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Haugh Back On Video Campaign Trail

RALEIGH (April 27) - The pizza delivery man who ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 and drew a gathering of followers with his personal “bar stool chat” YouTube videos is back.

Sean Haugh is again the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate. He has already released three videos, with several more on the way. The first,“Opening Statement,” was released April 20. It covers the basic themes he'll address in the campaign. (

“On Gender Identity” was released Sunday at the Libertarian Party State Convention. “In this video I say how anyone defines their own gender is completely their own business, and not a proper matter for legislation,” Haugh explained. “While it touches on the current House Bill 2 controversy, it speaks to much broader principles. (

In “Prisoners of the War on Drugs” released Monday, Haugh calls for reparations for anyone alive who's been imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses. (

The next three videos will follow soon. Those will detail his positions “On the Minimum Wage,”on “Richard Burr's Crazy Anti-Encryption Bill,” and on the constituent services program he intends to run from his Senate office, “Federal One Call.”

To keep up with future video releases and other campaign activities, follow Haugh on twitter @EmperorSean, on Facebook at HaughForSenate, or via his website


Editor's Note: To communicate directly with Sean, call his personal cell phone at (919) 402-3489 or email

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