Being at Cause Newsletter Vol 5. January 2013

Facing 2013 with Confidence

JAN 20, 2013

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the January edition of the newsletter, I hope that the year 2013 has got off a wonderful start for you. As we brace ourselves for another week of cold and snow here in the uk, I am sharing a few reflections that I hope will help you better focus on your plans and vision for the year. While the start of every year presents us with an opportunity to hope anew and to begin afresh, this year has a very special dynamism to it, marking as it does the beginning of a New age and a grand new cycle of time as ancient cultures saw it and we now celebrate the coming of.

The new presents us with its new challenges and new opportunities. You may notice that we are able to create considerably faster with our thoughts and therefore need to be more mindful of the direction of our thoughts at all times.  Another challenge is that the levels of anxiety and uncertainty we seem to be facing are also much higher, as we no longer seem to be able to rely on the past as being a useful predictor of the future.  The great news is that the opportunties and upsides are whatever we choose them to be! 

The article below invites a review of the perspectives and principles that will allow us to face the year 2013 with new confidence and hope, and to create delightfully what we desire to experience through the year.

Facing 2013 with Confidence
Creating what we want is much easier and quicker when we are fully aligned with getting there. The principles and mental attitudes you consistently adopt will determine your path to enjoying an immensely successful year in 2013.

  • Having a Higher Vision in relation to your Goals
When setting goals you want a sense of progress and growth.  And to know that the desire is coming from a higher vision of yourself and is leading you to find and fulfill your higher path and purpose.  Further, goals that contribute to people besides ourselves have a stronger charge and energy and will have a momentum and life of their own, so that you sense a powerful inner force pulling you forward on your path.
How can you build on your breakthroughs and successes of 2012, so that in 2013 you set new standards for being vibrant, creative and successful.
Why is the goal important, be it reaching a new level of success in business, completing the incomplete book, losing weight, or overcoming an addiction what will it mean when you make it happen?  Knowing why the goal is important, are you committed to making it happen? 
Having set your goals, it helps to often revisit them, and to re-energise your commitment to making them happen.   Reviewing your goals regularly also puts them centre-front of your subconscious mind, which will then be constantly looking to bring to you the circumstances, people and actions that will help make them happen.
  • Taking Responsibility
Adopting the attitude that only I am responsible for whatever happens in my life, is enormously freeing.  When I hold myself responsible for my feeling states, my mental attitudes and my circumstances,  I know I can change and catch myself whenever I take a victim stance.  I can always choose to shift the quality of my experience and my responses to what happens to me.  I can forgive and clear anything from the past that may be still affecting my present experience.
  • Being Disciplined
This quote from Jim Rohn, I think says what needs to be said about Discipline very powerfully and elegantly.
“There are two types of pain in life, the pain of Discipline and the pain of Regret.  Discipline weighs ounces, while regret weighs tonnes.”

We can choose how we grow and learn from our challenges and opportunities.  The path of staying ill-disciplined and learning through mistakes and difficulties that we are able to avoid, inevitably makes things more challenging and painful, instead we can choose to be more focussed and disciplined and make things easier on ourselves.
  • Listening to and Trusting the Voice of Intuition
We already know to recognise the quiet, soft voice of intuition and the truth and answers it is guiding us toward.  However we often block out this voice or even deny its existence, by focussing on the endless chatter of our minds, over-emphasising our logical thinking processes and the anxieties and fears that our rational minds thrive on, or allowing ourselves to carried away by our emotional drives. 
We can instead learn to discipline ourselves to listen to and to trust the quiet urgings of the intuitive mind, the voice of the True/Higher self, that is constantly guiding us to create more easily, harmoniously and peacefully.
  • Reviewing and Rechoosing your Daily Rituals/ Habits
The small daily rituals and habits are what lead to the consistent outcomes and results we see in our lives.  It is helpful to look at how and where you spend most of your time and energy every day.  Are the patterns and habits that fill your day, consistent with the vision and goals you have for yourself.  If not, what new habits and rituals can you incorporate that will ensure you are more aligned.

And importantly, are you enjoying the journey and choosing increasingly peaceful and harmonious states through your day?  By reviewing and choosing the principles you wish to consistently adopt for yourself, you are ensuring that your actions are aligned.

Expect Miracles...I wish you a tremendously energising and a successful year.
Johneal Rouse

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