Argonne Community Garden - News & Updates for January 16, 2015
ACG Winter Gathering/Work/Party/Potluck/Meeting: Saturday, 1 /24/15!  * Please, Join Us for the First Work/Party of the Year! 10 -2,  * Rain Date: Feb 1 *
* Please,  bring your favorite dish to share, (Yum!)  + a plate, cup & eating utensils  (recycle) ~  & your best community spirit ~  working together, cultivating garden & community!
* Please,  Select & RSVP  a  Work /Party  Team Project:  Share & learn garden~wise!

Newly Invited ACG Area Coordinators ! * Our Dedicated Leader Team Volunteers...*

ACG Garden Leadership Team Decisions:  January 9, 2015
Cultivating Community, Our Shared Resources & Decisions Reached to Benefit Community  Newly Invited ACG Leaders, ACG Agreement Update,  SFPA Partnership

Garden Thanks!  * Acknowledging Our Valuable Contributions of Time & Efforts  *

Reminder: Garden Member's Responsibilities:
* The 4 Garden Member Essentials: * Plot & Path Tend, * Seasonal Work/Party Participation, & Member Dues~ New! Pay Pal Option & Co-Treasurer Address

Garden News, Save the Dates & Events:
Winter Garden Wisdom, ACG Membership Renewal: Feb 28th! * ACG Orchard Pruning * Garden Share & Garden Buddies*  Seasonal Work/Party Dates: 2015!              

* ACG Winter Gathering Work/ Party Sat, Jan 24, 10 ~ 2 * Rain Date: Feb 1 *

Argonne Community Gardeners Working Together to Care for the Garden!

* We look forward to seeing you at the First Work Party Gathering of the Year! *       (Sat, Jan 24, 2015: 10-2 ~ Rain Date Feb 1) enjoying your company at the potluck picnic feast & garden community gathering/ meeting ~"Garden/ Share" Time... !
* Please remember to bring a favorite dish to share, eco friendly plate, cup & eating utensil!

Please, Select  a Team Project to Participate in & RSVP w/ Your Garden Coordinator:

* Common Area Project Teams
& Team Leaders

1) 16th Avenue Clear Weed & Beautify! Team Lead: Robbyn Jackson: Join Robbyn to clear through the Oxalis at ACG West@ 16th Ave  to allow the garden grounds & Orchard to emerge.

2) Orchard Care: Team Lead: Sheree Kaslikowski: Weed, Neem Solution Spray.

3) 15th Ave Commons Weed/ Beautify: Team Lead: Michelle G: Native Grass Oasis, Native Plant Borders, Picnic Area, Relocate Tree Collards to Common Areas for all to share.

4) Herb Garden, Upper Orchard Trees & Raspberry Patch: Team Lead: Nancy Harris: Clear & beautify our herbs, berries & apple trees!

5) Order & Deliver Native Grasses from SFBG: Ralph Sinic: Planting Team Lead: Sheree K

6)  Potluck Picnic Set Up & Take Down: Volunteer needed for rinse & prep water container, Set up & Take down Picnic & organize waste items.

*Please RSVP with your Area Coordinator:

*Area Coordinators: 

Dell (Plots # 1-15)                                    Licia D   
Argonne Canyon (Plots # 16-29)      Robbyn J             
Aquarius (Plots # 30-42)                     Kristen E
Upper Orchard (Plots # 43-53)         Michelle G                
Holy Stones: (Plots # 54-65)               Nancy H        
Native Border (Plots # 66-76)          Jacqueline R

* We look forward to seeing you there! *

* ACG Leaders & Board Members:

 Left to Right: ACG President, Board Chair & Orchard Conservator: Sheree Kaslikowski 
ACG Vice President, Board Member & Native Border Area Coordinator: Jacqueline Ruben,
ACG Board Member & Quartermaster: Jeff Russell.

Dear Argonne Community Gardeners:  Happy New Year!

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to the Argonne Community Garden.  Together, we will continue to cultivate our wonderful garden with community spirit as it evolves with health & beauty into the future!

Please, join me in Congratulations to Welcome our newly invited ACG Leaders: Argonne Canyon Area Coordinator, Robbyn Jackson & Holy Stones Area Coordinator, Nancy Harris. What a Team!!!

This New Year brings promise of a partnership & funding to restore our infrastructure & introduce an Educational Garden Tour Program.  In preparation for this, the Leadership Team is updating the ACG Agreement & outlining Bylaws to be reviewed & voted on by the ACG Membership.  We encourage your participation in bringing this about.  For details, please see " Garden News & Events" following.

~ Sheree Kaslikowski, ACG President 2015

ACG Leaders & Board Members!

Left to Right: ACG Co-Treasurers & Board Members: Anna Kazanjian & Laura Florio, Newly Invited Argonne Canyon Area Coordinator: Robbyn Jackson.

* ACG Leadership Team Area & Garden Co- Coordinators!

Left to Right: Newly invited Holy Stone Area Coordinator: Nancy Harris,  ACG Garden Co-Coordinators: Michelle Gyorke & Kristen Espinosa.

ACG Leadership Team Decisions: January, 2015:

The ACG Leadership Team Meeting, 1/9/2015: In attendance: ACG Leaders & Board Members: President & Board Chair; Sheree Kaslikowski, Vice President, Board Member & Native Border Area Coordinator; Jacqeuline Ruben, Secretary & Board Member; Jennifer Robb, Co-Treasurer & Board Member; Laura Florio, Garden Co-Coordinator; Michelle Gyorke, Argonne Canyon Area Coordinator; Robbyn Jackson, Holy Stones Area Coordinator; Nancy Harris, & New ACG Member; Sabina Nieto.

* ACG Leadership Team& Board Members Decisions, January, 2015:  Taken from the January 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes. 

1) ACG Agreement Update & ACG Bylaws Update: Review  of updated Draft of ACG Agreement & distribution for consideration & edits by Leadership Team & Board, to be presented to ACG Membership for vote in conjunction with ACG Bylaws.  Bylaws Committee Chair presented overview of progress made in drafting ACG Bylaws by Committee, with next meeting scheduled for Feb 2. Following the completion of the ACG Bylaws Draft, the Committee will present to the full Board & Garden Membership for vote. The newly ratified ACG Agreement and ACG Bylaws will then be circulated to the Garden Membership.
* Please, note: The "ACG Bylaws Draft & Articles of Incorporation Draft" dated 1983, and the "ACG Bylaws & Articles  of Incorporation " version, omitting the status of "Draft" & adding an ACG "Logo" put together in 2012 by ACG Treasurer for CU account purposes, were carefully examined by Leadership & Board members present, who determined that the aforementioned were not ratified, not legitimate and contained major discrepancies. To present them as ratified or legitimate or for any purposes other than for the purpose(s) they were intended is a misrepresentation.

2) ACG Funding Opportunities & SFPA Partnership: Unanimous decision by Leadership Team & Board to Partner w/Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI) as Fiscal Sponsor to pursue funding opportunities.

* Proposed Funding Projects Include: 1) 15th Ave fence restoration, 2) shed wheelbarrow platform/ramp, 3) greenhouse/deck refurbish, 4) 16th ave handicap walkway restoration, 5) seed library, 6) bulletin board, 7) erosion control retaining barriers, 8) new picnic table, 9) benches, 10) signs, & 11) Educational Tours.

3) ACG Green Bins: Unanimous decision reached by leadership team meeting participants to ensure Public Right of Way access & continuous Green bin compliance w/ SF Public Works & School requirements; School Gate Safety Access. Currently in negotiation w/ SFUSD. Updates will be posted.

4) Plot Reassignment Notices: ACG Members who received 30 Day Notices for unmet ACG Member Requirements & have not fulfilled ACG Member requirements following, will be sent notice of plot reassignment. Decision reached through ACG Leadership Team & Executive Board consensus, per the ACG Agreement. Neglect of plot & path care, unmet participation requirements, and the resulting negative impact on the garden community were reviewed and considered in the decision.

5) Elimination of Individual Make-up Projects: Seasonal Work Parties & Make Up Parties provide ample opportunities for meeting member participation requirements annually. Individual Make-up projects will be discontinued due to time expense for leader team & to prevent mistakes that invite negative consequences for the garden & community.

6) Consequences for Unilateral Actions taken by ACG Members &/or ACG Board Members: Unilateral actions taken by ACG &/or Board Members contrary to the ACG Agreement &/or without Board Approval; (i.e. Day Laborer hired by ACG Member to perform Member's participation requirements) may result in revocation of membership, per discretion of the Board.

7) ACG Inventory/Supply Purchase List: Online Google Doc for best ACG Supplies Order: i.e. Product, distributor, price, description for supplies such as organic compost, mulch, hoses, nozzles, etc. that work most effectively in garden.

8) 16th Ave Entrance Gate Area: Repositioning of Plot #3 when rebuilt due to shade cast from school tree. Seating area planned, with added Native Grasses & plants.

9) Departing ACG Member ACG Garden Plots & Paths: to be left cleared of weeds & invasive plants &/or shrubs by departing ACG member, as courtesy to incoming member & to prevent overgrowth.

10) Garden Harvest Waste of Edible Plants discussed; volunteers &/or ideas sought to address. Veggies harvested & deposited in Green Bins &/or left in plot unharvested: Food Waste.

11) "Garden Share" & "Garden Buddies": To help circulate garden wisdom all around: "Garden Share" session proposed during Work/Party meetings & "Garden Buddies" to team up experienced & new gardeners.

12) ACG Seasonal Work Party Dates ReachedWinter: Sat, Jan 24,  Rain Date: Sun, Feb 1.  
Spring: Sunday, March 22,  Summer: Sat, June 20  & Autumn: Sunday, September 20, 2015.

*** Working Together, the Garden Will Thrive! ***

*  Garden Thanks!  *  Your Good Garden Works Are Appreciated!  * ** *

Left to Right: Kristen E, Stephen H, Petra P & Alicia C @ Autumn Equinox Work/ Party & Dan Avery @ Mulch Make-up Party.

Garden Thanks!   *  The Garden will Thrive with Your Care  *

* Argonne Community Garden Thanks!  Acknowledging our valuable contributions of time, efforts, support & good works for the good of the garden & community!

Thanks to The ACG Leadership Team for Their Garden Guidance & Dedication: President, Board Chair & Orchard Conservator; Sheree Kaslikowski, Vice President; Jacqueline Ruben, Secretary; Jennifer Robb, Co-Treasurers; Anna Kazanjian & Laura Florio, Garden Co-Coordinators; Kristen Espinosa & Michelle Gyorke,  Area Coordinators; Jacqueline Ruben, Robbyn Jackson, Nancy Harris, Licia Di Meo, Board Member & Quartermaster ; Jeff Russell, Research /Resource; Bonnie Kirkland & ACG Website Designer: Catherine Giayvia. Volunteers, All!

Special Thanks for Contributions Above & Beyond: Mary Ann Crandall, ACG Founder! Always...*

Special Thanks for Community Spirit Above & Beyond, & Farewell to Ken from the School: Over the past 6 months, Ken quietly & consistently contributed his help to the community garden: ensuring that the garden green bins were in place, cleaning up facilities after seasonal gatherings, repairing the 16th Ave Gate & stepping in where needed to lend a hand.  Ken, your generous community spirit was valued & appreciated: you will be missed!

Adopt-A-Tree Volunteers: Extraordinary Orchard Care: Victoria Valencia & Severin Gose, Ralph Sinic, Rachael Edinger, John Elliott & Maggie, Brian Manford & Daniel, Megan & Rick Prelinger, & Guided by Orchard Conservator: Sheree Kaslikowski.

Garden Neighbors & Friends, Karen Karval & George: For planting & continued care of the beautiful garden area of CA Native Shade Plants at the 15th Ave S/E corner of the CA Native Garden.

Ted Schlosser@ Broadmoor Landscape: ACG Discount for Compost & Mulch!

Special Thanks for Ongoing Dedication: Luke Ellis, for clearing weeds around the compost, shed & 15th Ave Commons, & for Luke’s help with the green bins when needed.

Thanks to Alicia Connor for her care & inspirational touches of beauty to the Dell & 16th Ave border.

Thanks to Rita Mundis for ongoing Rose Care & the new Larkspur by the shed...

Thanks to Catherine G & Sheree K for their dashes to Lock World to secure the Greenhouse & Shed!

Autumn Equinox Work/ Party Participation:

Guest: SFUSD Eco-Literacy Educator, Michael Murphy

Mulch Relay: Kristen Espinosa, Jeff Russell, Ralph Sinic, Tracie Gruffman, Irene Vallareal, Petra Pardini,  Margaret Rouse, Jeff Rose, Joshua Conrow, Alyssa Kent, Stephen Hankins, Alicia Connor, Alyona Grinberg, Ariana & Michael, Martina Paul, Sheree Kaslikowski.

Supply Organization/ Distribution/ Return, & Attendance: Alejandro Wolbert

Orchard Weed & Mulch: Margaret Hom & Daughter, Joshua Conrow, Carrie Russell, Stephen Hankins

15th Ave Native Grass Oasis: Valencia Dawson, Pamala Vandakam, Amy DuPage, Jacqueline Ruben

15th Ave Border Area: Jacqueline Ruben, Jennifer Pasinowsky, Luke Ellis, Stacey Au, Steve Brown, Michelle Gyorke, Ed & Verity Dierauf

Herb Garden Area Mulch: Jeff Rose, James Dougherty

16th Ave Border Weed: Kate Boyd w/later assist by Eckhart Beatty

Rose Shrub Relocation: Elvis Rosdail, Kristen Espinosa

Rosemary Shrub Relocation: Catherine Adams

Potluck Picnic Set-Up & Take Down: Tracie Gruffman & Anita Browning

October Make- Up Weed & Mulch Party: Eugene Moffett, Anna Kazanjian, Jennifer Robb, Sheree Kaslikowski, Licia Di Meo, Mary Beth Majores, Jenise Breaker, Sunny Kwon, Erin Nieuwenhuis, Reid Griggs, Audrey Park (for Chul Park), Jacqueline Ruben, Ed Dierauf (President Emeritus).

ACG President Sheree Kaslikowski with the ACG Community: Working together to cultivate community within a safe, healthy & beautiful organic garden as the ACG evolves!

Ed Dierauf, Pat Kennedy, Luke Ellis & Sheree K: 15th & 16th Ave Green Bin Wheel: Mon & Tues.
Catherine Giayvia: For ACG Website Updates & ACG Newsletter Launch!
Sheree Kaslikowski: For ACG Newsletter Content & Images.

* * *  Garden Members' Responsibilities  *  *  *

  ******    Cultivating Our Shared Eco System Together in the Spirit of Community!  *****

A Reminder: Garden Member's Responsibilities & Garden Policy Review

Garden Policy Goals:To cultivate a spirit of community, as important as & in unison with, actively cultivating our shared, organic garden.” Our goal is for an actively engaged community of gardeners, actively tending the garden.

ACG Policy: Decisions reached reflect what would be most fair & equal to all people & property to be affected by the decisions, acknowledging the equal value of each person's time within our shared ecosystem & how individual contribution or neglect affects all. ACG Policy is founded on the ACG Agreement in accordance with SFUSD.  Please, see ACG Agreement, Garden Member Responsibilities in Newsletter, & posted online @ & in shed.

Garden Member Responsibilities:

*Please note that each of the 4 listed below are essential for ongoing Plot Stewardship & Annual Plot Renewal:
        1) Plots Actively Tended: Active plot tend & removal of weeds, diseased & invasive plants.
        2) Plot Pathways Actively Tended: Plot Paths deep-weeded, cleared & mulched.
        3) Participation in  3  Seasonal Community Work/Parties Annually: Contact ACG Coordinators to RSVP.
        4)  Timely Payment of Annual Dues $35.: To be paid within 2 weeks of Plot Assign & by February 28 annually. Checks Payable to: Argonne Community Garden, Send to: ACG Co-Treasurer; Laura Florio, 555 Arguello Blvd.# 203, SF, CA 94118 * Please, see Member payment details below.

* Garden Members are responsible for keeping current on ACG Policy via ACG emails, ACG Newsletters & the ACG website @

* If ACG Membership Responsibilities are not met, & the garden member has not contacted their Area Coordinator to address, the following protocol will be followed:

*Please Note: While most plots & paths are actively tended, & most garden members participate in our community gatherings & common area projects, situations may arise that may prevent a garden member from honoring garden responsibilities. Neglect can negatively impact the surrounding environment & the garden community. If you find that you are unable to tend your plot, path, or otherwise honor your membership agreement, please contact your Area Coordinator. If your unavailability is temporary due to illness or emergency, accommodations can be made. However, if your ongoing schedule or situation will not allow for active engagement, please offer your plot to the next person on the ACG Wait List, eagerly awaiting to garden, & place your name on the list for a time when you may be available to garden.

Protocol for Non-compliance: (Please, see “Garden Members Responsibilities” for details.)
1) Contact Area Coordinator re: special circumstances, i.e. medical.
2) If Member Responsibilities are neglected & garden member has not contacted the Area Coordinator, the Area Coordinator will email the Plot Steward.
3) If no response &/or results, Garden Coordinator will contact Plot Steward.
4) If no results, a 30 Day Notice will be issued to Plot Steward via the ACG Leadership Team.
5) If no results, Plot will be reassigned to next person on ACG Wait List.
* Please, note: If after 30 Day notice is received & Garden Member Responsibilities have been met temporarily with neglect following, Garden Member will be contacted & plot will be reassigned.

Renew Your Garden Membership by February 28! It’s time to renew your membership in the Argonne Community Garden for 2015. This year, you may pay your dues via check ($35) or via PayPal ($36.35), which must be received no later than February 28, 2015. If paying by check, please make a check for $35 out to “Argonne Community Garden” and mail it to Laura Florio, 555 Arguello Blvd. #203, San Francisco, CA 94118. If paying via PayPal, send $36.35 to The additional $1.35 covers the fees charged to the Garden for accepting PayPal payments and is mandatory if you would like to renew your membership online. The Garden Leadership Team thanks you in advance for renewing your membership by the February 28 deadline. If you have any questions, please contact the treasurers at

Thank you for your cooperation in fulfulling your ACG Membership Responsibilities.  All Member's active participation is needed to sustain the safety, health & beauty of our wonderful, shared, community resource! Please, keep in mind that Garden Care will Inspire!  & Garden Neglect can be contagious. Please, continue to inspire through your good Garden Care! Thank you for all you contribute.

*Garden News & Events & Save The Dates!

Left to Right: Amy Du Page, Valencia Dawson & Jacqueline Ruben, Larkspur planted by Rita Mundis, & Audrey Park, clearing weeds & adding health & beauty to the garden.

* ACG News & Events & SF Cool Weather Gardening Guidance*

*  In the light of the cool winter sky...  &  brilliant greens  brought forth by the rains,  the garden is alive with new growth & activity ~ gardeners bustling about,  breathing in the fresh garden air ... & tackling the OxalisTime for rose & tree pruning, tending our plots & clearing our paths,  keeping in mind that our garden care is inspirational  & our good care  or neglect  affects our neighbors  in our shared ecosystem!

Renew Your Garden Membership by February 28! It’s time to renew your membership in the Argonne Community Garden for 2015. This year, you may pay your dues via check ($35) or via PayPal ($36.35), which must be received no later than February 28, 2015. If paying by check, please make a check for $35 out to Argonne Community Garden” and mail it to Laura Florio, 555 Arguello Blvd. #203, San Francisco, CA 94118. If paying via PayPal, send $36.35 to (* Please, see payment details above in Garden Members Responsibilities.)

ACG Welcomes 2 New Garden Area Coordinators! Argonne Canyon Area Coordinator, Robbyn Jackson & Holy Stones Area Coordinator: Nancy Harris! Let's give them a warm welcome for sharing their talents for the good of the garden!

ACG Welcomes New Garden Members:  Julie M, Jared S, Sabina N, Leah D, Abraham B, Erica M, Melissa & Karen J ~ Welcome to the garden, All!

New Arrival! Valencia Dawson (former ACG Garden Coordinator extraordinaire) & Jon introduce newly arrived baby Joaquin born Jan 6th at 3:12pm and was 7lbs 8 oz. And 20.25 inches long.  And 100% adorable!

Garden Buddies!  Please, sign up to buddy up~ Garden sages, share your garden wisdom with a garden newbie... lots to learn all around...! Contact your Area or Garden Coordinator to connect.

* How Your Garden Participation Makes a Difference in the Garden:
Our Garden comes alive through your care! Please, keep in mind that all your good garden care brings safety, health & beauty to the garden & community and is very much appreciated!

When you tend your plot & path, everyone benefits!  Your garden care & beauty can inspire, a clear path will make it easier to walk through, wheel a wheelbarrow, inspiring more care & together we will eliminate the crabgrass & Oxalis eventually... You make a difference!

When you take the time to participate in community Gatherings & Work Parties, we cultivate community together, learn & exchange ideas, work together to sustain & beautify our Common Areas, share in good, healthy foods & recipes & meet fellow gardeners & community members.  Our Garden offers a rare opportunity to Gather & Participate as Community in nature for the Common Good!

Please, keep in mind that neglect by one gardener negatively impacts garden neighbors & community. The gardener that keeps their plot & path areas cleared of invasive weeds & disease helps sustain the entire garden. When garden members neglect their plots & paths, the neglect affects others. Spreading weeds & overgrowth from one plot will spread to neighboring plots & deter safe passage & easy navigation, especially for members with balance challenges. Uncleared weeds in pathways will spread to cleared pathways & undo carefully tended efforts. 
The Garden needs All Members to actively participate & share in the care of the garden!

Help Prevent Food Waste: Have organic Veggies that you don't need or want? Rather than leave unharvested in your plot or placed in the Green Bins, contact your garden coordinator or leave on the picnic table with a welcoming note... other ideas, welcome!

Congratulations, Best Wishes & Appreciation! To ACG Secretary, Board Members  & former Garden Co-Coordinator, Jennifer Robb, who is relocating to Pinole.  Somehow, Jennifer found the time in between being a Burn Unit Nurse to contribute extra time toward building community in the garden... + submitted the Leader Team's Meeting Minutes in by midnight - Wow! Thank you & Best wishes, Jen!

ACG Grant & Partnership Applications : Volunteers needed to assist! The ACG is being considered for an invitation only funding opportunity. Please, join in to help realize this grant opportunity to fix our falling fences, etc!

Local Filmmaker makes good! Indie Fest @ the Roxie ~ Marjorie Sturm, ACG Aquarius gardener directs intruiging new film: Feb 7.

Shed Lock Replacement! Yes, the new/old shed lock is on the door, replacing the model that drew a record number of inquiries. Thanks to Lock World & Madame Pres, & Catherine G for Greenhouse Lock.


*** Save The Dates For Upcoming Seasonal Work/ Parties: ***

Winter: Sat, Jan 24, Rain Date: Feb 1,
   Spring: Sunday, March 22, Summer: Saturday, June 20, Sunday,  Autumn: September, 20, 2015!

* Please, Save the Seasonal Work/Party Dates in your cell phone or record in Calendar~ Participation in 3 Seasonal Work/ Parties annually are required for fulfillment of ACG Member Requirements. Thank you!

In the Garden News & Guidance:

Orchard Tree Pruning By Adopt-A-Tree Volunteers: Racheal Edinger, Brian Manford & Daniel, Megan Prelinger & Orchard Conservator, Sheree Kaslikowski. Varieties Include: "Anna, White Pearmain, Gravenstein & Gravenstein Red Sport, Dwarf Meyer Lemon, Arkansas Black, Liberty, Gala/Pink Lady & Bartlett Pear."  With thanks & appreciation for overall Orchard guidance to ACG Orchard Conservator, Sheree Kaslikowski.

ACG Birds in Residence! Ask our local Birder: Megan Prelinger! Look for Megan's local bird talks at the SFBG...

Cool Weather Crops:

Link to a helpful article by Pam Peirce, author of Golden Gate Gardening:

A List of Cool Weather Crops: Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, celery, onions, radishes and peas, along with greens such as lettuce, spinach, collards, Swiss chard and mustard.

Drought-Wise Garden: Here's a list of veggies that require less water: Swiss Chard, peppers, spinach, mustard greens, crookneck summer squash, purple pole beans, dark green parsley, sorrel & eggplant.   

Water Retention Tips:

*Adding 2-3"of Mulch to Help Retain Moisture: Spreading mulch around plants in plots addition to pathways & Common Areas will help retain moisture & protect from frost.

The New CommUnity Garden in GGP (located near Kezar Stadium at the old HANC Recycling Center) has free compost & mulch available for SF Residents. For more info & access times, please see SF Rec & Park website. (* Best to thoroughly check that straw mulch is seed free; occasionally, random seed can become accidentally mixed in.)

*A few top inches of mulch or straw will retain more long lasting, overall moisture for root crops. Root crops may not do so well in some of the incline plots in the Dell & Canyon as the soil shifts downward.

*Planting veggies closer together &/or planting taller, leafy veggies to shade lower growing parsley, etc can also help.

Water ~Wise: Washing veggies at home? Save the water in a portable container & bring to the garden~ every drop helps! Other suggestions: Water close to the earth &/or using a watering can for seedlings, water early am or later in the day.

Snails & Slugs: Can be deterred w/crushed eggshells spread around plants,  copper strips on plot sides,  Sluggo, Diatomaceous earth sprinkled in soil &/or small pan of beer in ground.

Effective Sheet Mulching: Dig down deep to unearth crabgrass root system (can be Zen satisfying!) approx 6", shake soil from roots & return soil to ground, place crabgrass in green bins, * Please, make sure all crabgrass roots are gone before laying down cardboard or thick layer of newspaper- 5 sheet thickness, (crabgrass growth will intensify if roots are left below cardboard, paper or mulch), then add several inches of mulch- enough to thoroughly cover the cardboard/ paper- approx 3" mulch.  Sheet mulching is a great place for worms to thrive, multiply & aerate your garden!

* Please, See the ACG Website for additional SF 94118 Gardening Guidance, FAQ's, etc. @

Reminder: Please weed your plots & paths & participate in our Community Seasonal Work Party Gatherings!  Good Garden Care is inspirational!  Neglect by a few impacts the many in our shared eco-system.  Thank you for your contributions, All!

* Happy Gardening! *

* ACG Beauty & Harvests All Around!

Left to Right:  Russel Plot Sweet Peas,  Alicia Connor's Garden Design, Apple Harvest Extraordinaire!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                 * Thank you for reading the ACG Newsletter ~
                            Sheree Kaslikowski: Content, Photographs (C) 1/15