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Being at Cause Newsletter -  March 2013

Willing with your Heart's Wisdom

March 7, 2013

Dear Friend,
               Welcome to the March edition of the newsletter.  Spring is finally here, and the lighter and longer days are certainly long awaited.  It has been an interesting couple of months in 2013 already, and wonderful new energies surrounding us that are signalling a shift in our consciousness.  

In a way the lighter energies this year has brought with it have been making it difficult for some of us to stay motivated, and to remain in high spirits and not be depressed as we sense we are being asked to let go of some of our egoic mind's cherished ideas and ways of being, in order to bring through the greater wisdom of our Hearts. At the same time we are becoming more aware and emotionally detached from our thoughts and feelings if we choose to, and able to experience tremendous love in our environments and reality. Further new directions, paths and ideas are bubbling up in to our consciousness, for us to find inspiration and to act on.
              The Will is the subject of this month's newsletter. The Will is what gives us our power to choose our direction of thought, action or new paths we wish to travel and to accomplish our goals.  The Will is a muscle that we can develop, just like any physical muscle. A well-developed will is important for us to create our goals. When we choose to look for Creative and Loving options to get us where we wish to go, we are also aligning with the wisdom of our heart and our higher self to get us there. While developing the will takes effort, it also brings to us the persistent, creative energies that will bring to us our highest good.      

Willing with your Heart's Wisdom
The will is a magnificent capacity we have to choose the direction of our thoughts, actions and behaviours at any time.  We have learned to use the will, as a strong force, historically the energy centre this was directed from was our solar plexus.  The centre of our consciousness is now shifting from the centre of will to our Heart centre, and we can if we choose to, allow our will to be guided by creativity and love.

Many of us have learned to think of our will as being opposed to other people, we may think we need to battle through obstacles or that the universe is against us and must be conquered. It is more helpful to start by assuming the universe is working for you and with you to assist you in creating your Higher good.   

We also often fight with parts of ourselves, as in when we force ourselves to do something when another part of parts of ourself may not be aligned in that direction.  For instance you may decide you want to be healthier and force yourself to diet for a week or couple of weeks because you have decided to lose weight, only to return to a pattern of eating junk food or binge eating in a short while.   Our Will may in these circumstances appear to be weak and subject to our past habits, thoughts, our environment and to other people’s influences.

When we see our will as blocked or weak, this may be because:
  • We are using our will to focus on what we want other people to do or change, or to focus on what we do not like about our current circumstance.  It is more helpful instead to to focus on what we want to think and give attention to, and on the new circumstances we wish to create. 
  • We may be forcing a direction or specific action when it may not be the right time for action in a specific direction and we simply need to be patient, and to gather more information
  • There is resistance from our subconscious, and we sense a gap in our Self Image.  We can honor this resistance and also use this as information about areas where we need to forgive and to release energy that are locked into memories and experiences that are no longer present. 
  • We entertain self doubt. For instance telling yourself why your choices are limited or you might not succeed.  This does not reflect your potential, or help to strengthen your will.
There is a higher wisdom operating in our lives at all times, that we hear as the intuitive voice. The intuitive voice is always asking us to grow in Love for ourselves and others, as well as guiding us toward growth and expansion.
Sometimes the higher wisdom may be asking us to let go of a direction where we are attaching all our energy to having a particular outcome or solution, only so that it can show us a much more interesting and exciting option to getting the results we want.  
We can develop and use our will more effectively, so that we are aligning with this higher wisdom and have all our energy focussed in the same direction. 

Some of the more effective uses of the Will are:
  • As a Direction setter.  To turn your thoughts in the desired direction so you determine exactly what you wish to do and generate the energy and ideas for how you can bring your desire to fruition
  • To release any conditioning that suggests you ‘can’t do’ something you want and to Forgive anything that keeps you in resentment, anger, doubt or negative thought states.
  • To be open to Creative and loving options to get you toward where you want to go.  
  • To develop Patience, Trust and Faith in self and in Spirit working through you, instead of looking to see the immediate results of your thoughts and actions.
  • To become Magnetic to what you want by using your Imagination, Intuition and Reason to visualise and offer positive emotion and energy to what you want, thinking of why you want it and what you can do to bring it about. 
  • Finally, to Let go and Allow for the perfect synchronicities, circumstances and events to flow to you that match the consistent thoughts, actions and energy you have been willing to happen.
When we consciously do the work to develop the Will, we do not need to feel we are at the effect of our circumstances, environments and other people's influences, but know that we are able to freely choose and to determine the circumstances and quality of our lives. We can also develop trust that the universe is a friendly place, that is working for us, and can release the need to battle any opposing forces that we have in the first place created through our thought.

When we allow our Will to be guided by the wisdom of the Heart, we command significantly more energy to get things done and to move us freely in the direction of choice.  To desire more for ourselves, and to do the persistent and steady work that will create our goals.

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Johneal Rouse

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