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6 July 2013
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Deepening in God, living out love

Robin Pryor passes on to be with God

Ann Lock, who is presently on leave overseas, has asked me to let you know on her behalf that Rev. Dr Robin Pryor had passed on from this life. He died on Thursday evening.

Robin was our interim Director for some months of last year, until the appointment of Ann Lock in August. He was much loved by all of those who met him and worked with him.

Robin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months ago. He and his wife Robyn faced this disease with determination, sound medical advice and trust in God. Over time, however, his health deteriorated. He was admitted to hospital recently with renal failure.

At his own request he was able to spend the final days back home, with his family taking turns to sleep with him and surround him with their love. To some degree he was able to communicate with them, joining in their conversations as he could – even making some wisecracks along the way! One family member spoke of what their home was like – ‘such serenity and calmness in the stillness, in the laughter, in the chores being done and in the chatting and reminiscing’.

Finally Robin was able to indicate that he was too tired to go on. Bronwyn and their children told him (in her words) ‘that we loved him, were grateful to him, that we were letting him go, wishing him not “fare well”, but “fare forward”.’ They were with him at the end, a few hours later. Her account suggests that there was a real sense of him having passed over into fullness of life.

We are so grateful that God brought Robin into a special relationship with WellSpring, especially as interim Director and then as a member of the Board. Jill Manton was a regular visitor in the final weeks; her ministry was very much valued by the family and by Robin.

This Celtic Blessing concluded one of the family’s emails:

On your heart and on your house
The blessing of God.
In your coming and in your going
The peace of God.
In your life and in your seeking
The love of God.
At your end and new beginning
The arms of God to welcome you
and bring you home.
- Each Day and Each Night: Celtic Prayers from Iona by J. Philip Newell

Bronwyn tells us that there will be a celebration of his life some time this coming week. We will let you know details as they become available.
- Neil Wright


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