Opening Reception in 9 March, 4 to 6pm (Sat)
Witness Vital Impetus of Young Artistic Vision (7~20 Mar 2013)
530 West 25th Street Suite #407, New York
Group show hosted by Movement-E NY
Reception Date: March 9th, 2013, 4 ~ 6pm

EMOA Space Chelsea, NYC is pleased to present the EV Project Part 6, our international, multi-genre group exhibition. Twelve brilliant young creators have made ground-breaking art pieces including installation, photograph, and paintings on a theme of “colors” in their perspectives.

*Select Artists (Alphabetical Order)
Jungeun Ahn, Tri Harianto, Jungyoon Hurr, Heejeong Kim, Youngmi Kim, Davied Kurnianto, Kyunghee Lee, Seohee Lim, William Conroy Lindsay, Yevgen Romanenko, Angga Yuniar Santosa, Jinhee Son
Elan Vital or E.V. was initially coined and used by French philosopher Henri Bergson who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and translated in the English as "vital impetus or force", and it is a hypothetical explanation for evolution and development of organisms.
Movement-E NY, the hosting organization has been applying deconstructive criticism of parallel composition to its installation mechanism.  In last year’s EV Project Part 3 added different depths to the frameless artworks that were arranged in a grid like a piece of mosaic, which was intended to create a metaphor of joy by providing the free imagination to the viewers. More depth is pursued in this year’s exhibition by a linear partition of the space itself, which stands for a three-dimensional visualization of deconstructive criticism. A variety of depth will exist in the plane where the works will be installed on, and it will create much stronger spatial strength than the pre-existing two-dimensional depth.
For more information about the show and artists, please contact Director Peter B. Kang at 646-484-1213 or
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