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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

campus life

Join in the greening of Stanford

Participation in Sustainable Stanford's My Cardinal Green helps Heather Hadlock, associate professor of music, remain committed to biking to campus.

My Cardinal Green

Science & Technology

Impending signs of flood

According to Stanford researchers, the western U.S. could see larger floods due to precipitation that would have generated snowpack falls as rain.

Health & medicine

Single number IDs cancer cells

Stanford data scientists at the School of Medicine have shown that figuring out a single number can help them find the most dangerous cancer cells.

Single number IDs cancer cells

The Dish

Stanford’s CENTER FOR COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN RACE AND ETHNICITY is among the beneficiaries of a Mellon Foundation grant to promote the study of race and affirm its importance in the humanities.

Bio-X PhD Fellowship applications Artist's Salon feat. Patricia Alessandrini


  • Parking impacts: Starting Monday, Feb. 3, temporary chilled water capacity (chillers) will be added to the Central Energy Facility in anticipation of high temperatures in summer. Over the next two to three years, these chillers will be located at the Panama Lot. During this time, 72 ‘C’ spaces, 16 ‘C-Carpool’ spaces and 4 ‘ADA’ spaces will be impacted. Learn more on the Stanford Transportation website.

Summer Policy Boot Camp (HISPBC) Rental Housing Available - FSH

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