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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

social sciences

Midterm insights

As the midterms approach, see how scholars from across Stanford's social and political sciences are studying  challenges related to democracy today. 

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health & Medicine

The power of many

Genetic data from nearly 300,000 patients helped Stanford scientists find new potential drug targets for heart diseases and diabetes. 

Science & Technology

Breast cancer cells' punch

Mechanical engineers have found that malignant breast cancer cells can extend protrusions called invadopodia to tunnel through surrounding tissue.

breast cancer cells

The Dish

A Stanford-born energy business, hatched in an engineering and entrepreneurship class, wins top honors in the CALIFORNIA CLIMATE CUP.

MLA_IS_OCT2018_6 2018 Neurosciences Institute


  • Medical and trauma supplies: Stanford has installed medical and trauma kits throughout campus to allow bystanders to help people with traumatic injuries in the critical minutes before emergency responders arrive. Learn more about them.
  • Live Scan: The university's policy on Protection of Minors requires that anyone working with minors in a program or activity covered by the policy to complete a Live Scan background check. On Wednesday, Oct. 10, visit Tresidder Union's Cypress Lounge from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to be fingerprinted at no cost. Learn more.

Health Policy Forum Young Environmental Scholars

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