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An Energetic Practice for Ecstasy

MAY 12, 2013

Dear Friend,
Welcome to the May edition of the Being at Cause newsletter. Hope you had a magical Mother's day sharing and celebrating the wonderful qualities of unlimited giving, love and compassion of the mother both as human and divine archetype.

In this edition I am sharing an energetic practice for choosing to be in high vibrational and ecstactic states whenever you want to, while this is in fact a simple practice, many of us have been finding it a challenge in recent weeks to come from and remain in high vibrational states throughout the day.  
In spite of the wonderful light energies we are surrounded by, our learned and practiced ways of thinking and of being, sometimes make it easy to focus on our challenges, whether relating to health, finances or relationships or other, rather than being able to see possibility and to choose joyful, appreciative and compassionate states that guide us to helpful solutions and inspired action.

Part of the practice of cultivating positive and supportive vibrational states, is our willingness to go beyond our mental states, to developing fluency in the language of energy, and to be increasingly aware of what is happening within our subtle body and energy fields.  Where we focus our attention, our energy will flow, and one helpful way in which we can raise our energy and cultivate states of flow and balance, is through a simple technique that involves generating ecstasy through your physical heart space.

Generate Ecstasy through focussing on your Heart

The practice involves focussing on your physical heart, the heart muscle itself.  The technique involves your focus, or attention, joined with the emotion of gratitude, or appreciation whichever term you prefer.  As soon as you focus your attention on your heart you may notice a flow of subtle energy.

Wherever you focus of attention, you are creating the central point of an energy vortex that then begins to radiate outward, this is particularly noticeable when focussing on the physical body, and the energy field that surrounds our body.  Your attention and focus acts not just as an activity of thought, this also creates an immediate flow of subtle energy to that point or area, which has an enlivening effect on the cells of the body as well as the light circuitry that comprises your energy body.

While bringing your focus and attention to your heart, join this with the emotion of gratitude or appreciation.   These two emotions have been demonstrated to have a coherent effect on your energy field and on the magnetic field emanated by your physical heart.  I have also linked to a video in this message that shares some of the research about coherent heart states and visually depicts these magnetic fields.  

As you focus your attention on the physical heart, you generate the feeling of appreciation or gratitude.  It is not the thought of appreciation or gratitude, but rather the emotion – feelings are what activate the energy vortices within us.

As you focus on the physical heart and generate the feeling of appreciation or gratitude, a waveform of energy begins to flow throughout the body – carried by the magnetic fields of the heart, and emanating outward from the physical heart to encompass your entire body.  By simply remaining in and allowing this flow of energy as it begins throughout the body, there is a spontaneous arising of ecstasy – cellular ecstasy.

Experiment with this technique.  Sense what happens in your body as you focus on your heart and generate these feelings  of appreciation and gratitude.  Physically feel what seems to be happening in your body as all the cells in your body receives this coherent energy of appreciation or gratitude.

When you have established the ability to create ecstasy within your body and are able to generate ecstasy whenever you desire it and at will, begin to experiment with extending your attention to the energy field around your body. 

In doing this, your attention initially is, again on the heart, generating feelings of appreciation and gratitude.  And as you sense ecstasy beginning to arise in your body, you shift your attention to the field around your body. This field of energy looks very much like a luminous egg surrounding the body in all directions to clairvoyant sight.   There is a central line or axis that runs though the centre of this field, and it also happens to run through the centre of your physical body – through the top of the head and down through the perineum.  This line is the central axis of the magnetic field that comprises the subtle energy body.  This body or field extends above the head and below the feet a few inches, to several feet or even yards.  When the energy is in highly charged states, the central axis and subtle energy body can expand much further than that.

By shifting your attention to this central axis and the field surrounding your body, you allow the ecstacy to move out from the physical body in to the field.  This is very powerful and creates powerful harmonic patterns that bring you in to higher states of resonance and vibration.

The practice also sets us up in a more harmonious relationship with the Earth and its magnetic fields and with the subtle evolutionary light flowing through us at this time. Below is a video by the Heartmath Institute that shares some of the findings from their own as other other scientific research about the effect of coherent heart states on our energy fields, our interactions and personal environments as well as on the planet earth itself. 

While our daily lives may not yet be conducive to holding ecstatic states all the time, it can be very beneficial to learn to create states of ecstasy throughout your day.  Find times where you can practice attaining these states for at least a few minutes at a time.  This is a simple, though profound and effective practice.  It is helpful to remember that ecstacy is not an end in itself in any way, it is simply a beginning point for moving in to the Self, to access the heart's wisdom and intuitive knowing and to create greater harmony and well-being in your life.

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Johneal Rouse

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