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Newsletter: October 2012

Mang BawiMang Zing Bawi’s Story 
By Becky Nelson 

I have known Mang Zing Bawi (Benny) and her family since she came to the United States 4 years ago.  She was 16 years old when she and her family left their home to escape from the people trying to kill them. The family made it the 1500 miles to Malaysia, but Benny and her aunt got caught.  They were arrested, and made the terrifying 3 day journey back to Burma in the darkness of the prison hold at the bottom of the ship.
Her extended family began frantically working and saving money until they had enough money to bribe enough people to get her out of prison and she and her aunt escaped to Malaysia.  There also they had to constantly be on the watch - when they knew soldiers were in the area of their apartment complex, they would run to the jungle until the soldiers were gone.  Benny is a very brave young woman. 
She is also a very strong believer in Jesus Christ and a prayer warrior.  Benny came to the U.S. knowing no English.  With great determination and sacrifice, she learned enough English to pass the TAKS test and graduate from Lewisville High School in December, 2011, even as she held down a summer job and worked sometimes during the school year so that she could help support her family financially. 
She is the oldest of 5 children;  her parents work nights at Walmart and instead of making Benny quit school, which is what most families do, they chose to sacrifice to keep her in school.  She started working for CRM as a translator right after graduation.  Benny is married to Myo Aung, and they are expecting their first child in early February of 2013. We are grateful for Benny and glad to have her on our staff.

Becky HeadshotA Note from Our Director

CRM is an all-volunteer organization, except for our translators.  To be fully-funded with 60 hours of translator help for 2013, we need $33,100.  And right now we are funded for 2012, but not for 2013.
Many people’s solution for us is get out from under the churches, become a new non-profit and go out and “get grants.”  That makes me smile.  One of the reasons I stay “volunteer” is because of my experience in writing grants: Nobody wants to fund salaries, and so you end up  begging for money for your own salary, leaving you little time to do the work. 

But I was going to do it, for the sake of the translators. Then we had a consultant come in, and the leaders from the churches were in total agreement:  “there’s no real benefit in creating a new non-profit.”

I confess, I’m glad.  I enjoy hearing people say, “CRM, oh, isn’t that those churches?”  I’m so glad to be a part of restoring the reputation of God’s people as ones who care about the poor and the stranger.  
I greatly admire George Muller, who refused to do fundraising for his orphanages, but rather would pray to God about the needs, and miraculously God would provide. 

That’s been the history of CRM – we face tremendous needs, we pray to God, and He has provided.  How else do you explain the hundreds of pieces of furniture that we have delivered over the past 5 years – only God could have provided that much furniture for that many families.

And so I would ask that you join us in prayer – that God will provide the funding so that we can pay our translators for 2013.  Every little bit helps – a $10.00 donation pays for an hour of translation, and that’s one of the best investments in the life of the Chin people you can make. And if you want a great small group project, do a fundraiser for us, on your own – have a garage sale, do a restaurant event, and donate the proceeds to us. All donations are tax deductible. 

Donations should be sent to:
Chin Refugee Ministry
1901 Timber Creek Rd
Flower Mound, TX  75028.

And that’s the end of my fundraising for 2013.    

Becky Nelson
Director, Chin Refugee Ministry
(972)  221-3249

HandshakeCulture Corner: Chin Names

In the Chin community every family member has a different last name.  Wives do not take the husband’s name; the children do not take either mother or father’s name.  Among themselves the Chin say a person’s whole name – they do not have “first” names or “last” names. If I were Chin, you would introduce me as rebekahjoycenelson, saying my name as a sentence.  Each name means something special.  Some common Chin names:
  • Dawt means love
  • Sui means gold
  • Ngun means silver
  • Bawi means king or like a god
  • Par means flower
  • Biak means believer
 Being asked to provide one of the names for a child is one of the highest honors a Chin person can give. Now that the Chin are in America, they are adding an ‘English’ name, and most are from the Bible.    
Benny and Myo Aung

Upcoming Events

Tuesday & Thursday
10-11:30 Citizenship classes at CRM offices
(you can start any time)

October 29, 2012 
GED class starts at CCA
6:00 p.m.

October 30, 2012 
Chin Children’s Clinic Day at Denton County Health Department
(Must register first with CRM so we can change your PCP)

Early February
Benny and Myo Aung are having a boy!

We’ve registered them at Babies R Us. Pick out a gift for them – they are listed under Mang Bawi.

Gifts can be brought to CRM offices at:
1020 Fox Avenue, Apt 504

Or sent or brought to Becky’s house: 
1097 W. Corporate Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067
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