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Being at Cause Newsletter -  Summer 2012

What motivates you more - joy or fear?

JULY 15, 2012

Dear Reader,

               Hope you are enjoying the long days and the sunshine. Welcome to the July edition of this monthly newsletter where I share perspectives that are helpful in shifting attention from areas where we see ourselves as 'at effect' in our lives because of external circumstances, or other people and events, when we could choose to Be at Cause. In this newsletter I address the motivation strategy we most often use to achieve our significant goals.

               When moving toward a significant goal or desire in your life, are you more often motivated through a sense of joy and passionate desire for what you want, or do you find yourself feeding on worry, fear and anxiety to motivate yourself and help you move away from what you do not want?  Whatever your goal may be, whether this is to complete the manuscript of the book you are writing, to find yourself a new job, or to exercise more often, eat better and to lose a few pounds, is it joyful desire or fear that normally motivates you?

               In my client work I often see people hold on to fearful thinking patterns and to feelings of pain, worry and anxiety as if these are somehow necessary, and a helpful motivation strategy to move away from a situation or circumstance they do not want or like. We may convince ourselves that the negative feelings are needed in themselves as psychic energy and as a driving force that we think will move us away from what we do not want, and toward what we really want.  

    In this message I discuss why fear and worry isn't a particularly good motivation strategy, as compared with clear, passionate and joyful desire for what you  want. I also share a link to a helpful process that will help you shift from feeling of fear and anxiety, in to feelings of greater clarity, inspiration and joy.

Why Fear (and Worry) is not an effective motivation strategy
  • By definition off course this strategy constantly keeps you engaged in pain and fear
  • The outcome or goal that you wish to achieve becomes far more important than the process of getting there, so you never get to enjoy the journey
  • Success is always somewhere else, and while you are fearing or worrying about the past or future, you  are in fact actively disconnecting yourself from what you really want
  • When faced with a significant challenge relating to achieving the goal, fear leaves you less resourceful in dealing with the challenge
  • Fearful thinking often leads to self sabotage or simply not doing some of the things you know you can or should be doing
  • Even if you happen to achieve some or all of your goals, your successes are hardly celebrated as the focus continues to be on what is lacking and what you need to worry about

Joyful Desire as a powerful Motivation strategy

    When we are emotionally clear, Motivation and desire can in fact be our natural state, and when you are connected to this natural state there is no resistance, there is no obstacle stopping you from moving towards the experiences and results that you desire. 

  • When you are clear and joyful, you are being more of who you truly are, and feel passionate about moving toward what you desire
  • You have an increasing sense of clarity about what you want, as opposed to what you do not want
  • You enjoy the journey and the process of moving toward your goal as much as the event of reaching there
  • You are present in each moment, and open to all of the possibility and new ideas available that can move you forward
  • Taking inspired action flows naturally and effortlessly
  • Challenges that come up as you move toward your goals are more easily dealt with and also seen as an opportunity to grow
  • You achieve more, you regularly celebrate your successes and have the sense of knowing that your goals are on their way

How do you Let Go and Shift to Joyful Motivation?
  It could in fact be easier for us to let so of painful feelings and even extreme fears, when we recognise the advantages of doing this and allow ourselves to do so.  I share a technique that will help you shift from negative emotion states and become clear, on my website. In order to keep this message relatively brief, I have not reproduced the entire process here. 
 From this clear state you can invite and connect to your true inspiration and guidance. You also gain clarity about what you truly want.  You allow yourself to desire and expect so much more than when you are focussed on fear or any other negative emotion.
 In addition to being emotionally clear, the following are helpful processes that will help you increase motivation -
  • Visualise having what you want, allowing yourself to feel what it would feel like, as if it were already accomplished
  • Affirm positively and only speak and act in ways that reinforce your deservingness and openness to receive what you want
  • Have daily rituals that connect you with your inner voice of guidance and inspire you to act on your vision
  • Look for and notice things you already are grateful and appreciative for, even as you move toward your desired goal and outcome 

You may find it helpful to reflect on your preferred motivation strategy and to use the clearing process and motivational tools as a helpful way to shift from fear, worry and anxiety, into inspiration and joy. This can help you both achieve your significant goals, and as importantly enjoy the experience. Do share your comments with me.

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