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Cantāmus is a new singing rehearsal tool developed by Barcelona-based AI company Voctro Labs. It allows choir singers to practice their part with vocal practice tracks synchronized to the score. Cantāmus was developed by Voctro Labs within the TROMPA project, a Research and Innovation Project funded by the European Commission. Due to the success of this project, the tool has already been used by many other organizations and choirs including Messies Participatiu, CantoríaMargarets Choir (Canada), Chorus Soranus (Denmark), Coral Sant Medir and Igualada Gospel Choir.

Following excellent feedback and increasing demand, Cantāmus is now being launched publicly. It offers a paid ensemble membership, for vocal ensembles and choirs of any size, from a small vocal quartet or a mid-size choir, to large virtual choirs or participatory events. You can find more details about pricing and how to purchase on the Cantāmus website.

Practice your part with vocal practice tracks synchronized to the score

Play the music and the score will follow automatically
Hear all the voices or just your part, and adjust the volume of each voice separately
Singers not familiar with music notation can use the alternative piano roll visualization

Record your voice and get instant feedback

Record your voice and save your recordings
Get automatic feedback on your tuning accuracy
Share your recordings with your conductor and receive their feedback
Download recordings to share or create a virtual choir mix

Upload your own scores to generate practice tracks automatically

Create vocal practice tracks from any musical score (including the lyrics!) with the voices of professional choir singers, in a matter of minutes
To make this possible, we recorded and sampled the voices of professional singers to automatically model their voice characteristics
We support digital scores in the universal MusicXML format (more information)
Download recordings to share or create a virtual choir mix

...or select from our catalog of popular pieces

Our catalog contains more than 50 pieces by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Bruckner
All of our tracks are created directly from the musical score using Voiceful, our industry-leading singing synthesis technology.

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