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As you all know by now Tier 4 has risen from the depths! This email is to let you know that we're not going down easy!

All Oxford classes in the venues are now closed until restrictions lessen, but here in Bournemouth we're putting our classes on-line and you lovely folk are invited, nay, heavily encouraged to join us. If you fancy it check out the details below..

Otherwise please take this moment to enjoy the start of the New Year with as much positivity as you can. Give yourself space to appreciate the things you have and to show compassion and love to those that haven't.

Try to get some exercise so you don't feel stuck indoors and to get your Qi moving. We know how hard it is to motivate oneself at the best of times but fresh air and movement are more healing than you can imagine. Practise what you know, when you can, and be kind to yourself and others!

Don't be afraid to reach out if you need support and likewise don't be afraid to offer a hand if someone needs you.

We'll be in touch as soon as we can get classes back into the venues but until then have a great New Year 2021!

The Zoom Links are below for these on-line sessions and the codes will be reoccurring so you can save and use them each week. 

Sessions are for paying members so they are still able to get their class each week. If you are an Oxford student and would like to join us, you can gain access to our timetable by contacting us and arranging to pay our online monthly fee. This includes any Oxford Kung Fu students that would like to follow Shifu Martine's sessions.

We are using a platform called
ZOOM for all on-line sessions. Follow the Zoom links below and they will take you to the meet up. Please note - Zoom say you are able to use the platform through a browser but it works better with the app so please leave yourself plenty of time to download it when prompted.

If you are unsure on which session to attend then please let us know when you contact us and Shifu Paul will let you know. 

Zoom Links

Beginner Tai Chi - Tues
18.00 - 18.55
Meeting ID: 559 894 461

Intermediate Tai Chi - Tues
19.00 - 19.55
Meeting ID: 568 968 825

Advanced Tai Chi - Tues
20.00 - 21.00
Meeting ID: 134 539 400

Intermediate Tai Chi - Wed
17.00 - 17.55
Meeting ID: 996 029 499

Shaolin Sanda & Fitness - Wed
18.00 - 19.00
Meeting ID: 488 342 558

Qi Gong & Meditation - Sun
09.00 - 09.55
Meeting ID: 394 320 381

Mixed Level Tai Chi - Sun
10.00 - 10.55
Meeting ID: 347 946 752

Shaolin Kung Fu All Levels - Sun
11.00 - 12.00
Meeting ID: 305 674 195

Please also connect with the Facebook group via the links below and follow the links on the post.

Kung Fu 

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Note: To join the FB groups you need to answer specific questions to get entry as they are for paying members only. Also anyone joining a Zoom lesson that hasn't paid will be removed from that session.

Shifu Paul, Shifu Martine & Master Gou
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