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September 2015
Where We Are Headed

Two years ago we took this position with Pioneers on the Orlando Team. At that point in time, we were still battered and broken from our time in Ikotos ending so abruptly and had no idea what the future held, except that Orlando was where God was leading us next. The last two years of serving on the Edge team have been a blessing and Scott absolutely loves his job. It pairs his giftings and abilities so well with his heart for discipleship. When we came back from Ikotos, we didn’t know if we would ever feel the pull to move overseas again. We wanted to, but we just weren’t at that place yet. Last summer, we both started feeling it slightly and this year, we are both confident that we want to be back overseas. Even though that desire is in both of us, we know it is not yet time to move in that direction. This time in the US has been a significant time of growth for us both and we know that we’ve needed it.
Earlier this summer, Scott was offered the Edge Director position, and after much prayer and consideration, we accepted! He moved into this new role September 1st. After much prayer, we know that this is where God has us “next.” It is a great place for us to be involved in bringing the Gospel to the nations from where God has us right now. This will put us in the US for at least the next few years, if not longer. We feel that it is a great place for us to stay right now, as God isn’t leading us back overseas at the moment. Our hearts remain for the unreached, and when He says “GO!” we will go! Because He is telling us “wait here” we are waiting and investing in unreached peoples through the Edge program. Scott has already had opportunities to take on a greater role within the Mobilization department and has been helping out with a special projects team that is working to upgrade Pioneers' primary relationship management software.
The first teams confirmed for Edge 2016!

Financial Status

Speaking of upgrades, those of you that support us financially may have noticed changes in the online giving portion of Pioneers website the last few months. Pioneers is in the final stages of upgrading its financial systems, which includes the online donor portal. The long term goal of all of the change is to help Pioneers function more efficiently for those on the inside and those of you on the outside. If you have any questions, or are having trouble with anything, please let us know.
For various reasons, a few people have no longer been able to support us financially. Currently, we are under-supported by $350/month. We also just found out that we are losing a supporting church in December. This will bring us to a deficit of $850/month by the end of the year. Sometimes life happens to everyone at the same time! Several of you have asked us in the last year where our support was at and if we needed any. God has always provided all that we need at just right time, and now is the time we are in need again. We’d like to ask you to please prayerfully consider joining our support team. There is a giving link below with more information.

Fall Recruitment

On Monday, Scott is headed to Southern California yet again! He will be there until Saturday 19th recruiting at Cal Baptist University and trying to make some new connections with a few different colleges and universities.  Please pray that there will be fruit from this trip and they will be connected with exactly who they need to connect with!
With love,
Scott, Ali, Layla and Liam
If you would like to support us financially, please click here.
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