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22 December 2014

A Christmas message from Ann, WellSpring Director.


           This beautiful candle is in the WellSpring Chapel for the Christmas season.

           As I have looked
long and quietly upon her
           during Prayer at Noon, some thoughts have come on the wonder of God-with-us.

           Here are 3 of  them. 

The mother and child are shaped by grace-full lines, wrapping each one round with gentle form, linked as one yet separate. 

The child is held tenderly in it's mother arms allowing it's gaze to fall fully upon it's mothers face. That gaze is returned to the child with sole and complete attention.  

The colours of her shawl remind me of Mother Teresa, one whose life was to  care for others. 

Words which come: you are formed by the grace of God-with-us, all yet one. You are held in the tender, full gaze of I-am-here. While held-in-grace, you are called to the other.

May these thoughts also gladden your heart this Christmas.    



WellSpring is now closed until 26th January but you can still contact us at info@wellspringcentre.org.au or leave a phone message 9885 0277. These will be checked regularly.

And, most importantly, you can book for GroundWorks online!



Clean Up Day 14 January - come around 10am for a couple of hours to help make WellSpring spick and span for the new year. 

Bring your own cleaning equipment. 


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Early bird discount for members closes on

15 January 2015.

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  Art at GroundWorks:

We are absolutely delighted that Fiona Pfenningwerth will be our 'artist-in-residence' at GroundWorks. 

Fiona is an Australian artist whose work beautifully evokes the theme of GroundWorks: drawing on the richness of Celtic spirituality for our Australian landscape. 

There will be an exhibition of some of Fiona's work during the festival, and workshops sharing how she links a love of the natural world and faith. See her work here.

Fiona writes: three of my great loves are experiencing the Australian landscape; carefully observing and painting it naturalistically in watercolour; and both reading and responding to Bible books holistically...My desire is to see God as the early church fathers did: in terms of His truth, beauty and goodness. I seek to showcase the Lord’s beauty by reflecting the elegance of the inspired text in its layout and in my pictures of the beauty of the natural creation. And to those aspects of God’s character, I add joy. I hope that my readers join me in seeing both the text and the landscape.
You will be able to buy her books at the GroundWorks bookshop. 
Watch for regular updates on the other

workshops in upcoming WellSpring newsletters.

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Have a wonderful Christmas and refreshing break.

See you in 2015!


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