Hello from franny's.
December 2015

Dear guests, friends, community,

The restaurant industry is going through incredible changes: in the next few months, the tipped employee minimum wage increases and mandatory employer-supported health insurance is implemented. Conversations are happening around the country about increases to minimum wage over the next few years. These are wonderful things in dozens of ways. They also accrue to a growing list of rising costs of running our business. Not only are costs rising: the overall costs of living in New York have increased so significantly that many of the talented cooks we employ are leaving, choosing to cook elsewhere, because they can’t afford to live in New York.

We write this letter to let you all know that as of December 1st, franny’s will be raising our prices in order to give more money to our cooks, who work so hard to bring us all the consistent quality we expect at franny’s. We will also be adding a 3% Affordable Care Act surcharge to our checks. 

We tell you all this in the service of transparency, and because, after our employees, the closest people to us are all of you. 

Our number one core value at franny’s is our commitment to purchasing and serving our guests ONLY the best ingredients. We have and never will waver on this with the firm conviction that this is the core of what makes franny’s so special.  This is not a cost we will lessen in exchange for lesser quality. 

Additionally, the cost of a pizza is not simply the ingredients on the plate; when you pay for a pizza, you are paying for all the people that worked so hard to cook it, prepare it and serve it, you are paying for all the staff that makes franny’s so truly amazing. We want to be a vital part of this community for the next 10 years ahead and our employees are our greatest assets. Please help us make this a place our staff can continue to work, and we can continue to cook for you.

In return, we are actively looking at ways to make your dining experience a better one including opening up our reservations system to make dining at franny’s even more convenient and continued excellence in our wine program as we actively bring in natural wines exclusively for our list. We will do our part to continue to make franny’s a great place to dine. 

With gratitude,

Franny Stephens, Andrew Feinberg, John Adler, Luca Pasquinelli

and the entire team at franny’s.
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