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Winter Newsletter - Trusting your Intuitive Knowing

DECEMBER 8, 2014

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the winter edition of the Being at Cause newsletter. Hope this email finds you very well and looking forward to the holiday season.  We are nearly at the end of 2014, time seems to be moving quicker, though certainly not uneventfully. 


If you are following the patterns of the larger shift we are collectively going through, you will have noticed very intense energies through 2014 that have been bringing each of us deeper and deeper in to our heart and knowing of ourselves. In fact, these energies are only going to get more intense through 2015, and it will do us well to be prepared for changes and even ready for the ride!  If you have been finding it a challenge to stay centered through your day, feel like your short term memory is not as reliable, or finding how you relate to time become a little strange recently, these are all symptoms of the shift in planetary energies, and leading us toward positive changes.   


The subject of this newsletter is about trusting and having faith in our intuitive knowing  of choices that are in our highest interest, and how we can align our thinking mind with this deeper knowing.  


Intuitive Knowing and Trust/Faith 


We each have an unfailing guidance system and intuition of higher wisdom from our Higher self, though we may or may not have practised tuning into and having complete faith in this knowing.  Faith is the movement of the thinking mind toward  truth with confidence. 


While Faith sounds like a loaded word, we are always giving our faith to something. For instance we often use faith to bring on ourselves things we do not want, or the things we fear. And more positively you may have engaged faith to bring about changes or to create something that you set your heart on bringing about.


Practicing faith in knowing (or intuiting) Truth is simply a change in attitude, of redirecting our belief and faith to what is beyond our human reason, though not opposed to it. It is an exercise in releasing the predominance we give to the human intellect, so we begin to use more of our intuitive or higher mind.  


How do we distinguish and recognise the voice of the Intuitive mind? From my experience it is a quiet voice that is soft, gentle and quietly exciting. It is the experience of just knowing. Following it leads to more joy. It is the source of our creative hunches. The guidance we receive is always for our highest good and also involves the highest good of everyone else. It’s message is consistently to relax and to know that all is well. 


If you are unsure if a message is from Intuition or from your ego mind or personality self, you can always check in through your heart space, several times if you need to, to see if it rings true. Rather than go back in to the thinking process of this is what I should or shouldn’t do.  


Following your intuitive knowing always brings a sense of expansion, as well as ease and grace. We align ourselves with natural abundance and with helpful coincidences or synchronistic events. When we follow this guidance we we feel at peace and authentically powerful.  As you trust in your knowing and intuition, you are no longer dependent upon the opinions of others for any sense of your identity or self-worth. 


Because we are not used to relinquishing our intellectual thinking process to the higher mind, awakening our deep wisdom and intuitive gifts can often be troubling to our ordinary perception of who we are. We in fact resist the unknown and find it more comfortable to lock in to known patterns of thinking and being, even though these are no more than habits. Being okay with this discomfort and sense of being disturbed is part of the evolutionary path of coming to know the self more fully. I am reminded of the caterpillar struggling with the process of releasing it’s hard exterior, till it recognises it is in fact transforming in a magnificent butterfly.   


You are expanding in to the magnificence of who you are, with your willingness for this to unfold, and it helps to be very patient and compassionate with yourself through this process, and ever willing to go deeper. It is helpful to allow and be sensitive to any tumultuous feelings that arise and when these do come up, whether this may be anger, sadness, hurt or hate, allow these to move through you, while knowing these are just feelings and are not who you are.  Further, there is nothing wrong with us for having these feelings. We are simply releasing mistaken ideas of identification, so we can embrace our deeper knowing with joy.    

The next time you feel your choices being limited in any situation, I invite you to practice bringing more awareness or presence to the situation and notice how your awareness of your choices also seems to expand. Enjoy the journey of expanding in to your magnificence!
 Be kind with yourself through the process.

Wishing you plenty of joy and laughter with your loved ones during the holiday season, and blessings of the New Year.



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Thank you. 

Warm regards,
Johneal Rouse
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