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27 June 2014

Director's Newsletter

Have you seen the current art exhibition at WellSpring? We have a collection of paintings from the First Things Gallery by Aboriginal artists Robin and Max (Goma) Conlon; click here for more information.

In a recent sermon Keren McClelland, one of the pastors from Ashburton Baptist Church, used a poem by Robin Pryor to accompany some of the paintings. It is a beautiful way of reflecting on both the poetry and art which I thought you might like to see. Click here to download the poem and images.

The paintings will be at WellSpring until mid-July. 


Rev. Ann Lock

PS. I am on leave from 30 June to 6 July inclusive.

River Jordan – Robin Conlon
The River Jordan depicts us in life coming to a crossing where it takes faith, courage and trust to get to the other side.

WellSpring Cools Down...
nearly at our target!

Air-conditioning fund

WellSpring is hot and bothered (but quickly getting cooler)!!

Those of us who use the Resource Room in summer know how hot and uncomfortable it becomes. So we've been raising money to install air-conditioning before the heat hits again, and especially before our Major Event in February 2015!

Good news! We've now raised $3,100 in donations, towards our total target of $3,500.

We have been advised by the ATO that all donations over $2 for this purpose will be tax-deductible.

If you would like to make the most of this tax-deductibility (especially before the end of the financial year next Monday), please make a contribution through our website or contact us for other ways to pay. (Please let us know who you would like your tax-deductible receipt made out to.)

Updated WellSpring Program
July 2014 to February 2015


WellSpring has just released an updated program for the rest of 2014, and beginning of 2015.

The updated program, including new events for both 2014 and 2015, can be downloaded from here.

If you would like to receive a bunch of hard copies to give to friends and family, or to put on display at your church, please let us know how many copies you would like and we'll send them to you.

Feel free to pick up one or more copies when you're next in at WellSpring also!

Like Us on Facebook!

Did you know that WellSpring is on Facebook?

Please visit our page and 'like' us today!


WellSpring welcomes volunteers!

There are many ways of being part of WellSpring – volunteering is an opportunity to share your time and gifts in this life-giving ministry.

A very important role for volunteers is in the WellSpring Reception office. This is often where people first enter WellSpring and we want to welcome them warmly and well. The volunteer also helps keep WellSpring running smoothly with assistance with bookings, enquiries etc. Most people volunteer half a day a week or fortnight and we currently have gaps on the afternoons of Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The aim is to have someone present each day of the week; if you would like to find out more contact Ann at ann.lock@wellspringcentre.org.au or on (03) 9885 0277.

'Dying Well' Series

July/August 2014

Dying is part of life, but often hard to talk about. How can we encourage each other in embracing both living and dying?

WellSpring will be exploring this theme in a series of three workshops and one seminar in July/August 2014:

  • Living Until We Die Seminar
  • Nurturing Resilience within the Carer Journey
  • Poetry and the Mystery of Suffering
  • Music on the Dying Well Journey
More information and costs of each of these workshops and seminar are available here.

A brochure can also be downloaded here.

Save $45 if you book for all four events at one time. Click here to book.

A Contemplative Circle

Wednesday 16 July, 10am to 12.30pm
Facilitators: Chris Page and Marg Loftus

A Contemplative Circle: Reflecting on our Inner Life (drawing on Parker Palmer’s bestseller, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward the Undivided Life) is a place to explore one’s inner life with others through readings, poems, symbols, story and conversation.

Drawn from ancient and contemporary wisdom, it is a deeply spiritual approach to identifying our ‘inner landscape’.

All are welcome to join A Contemplative Circle. Payment ($20 per session) can be made on the day.

Click here for more information.


Listening with the Ear of the Heart

Thursday 17 July, 10am to 12.30pm
Facilitators: Rosanne Arnott and Ann Lock

In this workshop, we will explore a way of reading, reflecting, responding and resting in God’s Word.

Cost: $36 (members); $40 (non-members).

Click here to book and pay online.

'Insights' Discussion Group

Thursday 31 July, 7.15pm

The 'Insights' Discussion Group will be looking at Paul Arnott's book, Live the Moment.

Copies of the book are available at the reduced cost of $16. If you are interested in purchasing a copy in advance, please email Monique and she will arrange this for you.

New members are welcome.

For more information, click here.

Transfiguration Feast

Tuesday 5 August, 7pm

Come and share a meal with WellSpring friends for the Feast of the Transfiguration. We’ll gather around the fireplace in the Resource Room to share a simple liturgy, including communion, and a meal as we celebrate the love of God revealed on earth through Jesus.

Cost: $12 per person (towards meal costs). All welcome.

Please book and pay online here.

Let's Talk

An opportunity for you to lead a conversation on a topic that you’re passionate about and that fits with WellSpring’s vision, ‘Deepening in God, living out love’. WellSpring will provide coffee, cake and venue; you provide the conversation.


Ethical Wills
What do we really want to leave our family and friends?
Discussion led by Julie Robinson
Thursday 28 August, 10am to 12noon, followed by Prayer at Noon

Prickly Prayer
Discussion led by Nicole Rotaru
Thursday 18 September, 10 am to 12noon, followed by Prayer at Noon
Participants will be invited into an exploration of God who says, ‘I am with you…’
How do we experience and understand this in times of personal loss, grief and suffering?


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