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Being at Cause - Newsletter - Autumn 2012

Choosing Peace over Drama

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the newsletter, I hope that you had an enjoyable summer and gave yourself plenty of time to relax and get away someplace fun.

The feature article in this edition looks at how our minds consistently prefer drama to peace, and how we can instead become intentional in choosing experiences that are more beneficial and enjoyable to us.

As we reach the final quarter of 2012 you may also be well aware of or becoming aware of the new energies we are living in and moving toward, while these energies are inviting each of us to awaken to who we truly are, they are also causing a more intense experience for each of us. An experience where whatever we focus our attention on is magnified very quickly and sometimes seemingly out of proportion.  As such, we want to become more aware of the mind's propensity to engage in and feed drama, and instead choose peace and more enjoyable experiences whenever we can.

Why The Mind Wants Drama

There seems to be a part of our mind that is heavily invested in creating and recreating dramas (often where we see ourselves as powerless), and it's associated behaviours which  could cause us to engage in some form of addictive or destructive behaviour.

This part of our minds feels threatened by and would do anything to escape peace.  In fact a client recently said to me, she was in a state of peace and quite content one evening, when she realised that she felt uncomfortable because the addictive drama was missing.  And she wasn’t yet ready to stay where she was!

Underlying this investment in drama is really the egoic mind’s fear of not wanting to know who you truly are, an extension of spirit, joyful, infinite, eternal and innately pure.  Because knowing who you are, opens the door to joy, but this also means death or relinquishment of the ego mind in that knowing, and atleast temporarily giving up all of its stories of pain and powerlessness.

Infact, healing addiction and drama can be boring at times, do I really want to be at peace or do I want some more of the drama? When you choose peace you are also choosing to be authentically powerful and to open to opportunities and solutions in areas where you may be feeling stuck.  In my experience it can also be incredibly joyful as well as health and life enhancing when I will allow this space to grow in my life.

When I am tempted to feed drama or addictive behaviours, I can choose to become aware of this pattern as the egoic mind’s desperate attempt to justify its existence and to keep itself alive and well.  I can also choose to pass on its invitation to feed drama rather than choosing peace.

Choosing Peace as opposed to drama, and experiences that I enjoy and are for the highest good can be an ongoing Attitude that I adopt, as well as an Intention that I set each morning and several times a day, whenever I feel drawn to feed an old drama or to see myself as a victim.  

Johneal Rouse

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Does Hypnotherapy work with young Children?

I have begun working with children this year, and I am amazed with their responsiveness to ideas and suggestions presented in the hypnotherapy session. 

Children unlike us grown ups have a natural ability to play freely with their imaginations, and a lot can be accomplished by simply guiding them to imagine positive happy outcomes.  If your child is above the age of 8, he or she can find hypnotherapy of benefit in resolving any issues or challenges such as with confidence, making friends, learning better, or with sleep issues.

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On a Lighter vein - How do you choose to look at yourself and at the world?

Enjoying the spiritual journey and keeping things light and playful is of essence!

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