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Spring Newsletter - About
Green Horses
and Your Visions for Change

MARCH 4, 2014

Dear Friend,
Hope you are well and looking forward to Spring again! Welcome to this edition of the Being at Cause Newsletter. In this newsletter I discuss the very conducive and supportive energies of this year to engaging your creative side, and to engaging with, acting on and bringing forward your big visions and your heart’s dreaming.  I also reveal more about Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the modality I specialise in, and how this differs significantly from hypnotherapy as it is normally perceived, as well as share about the power and rich benefits this modality offers in helping you solve problems and challenges and to create lasting change in a rapid time frame. 

The Year of the Green Horse and Making Space for your Big Vision

Since the beginning of February, 2014 we have entered in to the Year of the Green Horse (within the cycle of chinese astrology). You may have already noticed that the energies of this year are a lot more supportive for engaging your vision and passion and allowing some of your big projects and creative ideas to unfold.  This is so different from the sense of constriction and challenge that has marked our day to day experience in the years immediately preceding this one.  A client and friend who is contemplating a significant change shared this with me last week..

“I feel so positive about the prospect of a move. It feels like a cloud is lifting. I sense there is great energy behind it all and I sense the universe is encouraging me to embrace change and move on to the next adventure.”

What big adventure do you sense you are being called to give your energy and passion to at this time? We have in a sense passed the point of having to push against strong walls of resistance, and now is a great time for committing to and taking action.  What is your pet project?  Is there a passion or a vision for change that have you been secretly harbouring?  If you have been holding yourself back in any way, I invite you to visit these dreams and give them space to unfold, to act on them as you are being guided to do and to embrace the changes that this will likely call for you to make.

The drive to engage our biggest passions and vision will inevitably see us being faced with challenges as well.  Even with the energy of the Green Horse behind us, there is a lot still left for us to do and be mindful about!  Some of the specific challenges include:
  • Ensuring we put in place appropriate structures and boundaries that support what we desire to create and to see manifested in our realities.
  • As we move toward and reach higher with our visions, we are inevitably faced with a lot of uncertainty.  Tuning in to intuition and confidently acting on your intuitive guidance is an unfailing inner mechanism that we each have with navigating through uncertainty. The extent that we allow ourselves to listen in and take action is a matter of training and practice. As we take action on what we are intuitively guided to do, we begin to see more of the picture emerge, and the next steps we can take appear.
  • Working with our natural rhythms in deciding when we move in to outward action ie when energy and inspiration is flowing, and being mindful of natural down times and ebbs in energy when we are better attending to self care, and doing things that are nourishing or just plain simply fun.
  • Being in right relationship to the moment, so we are not engaging in busy action that gets us nowhere.  When we do find ourselves pushing in a direction that is not working, it is a helpful reminder to exercise more self love and compassion.  This is an opportunity to get silent so you are able to listen in to your inner voice again, as well as remembering to stay balanced, grounded and aligned with the Heart and the energies of the True Self.
  • Making sure we reach out for support and help from others who are able to help us take our next steps. Making big changes is a always a co-creative and a collaborative process, and we share this journey together. 
The big vision I am referring to here is not merely about a change in external circumstances, though it may likely include that, as much as it is about expressing and bringing to life more of your innate talents, passions, gifts and skills, of expressing more of who you already are. When you are pursuing this vision and your hearts calling, you are likely to be making a big difference to others while experiencing joy. Your dream or vision may be something simple that you are already doing and want to give more attention to, such as indulging your favourite hobby, signing up to a rock climbing or an art or pottery class, or it could be something completely life altering such as a decision that you are going to finally commit to and take the next step with your dream business, run for public office, start a healing practice, change your career, or return to nature.

As you reach for the sky, call up your vision,find a fresh path and pace yourself, higher guidance is with you every step of the way.  

For me this journey has included updating my practice website and the material around how I represent the hypnotherapy work I have been doing.  If you haven’t fully engaged with the work yet, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a healing modality that assists you to connect more deeply with your true nature and with awakening from trances of limitation.
Through connecting more powerfully with the energy and inspiration of your Higher Self you are helped to release any blockages and problem states that might keep you stuck in limited ideas and states.  

In the following section of the newsletter, I include a brief description of the benefits of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and how it can help with your journey.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy one-one sessions.
Sign up to a single or a set of 1-1 Transpersonal Hypnotherapy sessions to help solve a problem, fear or anxiety and to unlock your creative potential and your passion and highest vision. Package discounts are available when you book multiple sessions. Contact me to find out more,
Contact Me:
Phone: 020 75852076

I look forward to hearing from you, and to assisting you in your journey of unlocking your highest potential and visions.  Do visit the new website.  I welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to speak with you soon.

Warmest regards,

In the next section of the newsletter, I include a brief description of the benefits of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and how it can help with your journey.

Benefits of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy goes beyond seeking change at the personality level to help you access the intuition and wisdom of your Inner/Higher self. A primary goal of the Approach is to help release all the bocks to reconnecting and fully expressing the parts of yourself that are already whole, healed and unconditionally loving and strong. 

How Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Can Help You
  • Using a transpersonal approach can enhance the wonderful results that conventional hypnotherapy techniques already delivers, the vital difference being that problems are released primarily through insight and awakening to your own power, rather than through reliance on specific techniques – this is valid for any areas that hypnotherapy may be considered for -including health issues, healing  relationships, increasing confidence, motivation, releasing an addiction or scripting your future and stepping in to and realising your big vision.
  • While helping you access your inner magic and archetypal energies of the Inner self, the approach does not promise quick fixes or magical cures. Instead you are helped to recognise a greater level of responsibility for what you are creating in you life and and how you can become a joyful creator of your experience of reality, rather than being at effect to external events and circumstances.
  • By helping soften the trance of personal self as identity, you are helped to reconnect with the inherent purity of your true nature and return to the exuberant free flow of emotions, innocence as well as the fun and playfulness of the inner child. This awareness is often clouded over to the extent that we are attached to ideas of limitation and of the personal self as identity.
  • Through the work you are helped to rediscover flexibility of choice and present time adult awareness, as well as to distinguish the various roles you play from being fixed reality or identity, while remembering that none of these roles ever define the truth of who you are.
  • Greater awareness of the Spiritual path and journey

Select Client Feedback:
Since the work with Johneal, I have now overcome issues that had taken over my life in a negative way and continue to unravel them. I am happy again, more relaxed about life generally and able to communicate properly with others and to deal with anything that life throws at me. On top of this, I am enjoying myself, and for the first time in years I can feel happiness within me.
Today I feel more at ease in all situations, more objective and more confident. After the sessions, I always felt some element of release; confidence in myself, more at ease, less pain, and always conclude with some new focus. But the brilliant thing about Johneal's method of work is that it is organic. It grows naturally, it is not forced. And by result the outcome is fantastic. He has also helped me achieve my initial goal of stopping smoking and exceed this.
Tim Griggs,
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