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Monday, March 2, 2020

Faculty & staff

Wielding the Faculty Senate gavel

Under Tim Stearns' leadership, the Faculty Senate has considered weighty issues, including proposals that seek to renew undergraduate education.

Tim Stearns

Law & policy

Coronavirus and heath policy

Stanford health law expert Michelle Mello discusses the coronavirus and how U.S. policy is being developed to contain its spread.

Michelle Mello

Science & technology

Saving precious water

Researchers propose a way to locate water leaks within the tangle of aging pipes beneath cities, saving billions of gallons of the precious resource.

Water leak

The Dish

Emergency medicine physician MOISES GALLEGOS' children's book is designed to illustrate his wife Flora's life as a doctor for their son, Noah.

Moises Gallegos' illustration

Bio-X LOIs Stanford Events


  • Cardinal Care: Vaden Health Center has announced the Cardinal Care and Student Dependent Health Insurance Plan rates for the 2020-21 academic year. Learn more.
  • Marguerite re-routes: On Monday, March 16, circulation changes will go into effect around ChEM-H and the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute. There will be minor Marguerite re-routes and the addition of new bus stops as construction continues on the interdisciplinary research complex at the west end of Jane Stanford Way. Learn more.

In the news
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Summer Policy Boot Camp (HISPBC) Rental housing available

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