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Help Chin Students “Make the Grade”

Quote from a Chin student: “I hate it when teachers say, ‘You already learned this in 1st grade.’  I wasn’t even in the United States in 1st grade.” 

Many Chin students start behind grade level, and struggle with reading skills and American cultural vocabulary.  (If you spent your earliest years in Burma or Malaysia, “baseball league,” “jack-in-the-box” and “cereal bar” don’t have a lot of meaning.)  

Even those born in the United States do not have English-speaking parents who can help read with them at home.  It is the mission of CCM to equip the Chin with skills that will help them successfully navigate American systems.  And that means giving their children opportunity to “catch up” so they can thrive in American schools.  We need your help. 

How to Help

The summer reading program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 at First Presbyterian Church, Lewisville.  The program starts Tuesday, July 3 and ends Thursday, August 2.  

You can sign up for one session or multiple sessions as your schedule allows.  Volunteers read with the students for 10 minutes, asking questions to make sure the student understands what he/she is reading.  Then the students rotate to a different volunteer for another 10 minutes and the process continues, with some breaks and refreshments along the way. Sarah Bloss will lead again this year, and Biak Chin Par will be her assistant. 

Requirements to serve

  • All new adult volunteers must have a background check. 
  • High school volunteers must have parent’s permission to serve.  
  • Middle School volunteers must have parent permission and be accompanied by a parent/adult. (if you have an elementary student who really wants to serve, ask about our family mentoring program, in which all family members can serve)
  • To receive the necessary forms, contact Janet Peavler at  LISD teachers and aides, contact to be excused from background check.
  • After you have your background check on file with Janet, Sarah Bloss ( will send you the link to our online schedule.

Other ways you can help
Refreshments:  To sign up to provide refreshments (frozen popsicles, individual frozen yoghurts in easy packaging, individual ice creams) for one session or more, contact CCM office at or call 972 221-3249  

Daily Prizes:  Small cars, bubbles, bracelets and necklaces, small notebooks, frisbees, nerf games, and other trinkets.  Bring to CCM office at Basswood Apartments, 1020 Fox Avenue #504.

Donations: Always helpful to defray the cost of the program.  To donate online,click on the big red button at the bottom of this email.   Checks may be made out to Chin Community Ministry and sent to Chin Community Ministry, P.O. Box 271323, Flower Mound Tx  75027.

Important Donation Update
Effective immediately, CCM will no longer be accepting donations of clothing, furniture and household items.  

It does not appear that Lewisville, TX will be receiving any more refugee newcomers, so we are shutting down our newcomer programs for now. Thanks to all of you who have contributed so generously!



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