Being at Cause - Newsletter  April 2013

Trusting Intuitive Guidance

APRIL 14, 2013

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the April edition of the Being at Cause newsletter.  I find that Spring is always a wonderful time for seizing new opportunities that are all around us. In this issue I share how we can more easily tune in to the intuitive guidance that is always available to us, whether this relates to finding the most appropriate next actions steps on your path, to receiving new creative ideas, or to how you might overcome a specific problem you have.  When we are engaged in the egoic thinking process, we might sometimes believe we are separate and have little assistance available to us to overcome our problem states, in fact the opposite is true.  Inner guidance is always flowing to us and we only need to be open to receive this. 

One way in which we are guided is through the whisperings of the Intuitive mind.  The more we listen to and honour intuitive guidance, the clearer and stronger the messages we receive become.  However it can be easy for us to deny or block intuitive guidance, because the guidance and answers frequently do not fit in to our normal patterns of thinking.  Listening to our Intuitive guidance can help us to become more relaxed, to find easier ways forward than we might have considered, to be more balanced and to return to a state of flow whenever we might depart from that space.

Developing your Intuitive Mind
There are many ways in which we receive inner guidance. One of these ways is through connecting to our Intuition or to the Intuitive mind. This part of our mind is distinguished from our ability to reason or to use the intellect.  It is the soft voice of the Higher self that is available in each moment and offering us with answers and solutions to our questions and problem states.  Intuitive messages can come at any time, when we are in a quieter space, in moments of reflection, in a meditative space and when we step back from listening to the constant chatter of the intellect and the logical mind.

We can develop this facility of being more intuitive through asking for and receiving guidance in any area of our life. We strengthen our ability to receive intuitive guidance when we pay attention to and honour the messages we receive.

To recognise intuitive thoughts, it helps to distinguish these thoughts from those of the intellect, the mental process we are incessantly engaged in, as well as from our emotional states or feelings.   The following is a simple process to open to receive and honour intuitive guidance,
  • Get yourself in to a peaceful, relaxed state to begin with. If you need to clear any negative feelings, you can use the following Emotional Clearing process to become calmer. Negative thought or feeling states tend to block out our intuitive messages, and we are likely to misread guidance and resort to wishful thinking or to doubt and ignore what we are receiving.
  • Once you are relaxed and in a quieter state, think of the question you want an answer to, then remain silent for a few seconds, rather than attempt to answer the question willing to let go of what you think the answer is or should be....allow an answer to come to you.  This may be in the form of a feeling sense, or a thought of a person, may be a picture, or a tune from a song, or a specific message or action that you could take.  There may sometimes be a rush of energy along with the intuitive guidance that impels you to take a specific action.
  • Honour and listen to whatever message you are receiving.  Act on the message where an action is suggested.
How we might block Intuition

“ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind it’s faithful servant. Society honours the servant and forgets the gift.”- Albert Einstein

There is a tremendous tendency for us to ignore our Intuitive thoughts and hunches, because these thoughts often do not fit in to our logical frame of reference.  An intuitive flash can be akin to a sculptor seeing a completed statue in a piece of stone, or musician composing a complex piece of music and have the entire piece being received in his or her mind at the same time. 

To hear intuition is often to forget everything we know or have learned, and to feel inward for the intuitive thought, grasping and holding the first intuitive thought you have.
How is the Intuitive voice received and accepted? If there is a conflict between intuition and intellect in our minds, as often is the case..such as I know I should do something, but because of such and such reasons I cannot, then our intellect and logical mind has chosen to negate the intuitive guidance we have received. While we are off course free to choose, our ability to hear further intuitive thoughts tends to weaken each time we do this. 

Another way we drown out Intuition is through judgement, when we make statements such as-that hunch didn’t last very long, did it?, Or that isn’t logical Or stop thinking that way & come back to earth..particularly since it is impossible to prove or  validate these intuitive hits with logic or the intellect. 

If however we place more emphasis and power on Intutive thought, this voice becomes clearer and lasts longer.  We begin to recognise our truth and start validating truth with Intuitive thought, rather than look for proof from the intellect, we can allow the intellect and emotion to come along later.

Acting on Intuitive guidance we receive

Intuitive messages are always about doing things and achieving results with ease and simplicity, and encouraging us to give up struggle. However this will not solve our problems by themselves.  We do need to carry through with whatever actions are indicated.  

Sometimes we might feel a sense of release and excitement and rush in to an action we have received an intuitive flash about, and yet not see the change or results we hoped for.  When this happens, rather than doubt the validity of the message it is helpful to trust the intuitive message was true, while recognising that the idea we have received may not be fully formed and need to be further developed. We bring our intellectual and emotional capabilities to bear here to flesh out the idea, as well as continue to be informed by guidance in the form of people, events and circumstances that we attract, as we take action.  Further putting your insights in to action may require you to do new things, learn new skills, take risks and venture in to the unknown. The ideas you receive can take you to new levels of personal growth and expression as you implement them.

For the next few days and weeks I invite you to stop at various points during the day to tune in to your intuition about your path and the activities you are engaged in, such that you are more receptive to your own deeper wisdom. When you listen in to and trust your intuition, this helps bring your intellect and emotional selves in to balance, and coming from the broader perspective of your Higher Selves, what you receive will always be in your highest and best interest. 

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