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24 September 2013

Current WellSpring Art Exhibition

'Ordinary Time'

A selection of work by Rebekah Pryor currently exhibited at WellSpring. 

Rebekah's work will be here until mid-October, so come along and enjoy her exploration of moments from ordinary life.

Artist's Statement:

'Ordinary Time' examines the emotional and spiritual interior of domestic space, and the relational possibilities that emerge between parents, children, lovers, friends and strangers as they interact in that context.

Split Milk II explores one such moment from ordinary life. The relative chaos that surrounds the mother and child, and the spilt milk itself, represent the test of that moment and - as in the other moments illustrated in this collection of works - the context in which the choice for (or against) love, joy, peace and hope is worked out.

I like to use bright colour, fabric, line and pattern - sometimes symbolically - to illustrate the narrative of each scene. For example, blue is a favourite colour in my palette and is often used to represent freedom - a way out of the tension of the moment and into something much more liberated for the characters concerned.

For me this work is about the dynamic nature of domestic space and the certain trials and potential triumphs of family and home. More than that, it is a reminder (mostly to myself!) that love, joy, peace and hope always remain possibilities.

A selection of works from an earlier body of work called 'Homecoming' is also included here. This explores some of the narratives of the Christian gospels, focussing particularly on the powerful themes of our fragility and the grace and hospitality of God in Christ.

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