead you. The photos are for sale, along with photo cards on the WellSpring Gift Table. Phe's introduction to the exhibition and a price list are available on the WellSpring office windowsill and the church foyer bench. 

Cancelled/postponed WellSpring programs
  • The Enneagram and Business (Facilitator: Marg Loftus),
    5 June 2013

    Please note that this workshop has been cancelled.
  • Interfaith Conversations (Facilitator: Tim McCowan),

    Please note that this workshop (previously due to be held on Monday 17 June), has been postponed to Tuesday 10 September, from 7 to 9.30 pm, due to illness.

    An informal dinner together for participants on 10 September may also be planned closer to the date.


Forthcoming WellSpring programs

  • Circles of Trust Retreat
    (Facilitators: Chris Page and Marg Loftus)
    Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2013

    A ‘circle of trust’, based on Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward the Undivided Life, is a place to explore one’s inner life with others through readings, poems, symbols, story and conversation. Drawn from ancient and contemporary wisdom it is a non-religious yet deeply spiritual approach to identifying our ‘inner landscape’. Throughout the year our outer landscape, such as ocean, mountain, desert, forest and the seasons will be used as metaphors and images of our inner life.

    The annual Circles of Trust retreat will be held on 15-16 June in Healesville. Click here to download a flier with more information.

    Cost: $200

    To register for this retreat, please email Chris Page or phone Margaret Loftus on 0418 375 229.


  • Creative Retreat: 28-30 June 2013
    (Facilitators: Marg Donald and Judy Scott)

    Deb Cramer writes of her experience at a Creative Retreat

    “I'm happily anticipating my return to St Paul's Missionary College to attend another Art Retreat, however, prior to my first retreat, I was not without misgivings because there's no way I (or anybody else) would call me an artist!’  >> more

    This retreat will give opportunity to reflect on our inner journey and express that in various forms. In art-making as prayer we are invited into playfulness as we connect with the mystery of Creative Spirit within us. Both those new to reflective art and those more experienced are welcome. There will be opportunity for spiritual direction each day.

    Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June
    Venue: St Paul’s Missionary College, Wantirna
    Cost: $285

    Indications of interest and deposits can be made through our online booking form. Please note that payment by instalments may be negotiated - contact Monique for more details.

Forthcoming WellSpring courses
  • Exploring the Inner Landscape through Contemplative Groups (Facilitator: Chris Page)

    Parker J. Palmer, an American Quaker scholar, has developed a model for exploring the inner spiritual life by drawing on the insights of Meister Eckhart, Carl Jung, Thomas Merton and other spiritual writers. This has been helpful in the formation of community; exploring religious and secular vocation; discernment and life decisions and the integration of the self with authentic action.
    This unit will critique both the work of Parker J. Palmer and the contemplative group approach to spiritual growth. The focus of the unit will be on the principles and practices that lead to inner spiritual development and authentic action. The student will be introduced to and taught to use, the resources of narrative, poetry, art and personal and group reflection with a goal to spiritual growth and wellbeing. These objectives are achieved through lectures, discussion, contemplative group work and a retreat experience.

    Dates: Saturdays, 20 July, 10 August, 31 August, 21 September; Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 October (residential gathering)
    Course cost: $850 (auditing cost; i.e. for non-MCD-UD students) + $TBC for residential gathering (payable by all participants, both those auditing and enrolled through MCD-UD)

  • Reconciliation: 'Be the Change You Want to See' Course (Facilitator: Tim McCowan)

    This course explores the art of engaging the world with a contemplative spirituality. It will examine the foundations and characteristics of a sustainable contemplative practice that can facilitate greater resourcefulness, compassion, insight and effectiveness in one's personal life, relationships, ministry and involvement in society.

    Following Gandhi who said, 'Be the change you want to see in the world', and other wisdom figures, this course recognises that the most fruitful change occurs through individuals who do good inner work; those growing in a compassionate reconciling outlook within themselves and others.

    Contact Tim McCowan for more information or to apply (ASAP).

    Dates: Friday 9 to Sunday 11 August (residential gathering at retreat centre); Saturday 7 September; Sunday 8 September; Saturday 5 October; Sunday 6 October

    Course cost: $850 (auditing cost; i.e. for non-MCD-UD students) + $200 for residential gathering (payable by all participants, both those auditing and enrolled through MCD-UD)

  • Enrolling through MCD University of Divinity

    Did you know that you can enrol for both of these courses for academic credit through the MCD University of Divinity?

    Different costs apply depending on the basis of your enrolment, and are payable directly to the MCD University of Divinity. FEE-Help may be available for those enrolling through the MCD University of Divinity.

    For more information contact Monique by email.


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