Argonne Community Garden - News & Updates for June 12, 2015
ACG Summer Solstice Work/Party Gathering! Sat, June 20  *  Please, Join Us to Welcome Summer to the Garden! *10am ~ 2pm  *Live Music!
* Please,  bring your favorite dish to share, (Yum!) + a plate, cup & eating utensils (recycle)   &  your best community spirit ~  working together, cultivating garden & community!
* Please,  Select & RSVP  a Work /Party  Team Project:  Share & learn garden~wise!

ACG Elections!  Meet the CandidatesA Farewell Message & Record from the ACG President: 2012~ 2015.  Please, Vote! June 26~ July 5, 2015 via email ballot.   (Please, See Candidates & Statements below!)

ACG Garden Leadership Team Decisions:  ACG Elections!  ACG Agreement Draft Update,  June 11 Compost & July Mulch Delivery.

Garden Thanks: Acknowledging Our Valuable Contributions of Time & Effort !

Reminder: Garden Member's Responsibilities:
* The 4 Garden Member Essentials: * Plot & Path Tend, * Seasonal Work/Party Participation
& Member Dues: Your good garden care or neglect effects all!

Garden News, Save the Dates & Events:  ACG Elections! Summer Garden Guidance, Aphid Alert! Slow Down the Snails... Save the Work/Party Dates: 2015, Water-Wise GardeningCompost to Grow By & Mulch to Conserve Moisture...            

* ACG Summer Gathering Work/ Party Saturday, June 20, 2015, 10 ~ 2 *  

L to R: Christian, Zrinka & Adrian Liscinsky, ACG Members @ the W/P Potluck Picnic & Christopher Parker Smith: Musician for Upcoming June 20 Work/Party. (Image from

*Argonne Community Gardeners Working Together to Care for the Garden! *

* We look forward to Welcoming Summer with You in the Garden! * Sat, June 20,  10-2 *   Enjoying your company on the Team Projects, meeting new gardeners, Live Music! potluck picnic feast & sharing ideas @ the Community Gathering/Meeting ~                      All Time Record 77 Participants @ March W/P ~ Meet the ACG Elect/ 2015 Candidates! 
* Please remember to bring a favorite dish to share & an eco friendly plate, cup & eating utensil!
     * Special Guest & Local Musician: Christopher Parker Smith!
                      (Please see ACG News & Events section below for Musician info & Bio.)

Please, Select  a Team Project to Participate in & RSVP w/ Your Garden Coordinator:

* Common Area Project Teams
& Team Leaders

Special Project!  Memorial Bench Installation to commemorate Susan Sibbet, ACG Founding Member.

1) 16th Avenue Border Clear Weed & Beautify! Team Lead: Robbyn Jackson: Join Robbyn to clear through the Oxalis at ACG West@ 16th Ave  to allow the garden grounds & Orchard to emerge.

2) Orchard Care: Team Lead: Sheree Kaslikowski: Let's sustain last year's record Orchard Harvest! by weeding & clearing, Neem solution spray & fortifying level basins for deep watering.

3) 15th Ave Commons Weed/ Beautify: Team Lead: Jacqueline Ruben: Help Sustain our Natives! Native Grass Oasis, Native Plant Borders & Picnic Area.

4) Herb Garden, Upper Orchard Trees & Raspberry Patch: Team Lead: Clear competing weeds & allow our herbs, berries & apple trees to bloom without competition for water & nutrients!

5) Native Hillside: Weed & clear invasive plants around the CA Native Shrubs: Team Lead Needed.

6) The Big Dig!  Lupine Relocation & Fennel Removal: Looking for a deep dig workout? This is for you!

7) Clear Grounds: Check garden grounds for debris & misc plastic items to be removed, i.e. beneath deck, along school border, etc.

8) Deck Lattice Fix: Team Lead: Jeff Hoek: Help secure the storage area by with lattice beneath the porch.

9) Plot Disassemble: Time & supplies allowing; will remove worn parts. Cordless Drill needed.

10)  Potluck Picnic Set Up & Take Down: Volunteer needed for rinse & prep water container, Set up & Take down Picnic & organize waste items.
Good for person wanting non- strenuous participation task.

*Please RSVP with your Area Coordinator:

Dell (Plots # 1-15)                                    Licia D   
Argonne Canyon (Plots # 16-29)      Robbyn J            
Aquarius (Plots # 30-42)                     Jeff H                
Upper Orchard (Plots # 43-53)         Michelle G                
Holy Stones: (Plots # 54-65)              Sharon G       
Native Border (Plots # 66-76)           Jacqueline R

* We look forward to seeing you there! *

* A Farewell Message & Report from the ACG President:  2012~ 2015  *

L to R:  ACG President & Orchard Conservator: Sheree Kaslikowski,  450 Architects Principal: Richard Parker, SF District 1 Supervisor: Eric Mar, ACG President: Sheree Kaslikowski, CA State Legislature Representative: Walter Donner, ACG President Emeritus: Ed Dierauf, ACG Founder: Mary Ann Crandall, Verity Dierauf on "ACG Day" & "Leaves of SF" SFAC Poster by Binh Dahn in GGP of the ACG Orchard.

Dear Argonne Community Gardeners & Friends,

This message invites you on a “walk” through the garden, and all that we have cultivated together during my role as ACG President with & on the ACG Leadership Team. It will be my last message to you as ACG President & ACG Newsletter Author/Publisher, as I will be passing the role of ACG President forward.
(It’s quite a walk, so put on your garden shoes!)

As we enter the Argonne Community Garden, the natural beauty & healthy environment surrounds & nurtures, accompanied by birdsong & hummingbirds, providing a sanctuary from the noise & bustle of City life. The softly mulched pathway underfoot eases the walk into the garden, continuing past the rich compost pile, dear old redwood Shed & picnic table, Native Grass Oasis & Raspberry Patch, through the Rose Row & Native Hillside west, with leafy green vegetables & brilliant sparks of colored blooms in Plots, east. 

A pause by Ed’s Bench opens the view as the subtle varieties in the Herb Garden grow downhill west, with a side path of blueberries, while the Geodesic Dome Greenhouse seedlings & Upper Orchard fledgling Apple trees grow northeast.

The redwood walkway guides further west, fragrant lavender wafting into the solar school windows south, green bins holding the days’ tending, and picnic tables awaiting the next gathering. Garden plots abound north, each holding individual varieties of plant life to behold.

Meandering down the pathway northwest, the Orchard’s harvest of branches, leaves, blossoms and fruit provide haven for the birds & meanderers alike. Hummingbirds among the Salvia!  Butterflies & Bees among the blooms, sprays of Native Grass Oases & bright Geranium path side, with another Row of Roses to the gate west...

Our wonderful community garden! All brought to health & beauty through the dedicated communal efforts of the Argonne Community Gardeners & Friends!

You have entrusted me with the honor of having served as ACG President these past three years, Garden Coordinator for three more, Area Coordinator for three before that & Orchard Conservator for six years. During this time, we have worked together to cultivate the garden and community, guiding the garden to become the embodiment of our shared vision.

The fruits of our good efforts together have brought to life vibrant & essential parts of the garden that seem like they were always there. Yet, they all began with the seed of an idea, or vision, that became cultivated over time, with our care. I hope this list serves to acknowledge the team work, individual contributions & various components that sustain the cultivation of a thriving community garden, & inspire the vitality of a healthy, safe & beautiful ACG into the future!

What We Cultivated Together:

ACG Community Building, Celebratory Events & Awards!

ACG Member Work Party Participation: Reached A New Record for the March Work Party; 77 ! Participants working together on Project Teams, meeting new people, Live Music! sharing our potluck picnic extraordinaire, & discussing ideas at ACG W/P meetings.
*Work Party Participation has increased from an average of 16 to 55.  A 4th, Winter Work Party and Make-Up Parties that follow the Seasonal Work Parties have been implemented to further facilitate meeting garden needs & member requirements.

ACG Membership Increase: Through ACG “Active Gardening” policy & effective management, new members of the community are offered the opportunity to join the garden; ACG membership rose from 74 ~ 107, oriented by the Garden Coordinator, with 7 additional Adopt-A-Tree Volunteers by Orchard Conservator.

Harmonious & Collaborative Relationships W/Extended Community: The ACG President, Board & Leadership Team harmoniously & effectively collaborated with SFUSD Personnel, the Argonne Child Development Center, CA State Legislative Representatives, City Supervisors, Local Merchants, Neighbors & City Agencies & Schools on addressing community needs.

ACG Day!  New, Annual Celebratory event introduced in 2012, following the City of SF Supervisor’s Award & Declaration of Argonne Community Garden Day.

ACG Awards: SF Board of Supervisor’s City & County Award, 2012: to ACG Founder & the ACG for Outstanding Community Service, 2012 & Declaration of ACG Day, August, 2012!

The CA State Legislature Certificate of Recognition: 2013. (Please, see image above.)

ACG Day!: ACG Day became an Annual Event in August. ACG President & Leaders hosted the event: ACG Day Special Guests & Events: ACG Founder, CA Legislative Representative, SF District 1 Supervisor, Solar School Architect, ACG Members, neighbors & friends participated.  ACG Founder presented rare photographs & detailed historical records & maps of the ACG’s colorful history & legacy. ACG Garden members hand painted new ACG Garden Sign for 16th Ave & Welcome Cards & Postcards were designed & printed by the ACG President, Garden Coordinator & ACG Members.  Herb Garden Tours were guided by the ACG Herbalist & Co-Treasurer, ACG Orchard Tours guided by the Orchard Conservator & a Local Bird Watching Tour by Adopt-A-Tree Volunteer & Local Birder.  With live music & delicious refreshments!

*ACG Educational Tours: As Garden Coordinator & ACG President, I initiated & conducted ACG Educational Tours in the Garden & Orchard, for Local, National & International Groups including: The American Community Garden Association Conference Tour 2012: 50 Garden Visitors from across the US enjoyed a guided ACG Tour by ACG President during the ACGAC Conference in SF, 2012.  The ACG President & Research/Resource received scholarships to attend the ACGAC Conference. King’s College, London students & faculty toured the ACG in 2011 & 2012 & The LA Community Garden Coordinators in 2012. *The Argonne Elementary School PTA enjoyed a guided tour in 2012: With extra guidance for their new school planter box garden  & tree area.

Planting Classes: As Garden Coordinator, I instructed students from Presidio Hill School in planting.

Halloween Activities: Scarecrow stuffing, wheelbarrow hayrides, pumpkins & organic treats!

Winter Solstice Gathering: Multicultural event w/song & dance, cranberry & popcorn strings for birds.

*The Clement Street Farmer’s Market: ACG President Emeritus & ACG President Collaborated With SF District 1 Supervisor, local merchants & ACG Community were instrumental in initiating the Farmer’s Market by conducting meetings with local City representative & merchants, brainstorming effective strategies & reachable goals for implementing, gathering signatures, email vote support, participating in early a.m. meetings with City officials, merchants & extended community & the ACG’s continued support helped to create & extend this vital resource year round for the community! Fresh, nutritious fruits & veggies, Yum! We did it!!!

ACG Common Areas:

Revitalized ACG Orchard: Our Beautiful & Thriving, 22 Tree Orchard!
Restoration: Over 12 years ago, while overlooking the overgrown, weed & debris filled ACG Orchard, I envisioned a healthy, safe & beautiful Orchard, similar to remembrance of trees nurtured by my Grandmother. In 2009, drawing from my Grandmother’s Garden Wisdom, I originated the Role of ACG Orchard Conservator & the "Adopt-A-Tree in the ACG" Program to bring this about.

ACG Orchard: 2009~ 2015: One of the Rare Orchards in the City has been transformed with dedicated care from the Adopt-A-Tree Program Volunteers & ACG Members guided by the Orchard Conservator, Orchard Care Guide & Certified Arborists generously contributing their time; 10 tree varieties restored w/5 new, micro-climate researched tree varieties planted, pruning workshops, level basins for water retention, erosion barriers, mulched paths implemented; replacing an overgrown orchard filled with waist high weeds, asphalt pieces, rusty debris, & struggling trees (5 diseased trees excavated @ 6’root depth; Fireblight & Black Rot Canker).

Tree Varieties Include: White Pearmain Apple, Gravenstein, Pippen, Anna, Liberty, Arkansas Black, Red Gravenstein Spourt, Gala/Pink Lady, Bartlett Pear & Dwarf Meyer Lemon. 

*Leaves of SF": The ACG Orchard
(& my Grandmother’s Wisdom) was featured in the “Leaves of SF” by Artist Binh Dahn, SFAC sponsored SF Community Garden Poster Exhibit in 2009, exhibited in "Art On Market Street" & relocated to the new GGP CommUnity Garden.. (See: ACG Communications section following & image above.)

*The Community Herb Garden: To provide a unifying Common Area while providing for more space in plots, I initiated the idea of a shared Community Herb Garden & worked w/ACG Leaders & Members to replace a weedy berm with culinary & medicinal herbs, providing more space in plots for veggies & fleurs.

*Native Grass Oases & CA Native Plants: Seeking an alternative to the ever invasive crabgrass obliterating the 15th Ave Common Area & pathways, I envisioned & defined a plan for CA Native Grass Oases & central pathways, approved by members, & initiated the deep weeding, sheet mulching, seeding & planting with the ACG Leader Team & Members to create CA Native Grass Oases that now grace the 15th Ave Commons (w/Buckwheat!) & along the 16th Ave pathway where crabgrass & invasive weeds formerly flourished, obliterating the paths.

Trees, shrubs, plants & flowers to Attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Birds & Bees! Ceanothus Tree @ 15th Ave; Selection through research & teamwork by President Emeritus, President, Area Coordinator & ACG members: CA Buckwheat shrubs & CA Blue Fescue @ the 15th Ave Native Grass Oases, Lupine in Native Hillside, Salvia @ 16th Ave Border & Canyon, Fragrant Lavender @ School Border, Rosemary & Thyme @ 15th & 16th Ave Borders & Yarrow @ North Border.

Bird Activity Includes: Palm Warbler sightings in the Orchard & a hanging Bushtit or Mésange Buissonniere nest @ 15th Ave. ACG is one of the best places in the City to listen to Birdsong!

*CA Native Border W/ Shade Garden & CA Native Hillside: A variety of CA Native Trees, Shrubs & plants were introduced, w/plant I.D. by garden members & neighbors on the Native Border & existing Native Plants sustained during work parties by members & by neighbors ongoing.

School Borders: Fragrant Lavender, Bright Geranium, Wild Strawberry & Thyme, w/ a row of Roses @ 15th & 16th Ave borders. Maintained by ACG members at work parties, w/Green Bin detail on Mon & Tues.

Crabgrass on the Run! Due to the dilligent & heroic efforts by ACG Members, the once deeply rooted crabgrass appears intermittently on the surface, with less root anchor. A continuous pursuit, with results!

Blueberry Hill: Three micro-climate researched fledgling Blueberry Shrub varieties planted along fence.

Rose Rows: Fragrant & a range of colorful varieties for the 15th Ave & 16th Ave borders planted or relocated from vacant plots & maintained by ACG Members. Varieties include: Wild Roses, Climbing & Hybrid Teas, JFK, Fragrant Cloud & Honey Perfume.

ACG Administration:

The ACG Board & Leadership Team: The Elected ACG Board & Invited ACG Leaders, guided by ACG President & Board Chair, participated in (4) Quarterly Board & Leader Team meetings annually to address ACG needs and reach decisions, with major decisions for future Vote by ACG Members. (Robert's Rules are followed for ACG Meetings.)

ACG Board & Leadership Team Deccisions are posted in the ACG Newsletters; on ACG Website & in Shed for ACG Member Access.

ACG Member Meetings: Following ACG Board & Leadership Team Meetings, ACG President & Board Chair guides 4 Seasonal ACG Member Work/Party Meetings with ACG Board & Leader Team to present Board decisions & open discussion with ACG Members.

ACG Elected Positions: ACG President & Board Chair, ACG Vice President, ACG Secretary, ACG Treasurer(s) + 2-3 (odd# for 7) Board Members to secure majority vote. ACG Elections conducted annually in June.

ACG Invited Positions: ACG Garden Coordinator, 6 ACG Area Coordinators: Dell, Argonne Canyon, Aquarius, Upper Orchard, Holy Stones & Native Border, ACG Quartermaster Team, ACG Website Communications Technician, ACG Research/Resource, ACG Seed Librarian.

ACG Leadership Team Recruits: ACG members were selected for invitation to join ACG Leader Team & new Roles created ; i.e. Research/Resource & Seed Librarian.

ACG Work Parties: Organized Project Teams w/RSVP were introduced to better unify participants & address garden needs.
The ACG Website: The ACG Website ( was redesigned by ACG Website Techie in collaboration with ACG President, becoming an essential source for reference & info for ACG Members & extended community; FAQ’s, Garden Tips & Resources, ACG Wait List, News, Member Info, ACG Garden Image Tour & ACG Newsletters. (Articles/images authored by ACG President, w/ images by Website Techie, & Garden Tips & Resources Co-Authored by ACG President w/Area Coordinator.) ACG Website Techie diligently maintains & updates site.

The ACG Wait List: The ACG has the best managed, fastest moving (1.5. years) & most efficient Wait List in the City; allowing more SF residents the opportunity to actively garden & participate as ACG members. Located on the ACG Website to ensure accuracy & transparency.

New ACG Member Orientation: As Garden Coordinator & assisting as President, over 70 new members were given orientations & joined the ACG.

ACG Member List: Having served as ACG Garden Coordinator using hand written, paper member records, I recognized the need for an Online Member Doc & introduced this idea for realization, creating a new Research/Resource role for the ACG Leader Team. The online ACG Member Doc was designed & organized by the ACG Research/Resource for accurate& well managed member reference info. The ACG Member Doc provides a clear & easy way to record & navigate member info for the Board & Leadership Team.

ACG Member Agreement Update Draft: The ACG Board collaborated on an updated ACG Member Agreement Draft, compiled by ACG Co-Treasurer, further refined by the ACG Leadership Team, clarified & sent to members for comment & vote.

ACG Elections! Compiled & sent members Election information, recruited Candidates,  & facilitated annual voting process; online & w/ neutral Elections administrator.

ACG Bylaws Draft Update: ACG Board Committee & Chair collaborated on New Community Garden Bylaws Draft Template for updated Bylaws Draft & future member vote.

ACG Accounts: New ACG Credit Union & Paypal Accounts!: ACG President & Treasurer transferred ACG Account from National Bank to local Credit Union & New Co-Treasurers instituted Paypal account for ease of ACG Member dues payment option w/ACG Financials up to Date, Records, Balanced, 2015!

Garden Grants & Sponsorship: Extensive research, networking & a strong foundation from which to secure significant funding has been undertaken by the ACG President, Board & Leadership Team for future Garden Educational Tours & infrastructure restoration.

ACG Map: ACG Mapmaker & President collaborated to create new, updated, color coded map with Plot Areas & numbers, Orchard Trees & Common Areas for online use & print outs.

ACG Communications:

The ACG Newsletter: As a valuable source of unifying community via communication, to provide clear, updated information & transparency for ACG Members, Garden Thanks acknowledgements, Member Responsibility Reminders, News & Events, Save the Dates &  relevant organic gardening information, the President authored & collaborated with ACG Website Technician to launch online 4 Seasonal ACG Newsletters,  annually; with “Garden News to Grow By” SK 2012 (c): Reaches 260 subscribers, (began with 86) with over twice the average open rate; 58.6%! ACG Newsletter recipients include former members who enjoy keeping in touch & members of the extended community; national & international recipients! 15 NewsLetters Authored by this President. ACG N/L Contents include: ACG Work/Party Info, ACG Board & Leadership Decisions, Garden Thanks, ACG Member Responsibilities Reminder & Garden News, Save the Dates & Events. ACG Newsletters emailed to ACG Members via Mailchimp, posted on ACG Website & in Shed for ease of Member Access.

ACG Board, Leadership Team & Member Info/Emails: ACG Info & Updates, Save the Dates, Research, etc. were composed & communicated to membership, with response.

ACG Written Guides: As ACG Garden Coordinator & President working with ACG Coordinators,  a variety of Garden Coordinator & New & existing Member Guides, Orchard Care, & Meeting Agendas & Team Project Plans were composed & distributed to members.

ACG Member Online Forum: The process was attempted by ACG Leaders & members & fizzled due to lack of available monitors, member interest & follow through.

New ACG Educational Garden Signs: The President worked with ACG Members & leaders to design & produce Educational, Welcome/History, Tree I.D. & ACG Post Cards (by Yours Truly!)

ACG Poster “Leaves of SF” by Binh Dahn via SFAC: Exhibited on Market St & at GGP CommUnity Garden; Features ACG Orchard Conservator in ACG Orchard w/ Grandmother's image on leaf & inspirational quote. (See image above.)

ACG Infrastructure Restoration & Logistics:

The Redwood Walkway Connector: As then Garden Coordinator, wielding a heavy load of weeds up the incline through the sinking sand, I envisioned the idea to construct a
connector/walkway from the 16th Ave to the 15th Ave sections of the Garden. Championing this idea to the Leader Team & Members, it was then approved to guide Eagle Scouts in constructing a walkway over the sandy incline area to connect the West & East sections of the garden with safe passage by walkers & wheelbarrows!

Plot Rebuilds: Over 35 Plots were rebuilt & repaired (ACG’s version of barn- raising): With  old plots disassembled, measurements taken, lumber ordered & delivered, trenches dug & new plots secured with plot divisions to accommodate more gardeners. Rebuilds took place on a safety first priority list with collaboration of ACG President & the generous oversight by Certified Contractor & ACG Member, who ordered & delivered wood & directed ACG Members in the rebuilds. For Erosion Control in the Dell & Canyon Incline Areas & to Protect the Orchard, special measures were advised & taken. (Some plots had not been rebuilt for 17 years!) 5 Erosion Control Barriers w/Native grasses to replace crabgrass, were also constructed: The SFUSD installed an Erosion Control Barrier at NW Border.

Shed Conserve/ Rebuild: New members, neighbors & old timers worked together with the Solar School Architect Team & ACG President, adding a much needed, separate space for wheelbarrows, & allowing more harmonious space from neighbor’s property.

Redwood Picnic Table Restored: Dear old redwood table, hosting countless picnics & providing a rest area for garden visitors! Recently restored by President Emeritus & ACG Member.

Green Bin Recology Account: ACG President successfully negotiated w/SFUSD to establish  courtesy Recology Green Bins & Pick-ups for the Dell, Argonne Canyon & Aquarius Areas, & the ACG @15th Ave; 7 bins. (Previously, the 16th Ave Areas of the garden had no Green bins!)

Bi-Annual Compost & Mulch Deliveries: Best organic quality amenities were researched, ordered, met & distributed for healthy soil, grounds & water conservation.

Mulched Pathways: With our dedicated efforts, mulched pathways became defined & provide ease of navigation throughout the garden, in addition to conserving valuable moisture.

Honorary & Memorial Benches: Acknowledging ACG Founding Members 2 + 1 planned.

Greenhouse Deck Lattice work Fence/Storage area: Storage space cleared & gate affixed.

ACG Seed Library: Initiated by the President & realized by the Research/Resource via water proof container in shed.

Green Waste Bags for Work/Parties: A seemingly simple introduction with long reaching results in weed control for the ACG!  The extra bags facilitate the collection of weeds & eliminate the large weed piles that accumulated at the 15th Ave entrance, spreading more weeds. This idea occurred to me a few years back, & I'm glad it did. Last work party had 10 bags @ 16th Ave & 5 @ 15th Ave.

Pet Waste & Trespass Elimination Campaign: Successful results by ACG President & Leader Team to create No Pets, per SFUSD + Pet Waste Pathogens Info Signs w/website info.

Greenhouse Deck Lattice work Fence/ Storage Area: Storage space cleared & gate affixed.

Miscellaneous Repairs, Supply Purchases & Lock Replacements: Many & ongoing...!

Wow! We accomplished wonderful results for the Garden & Community! Together, we contributed an inspirational amount of time, dedication & care, to provide & sustain a healthy, safe & beautiful Argonne Community Garden! One of the most community engaged, well organized & beautiful community gardens in SF!

With this foundation in place for the ACG, future possibilities emerge: Continued, Strong & Able Leadership guiding Community Engagement will further enhance the ACG as an invaluable community resource for future educational & enjoyable programs.  

The 2015 ACG Elections are coming up: Please, Vote! Remember &/or make the time to consider & vote for the Candidate(s) that will be best qualified to guide the ACG into the future with community spirit, vision, ability & dedication.

Looking forward, I am happy to extend the privilege of ACG Leadership to the 2015 incoming Candidates.

It is with much enthusiasm & confidence in his demonstrated ability that I offer my endorsement to entrust the Presidential role in the garden, to nominate, Jeff Hoek as Candidate, who, from my observation & experience, offers: The community spirit, knowledge of organic gardening, demonstrated leadership & ability, integrity, dedicated care & responsible follow-through on ideas that will encourage harmony in the garden community, with the SFUSD, & with the extended community.

I will enjoy my New Role as ACG President Emeritus, my continued role as ACG Orchard Conservator and ACG Garden Member, Plot #13!

Thank you for all of your good care of the Argonne Community Garden & Community! Your dedication & community spirit are very much valued. It was wonderful working together on behalf of the garden.

P.S. Please, remember: Your expressed appreciation, support, ideas & thanks are welcome and appreciated!

With Appreciation & Best Wishes for All of Our Good Works Together,

~ Sheree Kaslikowski
Argonne Community Garden President: 2012 ~ 2015

ACG Election 2015 Candidates For ACG President!

Left to Right: Jeff Hoek: ACG Aquarius Area Coordinator & Candidate for ACG President 2015 & Jennifer Pasinosky: ACG Member & Candidate for ACG President 2015.

ACG Election Candidates Presented for Your Consideration following, & will be Available for a Meet & Greet at the June 20 Work Party Meeting @ 1:30 pm!

Jeff Hoek:

Dear ACG Board, Leadership Team & Members

It is with much enthusiasm & confidence in his demonstrated leadership ability that I offer my endorsement to entrust the Presidential role of the ACG to Candidate, Jeff Hoek, who, from my observation & experience, offers the community spirit, knowledge of organic gardening, awareness & understanding to identify constructive solutions, consistant, dedicated care and responsible follow-through on ideas that will encourage harmony in the Garden Community, with the SFUSD, & with the extended CommunityI am delighted to nominate Jeff Hoek as Candidate for the Office of Argonne Community Garden President 2015.

As an Active Member of the Argonne Community Garden & Leadership Team, Jeff has repeatedly observed & stepped in at the garden to initiate and follow through with garden needs, dedicated to improving the quality of garden life for all. A CA Native, Jeff has enjoyed a lifetime of direct experience with organic growing & farming; even a rooftop garden in SF!  Jeff is an active member of the ACG Leadership Team, as Area Coordinator for Aquarius, giving him the interaction with the community & perspective important to the Role of President.

As ACG President, Jeff's fine sense of diplomacy will be a unifying strength for the ACG, and his personal attributes of integrity, empathy & kindness, inspire in kind generousity & committment to benefit community.  Jeff has the awareness and organizational capacity of a sound manager; qualities essential to the substantial responsibility of guiding the ACG. Most important, Jeff's good nature & sense of community spirit, is invaluable. The ACG would be fortunate, indeed, to have Jeff Hoek as President. I am delighted to endorse Jeff Hoek & would be happy to entrust the role of ACG President to his good care!

About Jeff: Jeff Hoek was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. From his first jobs in the boysenberry fields and almond orchards to his large gardens in the East Bay, he has enjoyed working with the land to produce fresh fruits and vegetable for his family and friends.  Now living back in San Francisco with his wife Rosie, Jeff is doing his best to grow a small bounty of produce in an urban setting.  Between their rooftop garden and the Argonne Community Garden they are learning and growing as they go.  Jeff is also a supporter of the “Roof to Table” movement which strives to raise awareness of the benefits of Urban gardening and farming throughout the cities of the North America.


~ Sheree Kaslikowski
Argonne Community President, 2012~2015

Jennifer Pasinosky:

"My name is Jennifer Pasinosky. I have been a passionate member of the Argonne Community Garden for 7 years! The garden has been a refuge for me over the years, and I would be honored to serve as its President.

I decided to run for President after experiencing a severe lack of transparency from ACG leadership. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT! There has also been minimal opportunity for garden members to interact outside of work parties and casual encounters in the garden. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!

As ACG President, I will make FAIR AND TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP a top priority by:
    •    implementing a satisfaction survey to solicit feedback from garden members and make results available to the garden community
    •    implementing an exit survey to make sure all gardeners feel they were treated with fairness and respect
    •    encouraging open, results-driven dialogue between garden members and ACG leadership (e.g. through open Board meetings)
    •    making Board meeting minutes available to garden members
    •    establishing a clear and fair conflict resolution process

As ACG President, I will focus on COMMUNITY BUILDING by:
    •    promoting community interaction outside of ACG work parties (e.g. starting a interactive blog, creating a private Facebook page, activating the "forum" feature on the ACG website, etc.)
    •    creating a volunteer "support system" to help gardeners maintain their plots when life circumstances get in the way

As ACG President, I will also work to preserve ACG's treasures (e.g. orchard, native hillside, herb garden) and draw attention to underserved areas (e.g. 15th Ave. border).

Finally, as ACG President, I will use my 10+ years of grant writing and fundraising experience to bring additional resources to the ACG.

I have lived in San Francisco for 17 years and work as a program manager at the Superior Court. My job requires effective grant writing and collaboration with people across agencies to develop common goals. I will bring these skills to bear in my role as ACG President. I enjoy cooking, theater, spending time with my 3 year old son Faris -- and of course, gardening.

My wish is to bring positivity, fairness, and compassion back to the Argonne Community Garden. Please support me!"


* ACG Election 2015 Candidates for Secretary & Board Member*
Plus: Introducing New ACG Upper Orchard Area Coordinator

Left To Right:   Leah Drapkin: Candidate for ACG Secretary & ACG Member,  Abraham Berin: Candidate for ACG Board & ACG Member, & introducing New Upper Orchard Area Coordinator: Sharon Gardner (Photo by Robert Gardner.)

ACG Election Candidates Presented for Your Consideration following, & will be Available for a Meet & Greet at the June 20 Work Party Meeting @ 1:30 pm!

Candidate for ACG Secretary 2015: Leah Drapkin

Hi there,

Upon moving to the Bay Area 2.5 years ago, the first thing I did was sign up for a plot in the Argonne Community Garden.  Though I was on the waiting list for quite some time, the knowledge that the garden was so close to my apartment is part of the reason I decided the Inner Richmond was right for me!  

I'm passionate about plants, herbs, bees, wildlife, pottery, and the outdoors.   I'm currently taking herbal medicine classes, creating in a local ceramics studio, and volunteering at Wildcare, a wildlife rescue and rehab center, in my spare time.  

At my job, I manage large-scale cross-functional projects and work with people across many teams and backgrounds.  I am very organized and proficient in technology that can help make the garden and communications more accessible to its community members.

My passion for our garden space, along with the skills I bring forth, make me a great candidate for the Secretary position.  I look forward to being able to serve the garden and our community this coming year!

Thanks very much,

Candidate for ACG Board Member, 2015 / Intent to Run: Abraham Berin

Hi there,

My name is Abraham and I'd like to throw my gardening hat in the ring for a Board Member position in the upcoming elections. I have enclosed my bio and attached a photo.


As a Rhode Islander, I grew up at the mouth of the Narragansett Bay. Unperturbed by the sea breeze and brisk New England air, I took to trying to learn much from my mother's green thumb. As an Ann Arborite, I took to gardening as an adult under the instruction of my fiance. Now, a San Franciscan, I enjoy growing kale, brussel sprouts, and more in the beautiful Argonne Community Garden.

For many years, I have honed my skills in leadership and organizational development in order to prepare for my role in the ACG Board of Directors. Both at work and in life, I have learned to apply logic, reason, and compassion to make positive decisions that benefit my community.


ACG Leader Team Decisions, May 22, 2015:

ACG Leadership Team Meeting & Board Meeting, May 22, 2015
In Attendance: President & Board chair; Sheree Kaslikowski, Vice President, Board Member & Native Border AC; Jacqueline Ruben, Garden Coordinator; Michelle Gyorke-Takatri, Dell Area Coordinator & Board Member; Licia Di Meo, Argonne Canyon Area Coordinator; Robbyn Jackson, Aquarius Area Coordinator; Jeff Hoek & Acting Secretary; Rosie Fraser.

ACG Leadership Team & Board Decisions: May 22, 2015:

1) ACG Member Agreement Draft Update: Unanimous decisions reached on the following:
1) Active Participation & Member Compliance: 1) New Member has 2 weeks to begin active gardening. 2) Existing members who are not in compliance with the ACG Agreement will be contacted by Garden Coordinator to comply within 2 weeks. If compliance is not met, a letter from the ACG Board will follow with a 2 Week Notice, for a total timeline of 4 weeks to comply; If no compliance, membership will be revoked & plot will be reassigned. 
2) Garden Conduct: 1) Agreement update will include detailed clarifications re: “Active Gardening”. 2) Safety & Liability issues will be clarified in detail to protect garden community & grounds.  3) Policy Re: Structures, Trellises, Dimensions & Plant heights will be clarified; i.e. Trellis height: 3’, Plant height: 5’ from ground level, cannot block light from neighbor plots, etc.
3) Invasive Plant List: Recommendation to maintain separately from Agreement to modify.
4) Motion was passed: to include “Stewardship” of the SFUSD property & responsibilities therein at the beginning of the Agreement.

2) Green Bin Policy Update: Green bin monitoring by Quartermasters to include work party credit.
3) Neutral Election Administrator to serve for ACG June 2015 Election. SFRD Librarian recruited.
4)  ACG Member Agreement Draft to be sent to ACG Membership by June 6, 2015: For review & comment period until June 20, 2015.  members comments to be sent to the ACGBoard email.  The ACG Member Agreement will be included in the ACG Election Materials to be voted on by primary members.
5) ACG Elections: Election information with role descriptions will be sent to members via email on May 25, 2015. Members can nominate or declare Candidacy by June 8, 2015 by sending bio & image to the ACGboard email address. Candidate bios & images will be included in the June 12 Newsletter. June 20 Work/Party will include a “Meet the Candidates”event during the Meeting. No canvassing during the W/P.  ACG 2015 Election Voting will take place from June 26~July5, & be administered by a SF Librarian.
6) Plot Rebuilds: Will be addressed @ September Work/Party due to upcoming Elections, etc.
7) Debris in Garden: “Pack Up Your Trash & Take it Out” reminder to gardeners; plant containers, etc.
8) Compost & Mulch Delivery: Scheduled for June 11, 2015.
9) ACG Bylaws: Recommendation to include main document with Addendum for modification.
10) Common Area Improvements: All Planting in Common Areas requires prior approval by Board & will take place during ACG Work/Parties, except with prior approval by the Board. Recommendation made to invite Common Area Proposal submissions.

                    *** Working Together, the Garden Will Thrive! ***

*  Garden Thanks!  *  Your Good Garden Works Are Appreciated!  * ** *

L to R:  ACG Members, Laura Florio & Sean Martin, & Visiting Musician: Mary Crawley.

        *  Garden Thanks!   *  The Garden will Thrive with Your Care  *

* Argonne Community Garden Thanks!  Acknowledging our valuable contributions of time, efforts, support & good works for the good of the garden & community!

Thanks to The ACG Leadership Team for Their Garden Guidance & Dedication: President, Board Chair & Orchard Conservator; Sheree Kaslikowski, Vice President; Jacqueline Ruben, Co-Treasurers; Anna Kazanjian & Laura Florio, Garden Coordinator; Michelle Gyorke,  Area Coordinators; Jacqueline Ruben; Native Border, Robbyn Jackson: Argonne Canyon, Licia Di Meo; Dell, Jeff Hoek: Aquarius, Sharon Gardener, Upper Orchard, Board Member & Quartermaster; Jeff Russell, New Co- Quartermaster: Alan Joyce, Research/Resource; Bonnie Kirkland & ACG Website Designer/ Techie: Catherine Giayvia. ~ Volunteers, All!

Special Thanks for Contributions Above & Beyond!:

Mike Murphy: Mike took the time to carefully construct a removable fence rail to allow for ACG mulch deliveries in front of the school. We thank Mike for his overall generosity & consideration for the garden & stepping in to assist with the front garden gate when it detached. Mike also did a wonderful job on the school front garden area; installing a post & rail fence with rustic elegance & landscaping the grounds.
Jana De Brauwere, SFPL: For offering to be ACG Elections administrator.
Ivy Ng & SFUSD AEE Personnel: Thank you for facilitating the use of school restroom access during ACG Work/Party Gatherings!
Ellen Shea & Andrew Sullivan, Certified Arborists: Thanks to Ellen for her onsite evaluation of the Apple Tree, recommendations, & further referral to & by Andrew Sullivan for additional guidance.
Ted Schlosser of Broadmoor Landscape: For the courtesy compost & mulch additions for the ACG!
Alan Joyce: For meeting the mulch delivery @ 16th Avenue & the Compost delivery @ 15th Ave & securing w/tarp, & removing potentially harmful items from the garden grounds; i.e. rusted metal, etc.
Patrick Kennedy: For meeting the compost delivery @ 15th Ave w/gate replacement.

Jeff Hoek: For removing the CO2 canister dumped in the 15th Ave Native Border & pruning back the large shrub in Aquarius.
Rita Mundis: Installing a new cable extension for lock on greenhouse door! Way to go, Rita!
Ralph Sinic; For pruning back the overgrown tree/shrub along the school border pathway.
Good ACG Neighbors, George, Pat & Karen: For their overall good care of the Native Border & other gestures of kindness toward the garden; fence repair, etc.

ACG Orchard Volunteers: Rachael Edinger, John Elliot & Maggie for their superb care of the Little Anna Tree’s healthy transformation! Brian Manford, for taking on additional orchard tree care in addition to the Bartlett Pear, Megan Prelinger, for her continued good care of the “Grande Dame Gravenstein” of the garden, Victoria Valencia & Severin Gose for their ongoing care of two Apple Trees & Orchard Conservator, Sheree Kaslikowski, for overall Orchard guidance & care.

Pre & After Party Prep:  
Chad Nolan:16th Ave Green Bins Assist,  Luke Ellis: 15th Ave
Green Bins,
Ed Dierauf:15th Ave Picnic Table repair & Green Bins @ 15th Ave.
Anna Kazanjian: Welcoming, Work /Party signs!
Sean Martin + Co: 15th Ave Picnic Table repair, Erosion Barrier & After Party Green Bins & Leaf Bags!
Richard Foley: Dell, Orchard & Canyon Deep Weed!  (The work of 10!)
Music: Mary Crawley; Fiddle, coordinated by Anna Kazanjian
Patrick Kennedy: After Party Green Bins @16th Ave
Laura Florio & John: Leaf Bag Supply & Green bins & Leaf Bag After party wheel out @ 15th Ave.
Sheree Kaslikowski: Before, During & After Work/ Party Organize
Jeff Hoek: Deck Shrub Prune

3/22/15  Work/Party Participation:  77  Participants!  All Time Record!

Music!: Mary Crawley; Fiddle, coordinated by Anna Kazanjian; lovely music through the garden!
15th Ave & Native Border:  Team Lead: Jacqueline Ruben, w/ Amy Mayemura, Laura Florio, Margaret Hom, Maria Ramirez, Jaime Lockwood, Valencia Ibanez ~ Faux (Dawson), Luke Ellis, DeAnne Campbell, Jennifer Pasinosky, Kate Boyd, Stacey Au, Nancy Gille.
Orchard: Team Lead: Sheree Kaslikowski, w/ Margaret Rouse, James & Mia Doherty, Dan Avery, Dale Conour, (Pamela, Neko & Sylvan), Sophia Tsylov, Richard Foley, Roy Lin, Kiko Wang, Stephen Hankins, Byron Auker,  Alyona Grinberg, Ariana & Michael & Friend, Pamela Vandekam, Susan Rhune
Fennel Excavation Squad: Dan Avery, Abraham Berin & Simon Davis
16th Ave School Borders: Team Lead: Robbyn Jackson, w/ Ralph Sinic & Mira, Jeffrey Rose, Heather Finn, Susan Rhune, Mary Beth Majores, Jason Breaker, Jillian Geissler, Sharon & Simon Davis & Family, Laura Simon, Luke Ellis.
Native Hillside:  Team Lead: Janet McGary, w/ Rita Mundis & Licia Di Meo    
Picnic Organize: Susan Evans   
Herb Garden & Upper Orchard:  Team Lead: Kristen Hewitt, w/Jeanette Cheuk, Petra-Anderson-Pardini, Daphane Wong, Shahana Alam, Liz & William Rittinger, Sabina Nieto, Abraham Berin (for Leah Drapkin), Jeff Russel & Harlan, Sharon Davis & Simon, Sarah Fishman & Co.    
Miscellaneous: Suzanne Levine, Sue Vaughan, Erica Mainshine

Thanks to Rita Mundis for ongoing Rose Care ...

ACG President Sheree Kaslikowski with the ACG Community: Working together to cultivate community within a safe, healthy & beautiful organic garden as the ACG evolves!

Catherine Giayvia: For ACG Website Updates & ACG Newsletter Launch!
Sheree Kaslikowski: For ACG Newsletter Content & Images.

Thank you All for your good works on behalf of the Argonne Community Garden!

* * *  Garden Members' Responsibilities  *  *  *

  ******    Cultivating Our Shared Eco System Together in the Spirit of Community!  *****

A Reminder: Garden Member's Responsibilities & Garden Policy Review

Garden Policy Goals:To cultivate a spirit of community, as important as & in unison with, actively cultivating our shared, organic garden.” Our goal is for an actively engaged community of gardeners, actively tending the garden.

ACG Policy: Decisions reached reflect what would be most fair & equal to all people & property to be affected by the decisions, acknowledging the equal value of each person's time within our shared ecosystem & how individual contribution or neglect affects all. ACG Policy is founded on the ACG Agreement in accordance with SFUSD.  Please, see ACG Agreement, Garden Member Responsibilities in Newsletter, posted @

Garden Member Responsibilities:

*Please note that each of the 4 listed below are essential for ongoing Plot Stewardship & Membership.                                                                                                                                                                       1) Plots Actively Tended: Active plot tend & removal of weeds, diseased & invasive plants.
2) Plot Pathways Actively Tended: Plot Paths deep-weeded, cleared & mulched.                                        3) Participation in  3  Seasonal Community Work/Parties Annually: RSVP via ACG Coordinators.
4)  Timely Payment of Annual Dues $35.: To be paid within 2 weeks of Plot Assign & by February 28 annually for ACG Membership Renewal. Checks Payable to: Argonne Community Garden, Send to: ACG Co-Treasurer; Laura Florio, 555 Arguello Blvd.# 203, SF, CA 94118 or via Paypal on ACG Website @

* Garden Members are responsible for keeping current on ACG Policy via ACG emails, ACG Newsletters & the ACG website @

* If ACG Membership Responsibilities are not met, & the garden member has not contacted their Area Coordinator to address, the following protocol will be followed:

*Please Note: While most plots & paths are actively tended, & most garden members participate in our community gatherings & common area projects, situations may arise that may prevent a garden member from honoring garden responsibilities. Neglect can negatively impact the surrounding environment & the garden community. If you find that you are unable to tend your plot, path, or otherwise honor your membership agreement, please contact your Area Coordinator. If your unavailability is temporary due to illness or emergency, accommodations can be made. However, if your ongoing schedule or situation will not allow for active engagement, please offer your plot to the next person on the ACG Wait List, eagerly awaiting to garden, (over 150!) & place your name on the list for a time when you may be available to garden. (Current Wait from time of Sign Up: 1.5 years.)

Protocol for Non-compliance: (Please, see “Garden Members Responsibilities” for details.)
1) Contact Area Coordinator re: special circumstances, i.e. medical.
2) If Member Responsibilities are neglected & garden member has not contacted the Area Coordinator, the Area Coordinator will email the Plot Steward.
3) If no response &/or results, Garden Coordinator will contact Plot Steward.
4) If no results, a 30 Day Notice will be issued to Plot Steward via the ACG Leadership Team.
5) If no results, Plot will be reassigned to next person on ACG Wait List.
* Please, note: If after 30 Day notice is received & Garden Member Responsibilities have been met temporarily with neglect following, Garden Member will be contacted & plot will be reassigned.

Thank you for your cooperation in fulfilling your ACG Membership Responsibilities!
All Member's active participation is needed to sustain the safety, health & beauty of our wonderful, shared, community resource! Please, keep in mind that
Garden Care will Inspire!  & Garden Neglect can be contagious. Please, continue to inspire through your good Garden Care! Thank you for your participation.

*Garden News & Events & Save The Dates!

L to R: Water Wise Deep Planted Tomato, Harlin & Friend, & Argonne Community Gardeners!

* ACG News & Events & SF Summer Gardening Guidance*

In the warmth of summer sunlight... &  brilliant blue sky, w/incoming fog, the garden is alive  with new growth  through the earth  & opening toward the sky...  in the Orchard Trees! & our dedicated gardeners  enjoying the fresh garden air ... Time for tending our plots & mulching our paths, keeping in mind that our garden care is inspirational & our good care or neglect affects our garden neighbors in our shared ecosystem!  Welcome, Summer!

ACG Welcomes New Upper Orchard & Aquarius Area Coordinators to the ACG Leadership Team: Sharon Gardener & Jeff Hoek!

Join the ACG Leadership Team!  Make a difference in the garden & bring your good ideas & vision to help sustain the garden as it evolves into the future...!

ACG Welcomes New Garden Members: Sharon Kozik, Elena Helf, Hanna Retallack, Anthony Severo, JoAnne Cusunamo & Family, Julie & Jodie Burke & Soon to Be ACG Garden Members: Shanti Harris, Michael Seville & Robyn Calara ~ Welcome to the garden, All!

Musician, Christopher Parker Smith to be ACG Special Guest @ June 20 Work/ Party Gathering: Beautiful, original music flowed through the air in GGP, fortunately heard by ACG President who invited Christopher to the ACG event & he accepted!  A little about Christopher: "Born on the border of Canada and Upstate New York Christopher was heavily influenced by the Canadian alternative music scene, yet played as a jazz musician before leaving music to pursue academic interests at university. Studied in NYC and Boston, became published as a poet then moved to San Francisco after college where he began playing music again."  (   And we are so very glad he did & look forward to hear his music in the garden on June 20!

Wondering What to Plant This Summer?  The SF Seed Library has a Planting Calandar for you!

Highly Invasive Plants; Please Don’t Plant!: All mints, fennel, stinging nettle, blackberry, raspberry (we carefully control the garden's raspberry patch to keep in check & have fennel in the Common Areas). Trees are not permitted in plots (garden has an Orchard). The Herb Garden has herbs for sharing, rather than planting woody herbs in plots. Please, plant Collard Trees in Common Areas rather than in plots, as they extend out.

ACG Wait List: There are currently, approximately 100 persons waiting, with an approximate wait time of  1 year 6 months for a plot. The ACG has the fastest moving Wait List in the City! Thanks to the Garden Coordinator & the Leadership Team's efforts & practice to promote active gardening & allow opportunities for new gardeners to join from the extended community.

Garden Buddies!  Please, sign up to buddy up~ Garden sages, share your garden wisdom with a garden newbie... lots to learn all around...! Contact your Area or Garden Coordinator to connect.

Uninvited Garden Harvesters: If you notice non garden members helping themselves to members' carefully grown garden bounty (sometimes with scissors & sack in tow!) please, don't be shy: Whatever your comfort level, feel free to inquire, & if need be discourage unwanted harvesting via creative vocals, image taking &/or report to authorities via cell phone, etc.

Please, "Pack Up Your Trash & Take it Out": Including plastic plant & seedling containers. Thanks!

Come Back, Little birds!  The lovely & wonderfully created hanging nest of the "American Bushtit" or "Mésange Buissonniere" (jolie!) that graced the tree on the garden periphery of 15th Ave is there no longer... The nest, a tightly woven, 12" hanging pocket, houses parents & young within, fed & brooded by both. Come back, little birds!!! The tree,  garden & gardeners await...!

Summer Compost & Mulch Deliveries! Rich, organic compost will be delivered to the 15th Ave Gate near the Shed. Please, help yourself to spread 2" across the surface of your garden area & work into the earth. * Please, note that this is very rich compost & too much will speed growth rapidly to seed.  Compost is a shared member resource ~ when we take our share, there will be enough for all!  Mulch will be delivered @ 16th ave Schoolfront: For spreading in Common Areas; i.e. Native Grass Oases to preserve moisture.

Green Bins: Please, be mindful that the Green bins need to be placed to provide a clear passage for the school children  & public right of way walkways. It's especially important for the School Gates along the School Border to be clear - Do Not Block Gate Exists or Public Right of Way.  Also, Green waste only in Bins, please- no soil, plastic or pet waste! (4 Green bins @ 15th Ave & 3 Bins along the school border @ 16th Ave. Recology: Tues am)

* Please, No Pets in the Garden! per SFUSD.  Pet waste contains pathogens that can linger on the ground after pick-up & be harmful to small children.

Take Time to Smell the Roses! Fragrant & rich variety of colors along the garden's Rose Rows @ the 16th ave & 15th Ave school borders. Please, Leave for all to enjoy!

When you Participate in Community Gatherings & Work Parties, fellow gardeners & community members cultivate community together, learn & exchange ideas, work together to sustain & beautify our Common Areas & share in good, healthy foods & recipes. Our garden offers a rare opportunity to gather together in nature & participate as community for the common good!

  ****    Save The Dates: For Upcoming Seasonal Work/ Parties:   ***        
  * Summer Solstice: Saturday, June 20, *     *  Autumn Equinox: Sunday, Sept, 20, 2015!  *   

   * Please,  Save the Seasonal Work/Party Dates in Your Cell Phone or in Calendar ~ Participation in 3 Seasonal Work/ Parties annually are required per ACG Member Agreement. Thanks!

In the Garden Guidance:

Meander Through the Orchard! Fruits just beginning to Form: Orchard Tree Varieties Include: "Anna, White Pearmain, Gravenstein & Gravenstein Red Sport, Dwarf Meyer Lemon, Arkansas Black, Liberty, Gala/Pink Lady & Bartlett Pear." Like the Apple & Pears, the Lemons are growing in yield, size & flavor each year, through the Adopt-A Tree Volunteers' Care. The Orchard continues to flourish & delight: Birds & hummingbirds abound, leafy branches & fruit surround!

ACG Birds in Residence: Ask our local Birder: Megan Prelinger! Look for Megan's talks at the SFBG...

Drought-Wise Garden: Here's a list of veggies that require less water: Swiss Chard, peppers, spinach, mustard greens, crookneck summer squash, purple pole beans, dark green parsley, sorrel & eggplant.   

~ Water Retention Tips:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... !

*Adding 2-3"of Mulch to Help Retain Moisture: Spreading mulch around plants in plots addition to pathways & Common Areas will help retain moisture & protect from frost.

The New CommUnity Garden in GGP (located near Kezar Stadium at the old HANC Recycling Center) has free compost & mulch available for SF Residents. Please, see SF Rec & Park website. (* Best to thoroughly check that straw mulch is seed free; occasionally, random seed can become accidentally mixed in.)

*A few top inches of mulch or straw will retain more long lasting, overall moisture for root crops. Root crops may not do so well in some of the incline plots in the Dell & Canyon as the soil shifts downward.

*Planting veggies closer together &/or planting taller, leafy veggies to shade lower growing parsley, etc can also help.

Tomato Deep Planting: (See Image above) So far, a good result in planting a 4" plant submerged up to the top leaves, with a banana peel surrounding the root ball, bone meal, egg shells, epsom salts & fish emulsion; Cour Di Bue variety, with a sturdy stalk with 9 fruits growing. Conserves water, too!

Water ~Wise: Washing veggies at home? Save the water in a portable container & bring to the garden~ every drop helps! Other suggestions: Water close to the earth &/or using a watering can for seedlings, water early am or later in the day. Water established plants twice weekly to conserve.

Additional Water-Wise Tips & Updates @
Stay up to date on the latest state water restrictions @

Ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) are unglazed clay/terra-cotta pots with a bottle or tapered shape that are buried in the ground with the top/neck exposed above the soil surface and filled with water for sub-surface irrigation of plants.  This irrigation technology is an ancient method, thought to have originated in Northern Africa with evidence of use in China for over 4000 years and still practiced today in several countries, notably India, Iran, Brazil (Bulten, 2006; Power, 1985; Yadav, 1974; Anon, 1978 and 1983) and Burkina Faso (Laker, 2000; AE Daka, 2001) Link:

Aphid Alert! With springtime comes the arrival of tiny white & grey eggs in between the leaves, underneath & inside the new buds forming... Yes, they are  soon to be Aphids!!!  At first discovery: Spray with soapy water & veg oil solution (1 tsp + 1 tsp + water shaken up in a spray container) or add 1 tsp Neem oil to the solution & spray.

Snails & Slugs: See a slimy trail slither across the soil & chomped leaves?  Snails & slugs can be deterred w/crushed eggshells spread around plants,  copper strips on plot sides, (vinegar will revive old strips),  Sluggo, (iron phosphate) Diatomaceous earth sprinkled in soil &/or small pan of beer in ground (Guiness prefered).

Nature Rocks- not-Toxic Rocks! ... Nature's rocks contain minerals that slow release into the surrounding environment as needed. Occasionally, a small bit of asphalt or concrete chunk will find its way into the garden, sometimes looking like a rock or stone. Please remove the imposter "toxic rocks", as some may contain Benzine, a caner causing agent. Help keep our garden healthy!

“Crabgrass’ Secret: A new study in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has found that the much-despised weed actually produces its own herbicides that kill nearby plants."

Effective Sheet Mulching: Dig down deep to unearth crabgrass root system (can be Zen satisfying!) approx 6", shake soil from roots & return soil to ground, place crabgrass in green bins, * Please, make sure all crabgrass roots are gone before laying down cardboard or thick layer of newspaper- 5 sheet thickness, (crabgrass growth will intensify if roots are left below cardboard, paper or mulch), then add several inches of mulch- enough to thoroughly cover the cardboard/ paper- approx 3" mulch.  Sheet mulching is a great place for worms to thrive, multiply & aerate your garden!

We hope you enjoy gardening in the ACG & Please, remember to Lock the Shed & Greenhouse & take all used containers, etc with you when leaving the garden! Thank You!

* Please, See the ACG Website for additional SF Gardening Guidance, FAQs & Tips!:  (& be sure to check out the pictorial "Tour" of the garden!)

* Happy Gardening! *

ACG Beauty & Harvests All Around!

Left to Right: ACG Orchard Apple Tree, Simon & Son & Abraham Berin with Carrot Harvest!


                            * Thank you for Reading the ACG Newsletter!
                   ~ Sheree Kaslikowski: Content & Photographs (C) 2015*