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May 2013
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News from our Director, Ann Lock

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WellSpring Community News

  • Vale - May Lee

    Last Friday morning, 10 May 2013, our friend May Lee passed over into the fullness of the life to come. She died peacefully at the Manor in Baxter Village South Frankston, where she had lived the past few years. With her passing, another one of the very significant people in WellSpring’s founding and early years has gone ahead and her death leaves a gap in the lives of many of us who knew and loved her. We remember especially her daughter and son-in law, Lyn and Michael and her grandchildren, Sarah and Daniel.  >> more

    The funeral service will be held this Thursday 16 May at 2pm at Kew Baptist Church, 10 Highbury Grove, Kew. 

  • Congratulations to recent graduates of the MCD University of Divinity!

    George Warren, Master of Arts (Spiritual Direction)
    Christine Faragher, Graduate Certificate of Supervision (Spiritual Direction)
    Margie Bradbeer, Graduate Diploma of Theology (Spiritual Direction)
  • Artwork by Rachel Peters

    The beautiful artwork by Rachel Peters will be leaving WellSpring this month.  If you are interested in purchasing a painting Rachel can be contacted at info@tidalart.net. You might also like to email any ‘thank you’ comments to ann.lock@wellspringcentre.org.au which we will pass on to Rachel about how we have appreciated her work. There is also a card on the bench (under church window) near the WellSpring kitchenette for people to sign with similar comments.
  • WellSpring 20th Anniversary Celebration:
    Sunday 18 August 2013

    2013 is the 20th Anniversary of the beginnings of WellSpring. Read the story of the first 10 years here.

    Everyone is invited to a celebratory event on Sunday 18 August 2013. We will begin with a 10am service at Ashburton Baptist Church, the birthplace of WellSpring, followed by lunch and an afternoon celebration.

    It would be great to have a photo book of WellSpring’s journey through those 20 years. Have a look through your albums and send suitable photos to ann.lock@wellspringcentre.org.au or PO Box 300, Ashburton 3147.  Digital photos should be scanned/saved at 300 dpi (high resolution) and saved in jpeg or tiff format.

Forthcoming WellSpring programs

Have you booked in for the following programs yet? Have a look at some programs coming up soon and book in today using our secure online booking form.
  • Quiet Day - Experiencing God through the Contemplation of Icons (Facilitator: April Blackwell)

    Many beautiful icons have been written throughout history. April Blackwell will lead us in understanding how we can use these as windows onto the divine and as an aid to prayer.

    Thursday 16 May, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $35
  • Circles of Trust (Facilitators: Chris Page and Marg Loftus)

    A ‘circle of trust’, based on Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward the Undivided Life, is a place to explore one’s inner life with others through readings, poems, symbols, story and conversation. Drawn from ancient and contemporary wisdom it is a non-religious yet deeply spiritual approach to identifying our ‘inner landscape’. Throughout the year our outer landscape, such as ocean, mountain, desert, forest and the seasons will be used as metaphors and images of our inner life.

    This is an open group and all are welcome to attend without the need to attend every session.

    Wednesday 22 May, 10 am to 12.30 pm
    Cost: $20
  • Celtic Spirituality (Facilitator: Cath Connelly)

    A deeply engaging way of relating to God. Cath Connelly will help us draw on connections to nature, learning, prayer, soul friends, music, art, poetry and pilgrimage to explore Celtic spirituality.

    Saturday 25 May, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)

    Cost: $55
  • The Enneagram and Business (Facilitator: Marg Loftus)

    In the workplace, performance can be enhanced when people feel acknowledged and appreciated for the gifts they can bring to their organisation and, more particularly, enjoy healthy relationships within their working environment. The Enneagram is a proven psychological system that helps people achieve self-awareness and develop strategic approaches to interpersonal relationships. This workshop will include an Introduction to the Enneagram, and how an understanding of the different styles of personality can help with various areas in an organisation including communication, conflict resolution, leadership and change.

    Wednesday 5 June, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $55

  • Quiet Day at Queenscliff (Facilitator: Ann Lock)

    Please note the change of date of the Queenscliff Quiet Day, which will be held from 10 am to 3 pm on Thursday 6 June (not Wed 5 June as previously advertised in the WellSpring program).

    Attendance at this Quiet Day is available at a discounted rate of just $10, with an optional additional donation to WellSpring on the day.

    Limited accommodation may be available if you wish to spend some time around the Quiet Day in Queenscliff or surrounds. Contact Ann Lock for more details.

    Thursday 6 June, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $10 (+ optional donation to WellSpring)
  • Change of Date: Spiritual Directors' Professional Development Session - Becoming Who I Am (Facilitator: Roslyn Wright)

    Please note the change of date of the Spiritual Directors' Professional Development session with Roslyn Wright, which will be held from 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesday 9 October (not 12 June as previously advertised).

    Wednesday 9 October, 10 am to 3 pm (BYO lunch)
    Cost: $55

    For details of all Spiritual Directors' Professional Development sessions for 2013, click here.

Creative Retreat: 28-30 June
(Facilitators: Marg Donald and Judy Scott)

Deb Cramer writes of her experience at a Creative Retreat:

“I'm happily anticipating my return to St Paul's Missionary College to attend another Art Retreat, however, prior to my first retreat, I was not without misgivings because there's no way I (or anybody else) would call me an artist!’  
>> more

This retreat will give opportunity to reflect on our inner journey and express that in various forms. In art-making as prayer we are invited into playfulness as we connect with the mystery of Creative Spirit within us. Both those new to reflective art and those more experienced are welcome. There will be opportunity for spiritual direction each day.

Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June
Venue: St Paul’s Missionary College, Wantirna
Cost: $285

Indications of interest and deposits can be made through our online booking form. Please note that payment by instalments may be negotiated - contact Monique for more details.


Reconciliation: 'Be the Change You Want to See' Course (Facilitator: Tim McCowan)

This course explores the art of engaging the world with a contemplative spirituality. It will examine the foundations and characteristics of a sustainable contemplative practice that can facilitate greater resourcefulness, compassion, insight and effectiveness in one's personal life, relationships, ministry and involvement in society.

Following Gandhi who said, 'Be the change you want to see in the world', and other wisdom figures, this course recognises that the most fruitful change occurs through individuals who do good inner work; those growing in a compassionate reconciling outlook within themselves and others.

Applications close on Friday 17 May 2013 with a non-refundable deposit of $50.

Course cost: $850 (auditing cost; i.e. for non-MCD-UD students)

Enrolling through MCD University of Divinity

Did you know that you can enrol for this course for academic credit through the MCD University of Divinity?

Different costs apply depending on the basis of your enrolment, and are payable directly to the MCD University of Divinity. FEE-Help may be available for those enrolling through the MCD University of Divinity.

For more information and a downloadable application form, please click here. Enquiries can also be directed to Tim McCowan by email.


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