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Releasing a Repetitive Pattern

October 7, 2013

Dear Friend,
Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Being at Cause newsletter. As the sunny days of summer, make way for the cooler autumn we move in to a mellower more tranquil time of the year, though with it's own rich quality. It is also a time for reflection and releasing what hasn't been serving us so well.

In this edition we take a look at some of the life patterns that seemingly cause us to struggle over and over again, the invitation is to take the perspective this time of seeing your specific challenges as something your Soul is choosing to experience on it's path of growth and evolution. When we do this we start to see our challenges as even necessary and appropriate, though the struggle in facing them is something we can choose to release.

When we relate to our life challenges as something that is happening to us from the outside, that somehow seems unfair and undeserved, we might occasionally give in to feelings of being a victim or feeling helpless.
However when we are ready to view these challenges from the perspective of the Soul (or Higher Self) orchestrating events that we experience through the physicial body and the mind, we begin to notice patterns in our experience differently.  We begin to notice, for instance, that life very often appears to send us what seems to be the same experience or nearly the same kind of experiences over and over again although the events may look very different and even unconnected on the surface.

For instance dealing with a boss who is very aggressive, may give us the same feelings of anxiety that we felt when having to confront the bully at school.  Or the breakup and seeming rejection when a love relationship ends, may remind us of experiences where we may have felt rejected by a parent/ parental figure.

Our mind can bind us in to tremendous pain and turmoil around these recurring experiences if we allow it to, particularly when we interpret these events as something that should not be happening, ie of us being the victim, and being helpless in relation to the event and the resulting experience.

When viewed from the perspective of the soul, however these may be the very events that can lead us to awakening from the cycle of pain. By seeing the event as something that the soul is orchestrating to show us something about ourselves and about our power to choose again, in our response to any external event.

One helpful practice is to give up resistance to the event or experience as being wrong or bad, but to allow, accept and even be grateful for the same pattern being present and being shown to us again. This is not to belittle the pain, and sadness we feel at some of the challenges we face, but in fact being willing to feel while refusing to see painful and sad feelings as being unnecessary or wrong. When we start with acceptance of something being the way it is, and Gratitude for our ability to choose again our response to this circumstance, we put in to motion a powerful shift in energies, and clear the way for new doors and opportunities to open to us that we weren't previously able to see. We finally start to take charge of our responses, and to evolve in to greater opportunities and challenges on the path of the soul.

A Process for Releasing a Repetitive Pattern

When facing a pattern that has been causing you a lot of stress, the following approach can be helpful:

1.  Change your conscious thinking and approach toward the challenge/pattern.  

This implies- 
Taking Responsibility - Taking responsibility means acknowledging that this challenge is something that your soul ie, you at some level are creating and choosing to experience. This is the opposite to a mental attitude of either projecting blame or responsibility on to another person, even when it would appear that the circumstance is caused by another person, or one of self-blame. 

Accepting where you are now -  Rather that wanting the external to change first- such as, when i get the job or the money or the perfect relationship I will be okay. Acceptance says the present moment is important and perfect. Acceptance also implies trust in the Higher self and in who you are being bigger than the challenge, as well as in your power to meet and transcend the current circumstance or recurring pattern.

Being Grateful - For the pattern the soul is showing you and for the opportunity to look at it differently and to heal it. Gratitude doesn't imply a lack of compassion for whatever you are going through, but a willingness to look at and even face the underlying pain that has always been present though suppressed, as an opportunity to release this and grow.

The following statement from the Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono - 'Bless you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, and I Love you', I think perfectly encapsulates each of the above steps of taking responsibility, accepting and being grateful for our current experience, and it can be helpful to repeat this as a internal mantra that will help you shift the energy around any challenge or stressful pattern you case.  This statement also helps to clear unprocessed data from your Mind, when faced with any new information or circumstance the Mind instinctually searches in to its memory banks of the past for interpreting what a present event means and for determining the 'truth' of circumstances, thereby keeping us stuck in the past or in memory.  By merely repeating the statement while focussing on the problem or pattern, you are shifting your stance to one of being present and open to a higher solution to emerge.

2.  Shift and release the underlying negative emotions /limiting beliefs.  

Shift Negative emotions -  Be willing to move in to any sadness, pain or other negative emotion(s) that is keeping the thinking around the pattern in place, before releasing these emotions.  Allowing ourselves to welcome and feel painful emotions is counterintuitive, as opposed to resisting and labelling these feelings as bad which is something the mind is very good at doing. Moving in to these feelings first is however essential and very helpful in releasing thoughts and feelings of being stuck.  I share a technique to help do this here - Clearing Emotions. Simply being willing to go in to the underlying feelings without judgement and to allow these to move through you is helpful.   Use the technique for each of the limiting ideas/strong feeling states that seem to be relevant to the pattern you are working with, till you feel your energy opening up and you feel clear and peaceful.

3.  Raise your Vibrations and Focus on what you want

Raise your Vibration -  When you are feeling clear and more at peace, you are ready to move in a new direction of your choice in relation to the old pattern. Do what allows you to shift your vibrations higher to joy, appreciation, love and gratitude. This can be through Meditation, being in nature, exercise, music are some of the ways that can help.  Raising your vibration also helps you connect with intuition and inspiration for new directions to take and necessary action.

Focus on what you want - When you are feeling clear and good, turn your attention to what you really desire and what you could be doing, thinking and envisaging differently. You are also likelier to notice new doors opening and new opportunities that you weren't previously able to see.  

Take Inspired Action - Finally take action to receive what you want. Allow your Doing and any action you take be a reflection and a declaration of your state of being, rather than something that you do to get you somewhere. When you act from a state of inspiration and energy, you are naturally more effective, creative and in a state of flow. You also strengthen your belief and expectation of change and of incredibly positive events happening to you, allowing for things to turn out even significantly better than you can envisage.

The next time you are faced with a life challenge or repetitive pattern that seems to be overwhelming, you can choose to recognise it as an opportunity for growth and expansion and an opportunity to test out your truth and release resistance, knowing that the path of your soul although challenging, is one of increasing joy.  

Connect - 1-1 Higher Self Hypnotherapy /Coaching session
If you are interested in exploring a Higher self hypnotherapy session, I will be glad to help you release a repetitive pattern in any area of your life and to shift energetic blocks so you feel more empowered.  The approach I adopt is always to connect you with the most powerful, unconditionally loving and joyful part of yourself, from where you can release problem states in any life area.
You can reach me at or call on 020 75852076.

Please feel free to also forward or share this email if you enjoyed the message and think it could help another person.  Thank you. 

Warm regards,

Johneal Rouse

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