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Partners Resource Network PATH Project is one of four Texas Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) funded through the Department of Education.  We provide free information, technical assistance and ARD support to parents of children with special needs.
Our mission is to empower parents of children with disabilities to be effective advocates for their children and to promote positive parent/professional partnership.
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EXPERT SPEAKERS: Susan Yellin, Esq., and Paul B. Yellin, M.D.
DATE & TIME: Thursday, July 15 @ 1pm U.S. Eastern Time
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July 15th,2021


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Articles of Interest
Feds Launch Hotline To Help People With Disabilities Access COVID-19 Vaccines

A new push is underway to help more people with disabilities get vaccinated against COVID-19.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is unveiling what it’s calling a first-of-its-kind national hotline offering information and services directly aimed at boosting access to the shots for people with disabilities.  Continue Reading...

Telepractice delivers services to parents of children with autism

Close to 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder. 31% of children with autism have an intellectual disability. While there is no medical detection for autism, there are early interventions to improve learning, communication and social skills over the lifespan.  Continue Reading...

Technology Made Special Education Parents Better Advocates During the Pandemic

As schools let out for summer, there are undoubtedly aspects of the past year that teachers and parents alike are ready to leave behind.  But then there are the benefits that some are hoping stick around. Among them: better communication strategies and tools that make it easier for special education parents and teachers to interact.  Read more HERE >

Freddie Mac To Support Housing For Those With IDD
Mortgage giant Freddie Mac is planning to issue millions of dollars in “social bonds” to support housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the country.  Freddie Mac Multifamily, which funds apartment loans, said it will offer $230 million in social bonds supporting 1,267 rental homes for people in this population across 39 states and Washington, D.C.  Read more HERE >

9 Great First-Time Jobs for Teens

A successful first job can build confidence and self-esteem for teens with learning and thinking differences. The trick: finding work that plays to their strengths.  Read more HERE >
4 Ways to Take a Real Break This Summer

Years ago during a parent conference along with a wise, experienced coteacher, the parent asked what her son needed to work on during the summer to be ready for advanced math the next year. My coteacher calmly replied, “He needs to simply get outside and play some baseball.” To my surprise, the parent was relieved. Maybe we, as educators, need to heed the spirit of this advice for ourselves.  Read more HERE >
8 working memory boosters

Does your child have a hard time keeping one bit of information in mind while doing something else? For example, you’re making spaghetti together, and your child’s in charge of the sauce. But your child leaves to answer a text and forgets to come back and stir. Working memory challenges can cause trouble with tasks like these.  Read more HERE >
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