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Greetings from WellSpring

This coming Sunday some will celebrate Pentecost as a reminder of the time following the death of Jesus when many people gathered in one room, probably seeking comfort from each other in such a troubled time. The story from Acts 2 tell us that they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as she enabled them. ... they were amazed and astonished because they could understand each other! 

The blessing of being able to listen, and hear, is a gift which draws us beyond the barriers that often divide. It is a gift we treasure and a blessing which brings new life. 

When We Breathe Together
This is the blessing
we cannot speak
by ourselves.

This is the blessing
we cannot summon
by our own devices,
cannot shape
to our own purposes,
cannot bend
to our own will.

This is the blessing
that comes
when we leave behind
our aloneness,
when we gather
when we turn
toward one another.

This is the blessing
that blazes among us
when we speak
the words
strange to our ears,

when we finally listen
into the chaos,

when we breathe together
at last.
© Jan Richardson. Found in Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons

Soul Parenting is on the move! 

Soul Parenting, the WellSpring program which explores the vital 'inner work' for thriving in parenthood, is commencing at Christ Church Kensington on May 23rd.

Click here to view the flier for more details, and pass it on to others who may be interested. 

Art at WellSpring   

We have a beautiful new exhibition at WellSpring of artwork by Helen Cannon. Helen's work has an Australian theme and we are delighted she is sharing her gift with WellSpring.  There will be an opportunity to spedn some reflective time with Helen and her art at a time to be confirmed.  

Event Cancellations and Date Changes:

  • Monday 6 June: A Feather on the Breath of God has been CANCELLED 
  • Sunday 27 November: Thanksgiving and Graduation Day has been CHANGED to Sunday 6th November. A number of the Art of Spiritual Direction students graduating this year live interstate. As they will be at WellSpring for the final intensive on the 4th and 5th November, the Graduation and Thanksgiving Day has been changed to the 6th November to enable them to attend. 
Events in May

For everyone:
Wednesday 18th May A Contemplative Circle with Chris Page and Marg Loftus
Click here to book and pay online

Friday 27th May Soul Nurture Day facilitated by George Warren
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For Spiritual Directors
Tuesday 24th May
Professional Development with Tess Veenker

Click here to book and pay onlineClick here to view the
2016 Program for other events,
and here to book and pay online. 


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